A Week in Instagram #2

Instagram 10th Sept

Instagram 10th Sept 2Hola chicas! We’re back with our second Week In Instagram post. We’re moving house in a couple of weeks and so are on a strict spending ban because of deposits and fees and all those undesirable things – as such, it’s not been the most exciting week ever. We’re still going to force photos on you though. Bahaha.

1. After a couple of years on the dark side, Lauren’s decided to dye her hair back blonde. This colour stripper is the first step in the process – everybody keep your fingers crossed!
2. Lauren’s FOTD from her night out at the weekend. As subtle as ever, I’m sure we’ll all agree.
3. This is basically how I spent my entire weekend after finally setting my internet TV up. Lovefilm, loads of tea and a faint concern that I may start to develop bed sores.
4. Some lovely Manuka Doctor products that we had delivered this week!
5. We launched our giveaway! All you need to do to win a MAC lipstick of your choice is follow us on Bloglovin’ and Twitter, and then you can earn extra entries by tweeting about the giveaway, liking our page on Facebook, and sending us biscuits in the post (okay, that one might not be true – but please, still feel free to do so).
6. Lauren’s FOTD, facing her last day in the world as a brunette.
7. Can you believe this makeover came courtesy of an app? It’s called Perfect 365 and has a variety of makeup filters – it has to be said, this is borderline addictive.
8. We were lucky enough to have some London Fashion Week invitations pop through our door! Of course we’re hugely grateful and would absolutely love to go, but this spending ban of ours means we can’t make it down to London this week. This is where the crying face emoji would go if this were a text message.

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  1. Sarah T September 12, 2013 / 4:04 pm

    So jealous of your fashion week invites, its such a shame you can’t go! Excited to see how the blonde turns out 🙂 x

    • Claire September 12, 2013 / 4:57 pm

      I know, we’re pretty devvoed! Is nice to even be asked though 🙂 Our most recent post shows the results of Lauren’s B4 quest if you fancy a peek! xx

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