Outfit of the Day: Sundress, Spikes and JuJu Jelly Shoes


What on earth is better than new shoes, you ask? Well, my answer is: FREE NEW SHOES.

I was lusting after a pair of jelly shoes for weeks and, despite my boyfriend saying I would look like a toddler and they were ridiculous, one afternoon when I was bemoaning my lack of money he uttered those four little words that every girl longs to hear:


“Go on, my treat”.


I don’t need to be told anything twice, so immediately leapt to my laptop and ordered a beaut pair of JuJu jelly shoes from Office. I’m an ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ kind of girl so decided that if I was going to buy jelly shoes then I was going to really BUY JELLY SHOES and so opted for a pair in clear glitter. And oh, it is simply love. As well as looking bloody adorable (if I do say so myself), they’re also really comfortable. I now want them in every shade, especially the mint.

So this is the outfit that I wore yesterday, as the sun decided to rear its head for once. The dress is the £5 Primark dress that I featured in my haul post the other week – I really do need to go and stock up on these, they are actually perfect. Then it was teamed with my trusty Topshop gilet (oh how I hate that word, it immediately makes me think of awful Jack Wills gilets and the awful people that wear them)(no offence, sorry not sorry) and my spike necklace in a vague attempt to look less like a summery sap.

DSCN2627(If you find the top of my head, please return it)



For me, it is definite love for the JuJus, but what do you all think? Would love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

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