Style Inspo: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Hello fellow idiots,

It seems that I have finally grown up into a grown woman. Pass me a Sunday afternoon of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, a glass of gin and a few cats (why lie, I always liked these things). But aside from my imminent old lady behaviour, I’m actually starting to go to weddings regularly in the summer. If that’s not a sign of being in your 20s, I don’t know what is.

While this is all very well and its nice to celebrate mates’ everlasting love and everything, I am very tired of deciding what to wear to the damn things.

I don’t know about you hunnys, but I am the type of girl who sells pretty much all of my clothes right after I’ve worn them (ever Insta’d in the same outfit twice, you get me) so I virtually NEVER have anything nice to wear ever. Which means I always have to buy new outfits, which also means that I have to plan these silly things. And wedding outfits are the worst to plan. You don’t want to look like a hoochie mama, but you also don’t want to look like a massive snore who has no mates. So with the couple of weddings I’ve got to drag myself to this summer, here are a few wedding outfit ideas for you (and me) to feast your eyes on.

Wedding Outfit Ideas

Paisley Print Cut Out Mini Dress | Hampshire Heeled Sandals | Patent Pink Clutch | Diamante Statement Necklace | Rectangular Stone Ring

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 13.54.46

Floral Print Jumpsuit | Gold Statement Necklace | White Metal Bar Clutch Bag | Chanel Lipstick in Camella | White Sandal Heels

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.15.53

Midi Skater Dress | Cleated Platform Sandals | Gold & Blue Statement Necklace | Pale Blue Cleated Clutch Bag

What do you think gals?

I would greatly appreciate your input, because I seriously need some bangin’ outfits to wear this summer! If you have any wedding outfit ideas posts too, then please leave them in the comments below so that I can have a massive perv and probably steal your ideas.

The Best of the Highstreet: Palm Tree Prints

Good evening dear pals,

I have a confession to make. I have developed an unhealthy obsession with palm trees. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why but there it is. I have been desperately searching for some kind of ‘palm tree print anonymous’ groups but apparently they don’t exist. If there are any fashion bloggers out there who would like to create a palm tree print obsessed group, I would be more up for that than Miley Cyrus is for twerking and/or being a lunatic.

So, feeding my obsession and also giving myself an excuse for yet more shopping, I have been perusing the old internet and found some of the best palm tree prints on the line. You are all welcome, you stunners. Don’t blame me if your bank rings you in palm tree print anger.

Stylingo Palm Tree Print

Palm Tree Crop Top – Topshop | Tie Dye Palm Print Maxi Skirt – BoohooPalm Tree Print Leggings – Missguided | Mint Green Palm Tree Cami – New Look |  Palm Tree Toms – Asos | Palm Tree Print Bustier Crop Top – River IslandPalm Tree Clutch Bag – New Look |

I don’t know about you all, but I love that New Look cami especially, it’s beauuutiful. I’m also keen for the New Look clutch bag, it is more than jazzy.

Is anyone else mega keen for palm tree print at the moment? The only thing that I am sad about is the fact that I’m not off anywhere on holiday again this year to fully take advantage of these tropical print beauties. I’m going to have to force Claire to buy loads of these so that I can live through her when she goes away later on in the summer. I’m pretty sure she won’t mind.

What do you lovely ladies think? Are you a palm print fan orrrrrr?

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Outfit of the Day: White Distressed Jeans

OOTD 26th April CollageBody: Abandon Ship Apparel / Jeans: Boohoo / Belt: Primark /Shoes: Primark / Chain: eBay (old)

Oh yes, you see right – I’ve finally jumped on the white jean bangwagon!

When I first saw white denim popping up again, I wanted to hide myself in the nearest wardrobe and not come out til at least A/W14. I haven’t braved white jeans since I was 16 and had a pair of white skinnies which, contrary to making me look cool and indie like I hoped at the time, made my hips look about 8 feet wide.

7 years later and my hips are the same, but this more relaxed fit is much more forgiving. I fell in love with this boyfriend fit distressed pair on the Boohoo website a couple of weeks ago, and finally flung them into my online basket on payday.

