South Africa 2014 Roundup

Oh hey there, it’s been a while. I barely recognise you, you saucy wench.

As you may or may not know, I have been off gallivanting around South Africa having a hugey whale of a time. I got back yesterday after 27 hefty hours of travelling and I only slightly have holiday blues (Claire is helping by occasionally making me tea). This is going to be quite a picture heavy post, because I’m sure you’re not too bothered exactly how many times I went to the beach, got sand in my eyeball and acquired another freckle…

South Africa 1

After missing my flight because of horrific traffic and spending the night in a Travel Lodge, I was off on my merry way (after an obligatory pre-flight pint).

Port Elizabeth

South Africa 2

This is the city I lived in for 11 years, so lots of time spent with family and friends (and their pools). Awooga. As you can see, there was no tan to be had. I also went shopping and they made me put my stuff in a cage, it was very alarming I can tell you.

Kayser’s Beach

South Africa 3

This is a mini beach village where my granny lives, it is TINY and there is one shop. And the most perfect beach you will ever come across. Blisssssss.

Addo Elephant Park

South Africa 4

It’s not a trip to SA without a trip to Addo. We saw 26 elephants, and lots of other animals. Amazing.


South Africa 5

After Kayser’s, we started the 10 hour drive to Cape Town. We stopped off at Knysna on the way, which is a beautiful beach/lake town. 6 words: log cabin with a spa bath. If you’re ever in South Africa, you have to try a Rooibos tea cappuccino too.

Cape Town

South Africa 6

We spent 6 days in Cape Town and did SO much. A lot of time again was spent with friends and family, but we did see some beautiful stuff along the way. And eat some deeeelicious sushi along the way. If you ever get the chance to visit Sevruga restaurant on the Waterfront, please get one of their massive plates of sushi. And that is me on Table Mountain.

Simon’s Town/Vishoek

South Africa 7

We stayed in Viskhoek just outside of Cape Town, and also visited the little village of Simon’s Town a lot too. Such a chilled out vibe and there are also penguins.

Franschhoek/The Winelands

South Africa 8

When in the Western Cape, it’s rude not to head out to the Winelands and check out the absolutely stunning scenery and erm…sample a bit of vino. I did both and also had a cheeseboard. I ALWAYS HAVE TO GO TOO FAR.

Anyway lovely ladies (and gents – what are you doing reading a fashion and beauty blog?), I hope you have enjoyed my little South Africa gallery. Have you visited much in the country? Let me know in the comments below. Hoe.

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  1. Clo's Beauty Spot May 1, 2014 / 10:43 am

    Wow looks absolutely amazing, I’m so jealous! Glad you had a good time, pack me in your suitcase next time please hehe x

  2. Holly May 4, 2014 / 11:17 pm

    Woweeee looks like you had an amazing time, you are one lucky lady!!

    Holly Mixtures

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