5 Ways to Spread Happiness

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From Donald Trump to denim shoes, there are plenty of things in this world designed to make us miserable. However, I’m a big believer in trying to spread those positive vibez, not just for yourself but for those around you too. We all know how much being around a negative person can affect our mood, so to counteract the actions of all of the Debbie Downers in the world, here are some tips for increasing the positivity.  View Full Post

A Weekend in the Toyota C-HR


chr 2It probably won’t come as any great surprise to you that I don’t know much about cars. In fact, when it came to shopping for my first car, I nearly gave my dad a nervous breakdown as I insisted on ignoring all of his suggestions about mileage, running costs and road tax and always ended up saying “Yeah, but I don’t like the colour”. However, when I was contacted by the Vantage Motor Group in Solihull about whether I fancied test driving the brand new Toyota C-HR for a weekend, it was a definite yes. I might not know my horsepower from my headlights, but I do know I like the chance of being one of the first in the UK to take a brand new model for a spin.
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Fighting the Post-Christmas Blues

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary: we’re skint, we’re bored and we’re having withdrawals from not eating eight Ferrero Roche for breakfast anymore. It’s easy to end up feeling a bit miserable once the Chrizzy decorations have come down and we’re thrust back into plain old winter, but the January blues don’t have to engulf us completely. How, you ask? Well, this is how…

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So, real talk – when it comes to working out in the gym, I’m a pro at thinking of excuses not to go. From being too tired to not having the right hair bobble with me (I hope I’m not alone in that one. My hair just gets too HEAVY), it’s far too easy to let things stop us from getting active. And something us vajayjay-owners probably use too often to get out of exercising and pushing ourselves? Periods.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2016: The Dads


Wireless Headphones | Leather Gloves* | Fitbit | 8-in-1 Screwdriver | Ted Baker Wallet | Whiskey Gift Set | Slippers

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my Christmas shopping, my dad is actually the hardest person to buy for. This is because when you ask him what he would like, he usually responds with something ridiculous like “a map” or “a new Thermos”, or the ultimate annoying dad answer: “Don’t worry about me, I don’t need anything.” UGGGHHH, DAD. Please tell me I’m not alone in this? View Full Post

The Bloggers’ Office Wishlist


If you’re a blogger, or know someone who is, then you’ll  know that we’re sensitive souls  – and this means that when it comes to our blogging space, we need everything to be just perfect. For example, it’s a universal truth that we can’t physically sit down to blog without a smoothie in a mason jar by our side, or the aroma of a Diptyque candle wafting into our nostrils. And I’ve personally been known to faint if I go longer than five minutes without seeing something copper or marble. It’s just the way we are – we are artistes.  View Full Post