OOTD 26th April Collage 2I do completely love them, though there is a bit of an issue with sizing I’d say – I ordered the 8 and they’re far too baggy for me at the waist. It can be fixed with a belt as I have here, but the detailing is a really pretty rose gold (as you can see above without the belt) that I don’t really want to cover all the time so I’m debating exchanging them for the smaller size – though the thought that I could EVER be a size 6 in jeans in the real world is ludicrous, so I would definitely recommend sizing down if you buy these yourself. It’s also worth noting that I’ve rolled these up a lot, though I was expecting that being only 5’2.

This cat body is from Abandon Ship Apparel; I actually bought it way back in December at the Clothes Show but haven’t worn it too much as I always saw it as more of a summer item. Because er, that’s when the Satanic kittens are known to come out to play? They don’t seem to sell the body on their website anymore but you can pick up this equally fetching pair of kitten leggings if you so wish.

What do you all think of this outfit? Have you jumped on the white jeans trend yet?

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Outfit of the Day: Motel Cropped Alphabet Jumper

OOTD 27th Jan Collage 1Jumper: Motel Rocks / Jeggings: Topshop / Boots: Boohoo / Chain: eBay / Satchel: Primark

First of all, I’m so sorry for the amount of belly button there is in this post. At least I’ve got an innie, hey?

Moving on…

I’m in love with my new cropped jumper from Motel, which I actually managed to acquire from eBay for the magical price of 99p  NEW WITHOUT TAGS. Which might be code for “I’ve actually worn this a few times but I’m a sneaky snake and will pretend I haven’t”, but I don’t really care to be quite honest. 99p! 

OOTD 27th Jan Collage 2

I’m also in sartorial love with my new satchel from Primark, which I’ve had my beady eyes on for a while. White might not be the most practical choice but I think it’ll be especially nice during summer to freshen up an outfit.

What do y’all think?

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Spring/Summer ’14 Key Trend: How to Wear Baby Pink

Hi there you fashionable little so-and-sos. Despite the fact that it’s still very much onesie season and we’re donning our fur coats most days to keep our human flesh all nice and warm, at Stylingo our eyes are now firmly set on Spring/Summer and what we’ll be wearing once the weather sorts its life out. While pastels have been around for what feels like forever now, this season is going to see pastel pink take centre stage ahead of all other shades. This has already started to sneak in through A/W in the form of pale pink coats and that infamous Topshop PVC skirt, but this Spring it’s really going to become a central theme. Put your worries about looking like Barbie, Baby Spice or – shudder – Miss Piggy to one side and embrace the candyfloss joy that this colour can bring.

Why put off til tomorrow what you can buy today though? Here are our favourite baby pink pieces that are currently available on the high street and online, meaning you can get Spring/Summer ready even while your toes fall off from frostbite.

Pink 1Faux Leather Pencil Skirt – Missguided / Mesh Panel Crop – Missguided

Pink 2Textured Coat – ASOS / Fluffy Crop Jumper – Boohoo

Pink 3Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – ASOS / Clear Clutch With Contrast Purse – ASOS / Iridescent Chunky Chain – New Look / Slipper Shoes: Primark

Some people are likely to shy away from the trend for fear of looking too girly, or perhaps like some sort of human-salmon hybrid. I think the key to wearing the baby pink trend will be to toughen it up. This can be done by teaming it with more grungey pieces like leather skirts and trousers, or by opting for more unusual pink items. Leather, mesh and perspex are all materials that will take baby pink from being too pretty and instead make it contemporary.

What do you all think of the baby pink trend? How do you plan to wear it?

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January Fashion Haul: Missguided, Boohoo & Primark

So, how are all of your post-Christmas spending bans going? Yeah, mine’s going great too thanks. Anyway, moving on…

Haul 11th Collage 1Playsuit (sold out) £15 / Jumpsuit £25 – Both
I placed a cheeky little Missguided order just after Christmas, I think with the intention of getting something to wear for New Year’s Eve. In the end our NYE plans were cancelled and I ended up staying in, eating pizza and watching repeats of Stars in Their Eyes (which was surprisingly fun, actually – there was a very impressive Cliff Richard), so neither of these were worn for the occasion – but aren’t they flippin’ beautiful?

