24 Hours In Manchester | Where to Eat, Stay and Drink

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To celebrate finally being out of the drudge-fest that was January, a couple of weeks ago I whisked my boyfriend on a romantic night away in Manchester. I say whisked – I mean I chuntered up the M6 in my Fiat 500, enjoying that lo-o-o-ong stretch of 50mph speed limit; and I say romantic – I mean I booked a budget city centre hotel with the last bit of my Christmas spending budget. But still, the thought was there guys. View Full Post

Hoar Cross Hall Spa Day | Review

hoar cross 12There are two words guaranteed to brighten any gloomy afternoon, but which are ESPECIALLY welcome in this never-ending month of January. Nope, not ‘free bar’ (though that comes close second): spa day.

I recently received a kind invitation to Hoar Cross Hall, and after checking it out online, I knew I was in for something really special.  This Grade II listed stately home looked unlike any other spa I’d visited, and so last Sunday morning I whizzed over there with high expectations. (And by ‘whizzed’ I obviously mean I crept across at about 5 miles per hour because it had snowed overnight and the Derbyshire country roads were close to giving this city girl a breakdown.)  View Full Post

Travel Wishlist | 6 Things I’d Love to Do in Italy


Almost two whole years ago now, I wrote a post on my 2016 Travel Wishlist. As much as I can’t believe that time’s gone that quickly (seriously, how do we stop this ageing process guys and gals?), when I look back at that post I am pretty impressed with how many places I’ve managed to travel to in that relatively short time. Since that post, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Barcelona, Florida, BudapestSantorini and Dublin. Not bad for a girl who a few years ago hadn’t seen much culture beyond Magaluf, hey? View Full Post

Fishmore Spa Shell @ Fishmore Hall | Review

Fishmore Spa Shell ReviewIf you read my Cedarwood Spa review a couple of months ago, you’ll know that after years of never experiencing them, I’m totally into spa days now (I’ve also finally started drinking wine, which is nothing to do with this review but wheeee, I’m finally growing up guys). So when I was invited along to join some other bloggers at the Fishmore Spa Shell last weekend, I obviously said yes. After all, who says no to spending time in a luxurious spa and then stuffing their face with afternoon tea? Nobody I want to be mates with, that’s fo sho.
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Budapest in January | Winter Travel Guide

Budapest in Winter | Things to Do

Late last year, I decided to book my boyfriend a weekend away for Christmas (good way to get out of having to wrap a present FYI). I wanted somewhere cheap, cheerful and where there was a chance of a bit of winter snow. After a mooch online and a friends’ recommendations, I ended up booking a weekend in Budapest in January. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect – or even where it was to be honest – but I am here to report that I had a great time. So, if you’re thinking about heading to Budapest during the winter, DO IT. And maybe this post will help… View Full Post

Cedarwood Spa @ Forest of Arden Hotel | Review

Forest Of Arden Spa Review

Okay, unladylike confession time: up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never experienced a spa day. Or even a spa. Or even a swimming pool that wasn’t in a grotty leisure centre or an Ibiza hotel, to be honest. It was something that hadn’t appealed to me, probably just because I didn’t have a need for it. But, as I’ve sashayed through my 20s and started experiencing more stressful situations (have you ever dealt with letting agents?!), the urge for a relaxaing, pampering experience has been stronger and stronger. So when I was recently invited along to visit the Cedarwood Spa in the nearby Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel, I jumped at the chance.

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#StyleBloggerAwards with Premier Inn

PI 1A few weeks ago we were down in London for the Company Style Blogger Awards (which you can read all about here if you get the urge in your loins to do so)(always listen to your loins, people, always) and decided to stay over rather than end up running through Euston like mad banshees only to miss our train home… again.

Anywho, the beaut people at Premier Inn were nice enough to put us up for the night in their new Hackney hotel, which was uber-convenient for us with the event being in East London. Also I got to feel like Professor Green, so that was cool.

PI 4The room was perfect for getting ready – YES that is a  light-up mirror. Because it was a family room there was also loads of space, so there was no biffing each other over mirror access or where we were going to put our gin.
PI 7 PI 2 PI 3PI 5We were in a mega rush when we were getting ready, but in the morning once Lauren had pottered off to work (ha) and I was still lounging on the chaise longue in the manner that I’d became accustomed to, I got to properly take advantage of the gigantic bed, endless tea supplies and flatscreen TV – yes that is the Real Housewives of SomewhereSomewhere, I’m very high-brow.

We also had a buffet breakfast which was perfect for our somewhat hungover brains, and the staff were all so helpful and lovely. I was already a big fan of Premier Inn anyway (er, who wouldn’t be?), but can 100% recommend the Hackney one now for anyone who may stay there.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that was involved in our stay; you made our night utterly superb!