A Week in Instagram #3.

‘Sup sexy ladies!

Claire and I have lead very boring lives in the past week or two (particularly as I have been lame and ill SNORE) as we’re still saving our pennies for our beautiful new crib. Nevertheless, we have been doing lots of eating and reviewing of fun things, so life hasn’t been too pathetic! If you’re keen to see what we have been up to in beautifully filtered picture form, then BY GUM you have certainly come to the right place chicas!


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  1. This was the start of the dreaded flu and of course, the only way to feel better is to eat ice cream and stock up on the vits. Because cookie dough is known to have many vitamins, fact.
  2. Claire was giving a bright pink Barry M lipstick a whirl, doesn’t her pie hole look delightful?
  3. Claire’s beautiful OOTD (which you can read in full right here) and her amazing quilted leather skirt from Primark. I am quite upset that she has it because I now want it. Biatch.
  4. More food in our lives, this time in the form of meeting snacks. Because a meeting of 6 people warrants this level of sugar.
  5. Meet Claire’s eyebrows, they have been lightened and looking WUVVERLY. Read her post about eyebrow lightening here.
  6. Me and my favourite Jamaican man tshirt, which I pretty much wore for the 4 days that I was ill.
  7. As most of you know, Claire’s a big fan (as am I) of putting other people’s hair on her head – she’s getting her weave redone this week and purchased some new extensions in silver to match her new ‘do.
  8. One of the guys in the office is called Kevin and he made us a cake. He is now called Kevin Bakin.
  9. Claire being both fit and funny, gymming it in her ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ tshirt (which is from eBay if you’re a keen bean).
  10. My new stiletto nails, which I also got from eBay. They take quite a lot of trimming and filing BUT I LOVE THEM. Unfortunately I can’t do anything with them and am a genuinely useless human being at the moment. I couldn’t even open my soup today.

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  1. Jessica Edmunds September 25, 2013 / 11:17 am

    I love posts like these! Little snippet into someones everyday life! xx

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