I also picked up a Bardot body from the Sweet Deal range (though that’s currently in the wash) and some leggings – which did NOT please me length-wise, being the longest leggings known to mankind and completely unwearable. Hmph.

Haul 11th Collage 2Crop Top (sold out) £4 / Chelsea Boots£ 30 – Both
Not long after New Year I ended up making a little Boohoo order too. This was for no other reason than I was fighting the January blues, and realised that these boots were the one and only thing that could bring happiness to my life. And my oh my, they have made every day better since. 

Haul 11th 7Sports Bra £4 – Primark
My gym is currently twice as busy as it was pre-Christmas due to all of the ‘New Year New Me’ gym joiners – and this is a trend that Primark clearly knows all about, as their gymwear has been moved from a dusty corner at the back, right to the front of my local store. Now, it will come as no surprise to you that I don’t really need to wear a sports bra, seeing as I essentially have no boobs whatsoever – but I couldn’t say no to this neon crop of joy.

Haul 11th 6Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan / Sultry Eyelashes £1 each – both Primark
I’ve been wanting to try out the Cocoa Brown fake tan for ever and ever and ever AMEN, and today was finally the day I added it to my massive Primark basket. I’m going to a party tonight and am currently the ultimate pail Gale, so can’t wait to blast my skin with this and see how it turns out. I think this is about £6 a bottle (currently too comfy on the sofa to go and check my receipt, soz) which is expensive compared to my usual St Moriz – but I’ve heard such good things about it that I decided it was worth the extra pounds. Rumour has it that Cocoa Brown tan doesn’t even smell like fake tan. Wizardry.

I also stocked up on a couple of pairs of Primark’s eyelashes in ‘Sultry’. I reviewed these lashes here and they’re genuinely pretty amazing for just one measly quid.

Haul 11th 5Necklace £3 / Midi Rings £1.50 – Both Primark
Primark’s currently coming up with some absolutely beautiful statement necklaces, and this one was too much of a bargain to resist. You can’t see well in the photo, but it’s rose gold metal woven with a kind of pearlescent cream material. I also picked up a pack of three silver midi rings. I have horrendously fat fingers and so I’ve got no idea whether these will look good or not, but for £1.50 I was willing to risk it.

I also picked up some Primark essentials including tights, leggings, hair bands and a new hair donut, but thought I’d spare you the boredom of seeing those. And now I must get back to my life, and look up what ‘spending ban’ actually means…

What do you think of this haul? What have you been buying lately?

Outfit of the Day: Primark Tartan and Leather

OOTD 16th D Collage 1Leather-sleeved coat: eBay / Tartan leggings: Primark / Boots: eBay

Hey chicas. Excuse my chronic case of Bitch Face re-surfacing here, I think it was just a case of the Sunday night blues when these snaps were taken.  I featured these tartan leggings in my recent haul post and I’ve already got so much love for them. This is also potentially the first year I’ve genuinely liked my winter coat; this wool and PU leather mixed coat manages to fight my usual coat gripes by being a good length and also not too bulky for my petite frame – plus it was a complete and utter bargain from China.

OOTD 15th D Collage 2Oversized tee: Boohoo (old) / Chain: eBay (similar)

Teamed with an oversized t-shirt and my trust Jeffrey Campbell dupes (which are so stupidly comfy it’s ridiculous) I was pretty pleased with this a smart/cas outfit. But the question of the day, as always is:

What on earth do YOU all think?

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If I Was A Rich Girl | September Wishlist.

Hello lovely ladies,

Claire and I are currently on a horrible spending ban, which means life is terribly tragic and boring at the moment. BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN WE CAN’T DREAM. I’ve got lots of things I’m hugely lusting over at the moment, so I’m quietly making a list of stuff to go wild over when I finally allow myself to spend some hard earned dollah.

Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 21.23.35

1. Missguided leather panel midi skirt. 2. Topshop lipstick in Hazard 3. Seventeen animal bronzer. 4. Topshop geometric print trousers 5. Boohoo brocade cape. 6. Urban Outfitters lattice shoulder blouse 7. Asos coat with leather sleeves. 8. Too Faced Natural at Night Palette.

1. GOOD LORD, I love this skirt. It’s Claire’s birthday soon so obviously I need something new to wear. We’re going for a faaaaaaaayncy dinner, so I need something a little sophisticated to keep up appearances. I’m loving the leather panels and I’m thinking it’s a good way to incorporate the leather autumn/wintertrend into my ‘drobe.

2. Let’s all face it, deep red lippy is an absolute necessity for colder weather. I need this more than life, isn’t it gorgeous?

3. I don’t really need a new bronzer BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THE ANIMAL PRINT? HAVE YOU?!

4. These trousers are incredible, I love the print with all my heart. I feel like I need more trousers in my wardrobe and these are definitely on my trouser list.

5. This Boohoo cape is amazing – bring me the capes…that’s right China. All the capes.

6. Those who know me will know I have about 10000 white blouses but this is one that I would love to add to my collection! I can’t wait to give everyone flashes of my shoulders, ooer.

7. I am in need of a winter coat as all of mine of boring and uncool. This Asos one makes me want to cry with love and admiration.

8. I love a natural eye palette and how fabulous does this one look? SO FABULOUS, THAT’S HOW.

So, home girls, this is my September wishlist – what do you all think? Any things you’re lusting over but can’t get quite yet?

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Autumn/Winter Trends: Wishlist.

Claire and I are definitely being those girls at the moment. We have decided that summer is officially on it’s way out (even though I tried to wear I chunky knit to work today and may have somewhat melted) and it is now time to get properly excited about autumn/winter. Even though we live together, work together and generally see far too much of each other, we’ve somehow not run out of things to say to each other. This has been especially true this week, where we have spent approximately 100000000* hours discussing how we’re going to work the autumn/winter trends and what things we’re going to look at buying.

I must admit, I have been quite worried about the autumn/winter trends. So worried in fact, that I had a nightmare I dressed head to toe in tartan last night and Kate Moss told me I looked like a genuine fool (which is probably something that would actually happen if I ever met K Mossy). After some hyperventilating, a few cups of tea and some soothing head patting by Claire, I’m feeling a bit more positive NAY EVEN EXCITED about things to come. So excited that I’ve put together my wishlists for each trend, even though most high street stores haven’t revealed their autumn/winter collections yet. WHOOPS, I’m keen. Call this a autumn/winter trend sneak peak if you will (you probably wont), but here’s what I’m thinking of investing in this autumn/winter.

Tartan CollageTartan Tshirt: Topshop | Tartan Blouse: Boohoo | Tartan Cambridge Satchel | Paisley/Tartan Scarf: Miss Selfridge | Tartan Cigarette Trousers: River Island | Leather Panel Tartan Leggings: Boohoo |

Does anyone else have that problem of not really loving a trend but then coming round to it as soon as it’s going out of fashion? SNORE. This happens to me constantly. For example, I have finally decided that I like creepers approximately 2 years late. With this in mind, I have started convincing myself that I like the tartan trend months in advance so I’m prepared for the new season. I think I might have become as obsessed with it as I am with neon at the moment, so I’m going to be seriously investing in some key tartan pieces when the time comes! Oh to own that Cambridge satchel…anyone want to lend a homegirl £140?

PVC Skater Skirt: Glamorous | T Bar Shoes: Topshop | PVC Backpack: Topshop | PVC Mini Skirt:Topshop | PVC Scunchie: River Island | Leather Look Tshirt: OMG Fashion | Patent Skinny Belt: ASOS |

I’m a bit dubious of the autumn/winter PVC trend but I’m willing to embrace it with rubbery arms, provided things don’t get too prostitutey.


Rose Midi Dress: Missguided | Mint Acid Wash Mom Jeans: Topshop | Lilac Beanie: Topshop |  Yellow Crop Top: Missguided | Pink Watch: Olivia Burton |

My theory is that winter pastels are going to be more on the ‘dusty’ side – with more grey tones in them that the bright summery pastels. This is definitely an autumn/winter trend that I’m looking forward to! Apparently I’m really excited to wear lilac.

WELL. These are just the top three autumn/winter trends that I’m looking forward to! I’m also really keen for oversized coats, metallics (sorry Claire) and wearing dark plum lipstick again.

What do you all think? Have you got any trends you’re excited about?