Outfit of the Day: Fluffy Crop & Leather

OOTD 30th D Collage 1Fluffy Crop Jumper: Glamorous / Leather Skater Skirt: eBay (similar here) / Bag: Primark

Okay, so I’m definitely noticing a bit of a habit emerging here with pastel fluffiness and leather (case in point here and here), which I’m very sorry for – but there’s just something about these extremely girly jumpers that cries out to be toughened up with some good old cheap nasty pleather.

This jumper’s my new cropped dream from Glamorous that I snagged at the Clothes Show for a mere £20. Every blogger and her nan seems to currently have one similar, but I can fully understand why. They’re SO cosy and SO comfy and SO FRICKIN’ FLUFFY.

OOTD 30th D Collage 2Rings: Primark / Brogues: Primark (surprise surprise)

I’ve been basking in a few extra days off work post-Christmas, and so went out for lunch with my sister yesterday. I don’t know why I thought a rather tight fitting skater skirt was a good idea for a lunch date that involved a huge portion of enchiladas and sweet potato fries (Best. Things. Ever), but the feeling of being about to explode like the fat man in Se7en was still completely worth it.

What do you all think of this outfit? 

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Top 15 Fashion & Beauty Blogs of 2013

2013 collage

Hola chicas! We hope you’re all in the festive spirit and already three stone heavier from excessive mince pie consumption. As we get towards the end of the year we’re feeling all nostalgic and looking back at our first year as part of the blogging community. Here is our list of our ultimate favourite fashion and beauty bloggers that we’ve discovered in the year 2013…

Stone’s Got Style

2013 1The beaut Vickie Stone from Stone’s Got Style began blogging around the same time as us this year, and we instantly fell in blogger lurve with her quirky style and frankly quite bonkers personality.

Lydia Faye Jones

2013 2Lauren and I both have what can only be described as an embarrassingly large girl crush on Lydia Faye Jones. Always groomed and effortlessly chic , she’s basically everything we wish we could be but aren’t because we can never be bothered to brush our hair enough. Lydia has a wardrobe so stocked with Topshop and Zara that it will make you weep with jealousy.


2013 3Jess is not only one of our favourite fashion bloggers, she’s also one of the nicest people to speak to on Twitter and a genuinely lovely girl. If you read us regularly then you also might have already seen the brilliant guest post that Jess wrote for us a while back. The way she puts outfits together is amazing, and she can wear any look perfectly.

i2 Style

2013 4Holly is much much more than just an (incredibly) pretty face; she also has heaps of industry knowledge and experience, and a gorgeous styling portfolio. Her blog’s full of beaut outfits, photos and inspiring wishlists. We were lucky enough to meet her at a recent event and can confirm that she’s just as lovely in person as she seems online!

It’s All the Rage These Days

2012 5Another complete girl crush of mine, Leanne Lim Walker can singlehandedly be blamed for my obsession with trying to dye my hair white. She’s utterly stunning and also a brilliant fashion photographer in her own right. I spend far too long perving reading her blog, It’s All the Rage These Days, and am also borderline obsessed with her Youtube channel.

A Fashion Fix

2013 5There aren’t many girls that can pull off that pink PVC Topshop skirt, but Hannah Crosskey is one of the few that does – and she looks freakin’ amazing. Her outfits are aways perfect, managing to combine edginess with a classic groomed finish.

Glam Beautys

2013 6Liza was one of the first bloggers that we started speaking to, and she remains a firm favourite of ours. There’s nothing about the world of fake tan and contouring that this girl does not know, and her tutorials are all amazingly helpful. Her blog’s going from strength to strength at the moment, and it’s brilliant to see such a genuinely nice person doing so well.

Tease Flutter Pout

2013 7Laura from Tease Flutter Pout is another of our go-to bloggers when we need some honest and informative beauty and makeup reviews. Her lifestyle posts are also a personal favourite of mine, bringing into the spotlights issues such as the media’s influence on self-esteem.

Clo’s Beauty Spot

2013 8Clo’s Beauty Spot is without doubt one of my favourite blogs to read, but I love her YouTube channel even more. When Lauren and I first discovered her videos, we sat watching them in separate rooms and could hear each other guffawing away like lunatics through the wall. As well as being straight up hilarious, her outfits are also beaut and her reviews are honest and thorough. All round winner.

Crystal Cosmic Chic

2013 9For bold fashion and an extensive vocabulary that would put Russell Brand to shame, you should definitely visit Crystal Cosmic Chic. As a Visual Merchandiser, Nokhuthula’s  got a brilliant eye for fashion and her outfit photos are always worth a look. We bumped into her at The Clothes Show and she’s one of the loveliest – and possibly tiniest – people we’ve met recently.

Holly Mixtures

2013 10Who can resist a girl who documents the adventures of her runaway Angelina-inspired leg? Nobody, that’s who. Holly’s blog makes me literally cry with laughter, but she also knows what she’s talking about and looks fantastic too.

Amy Valentine

2013 11With bright pink hair and the best legs in the blogging land, Amy Valentine is another girl crush creeping her way into this list. This girl looks absolutely flawless in everything she wears, and her writing’s warm and witty.


2013 12Harriet’s a trained MUA and beauty therapist, so I really trust all of her tutorials and reviews. If good makeup is really the secret to her stunning looks then I’m willing to give up food for the next year to fund a makeup collection filled with MAC.

The Love Cats Inc

2013 14If I had a pound for every time I leave a comment on Helen’s blog praising her amazing fringe, then I’d probably have enough money to hire someone to come and tame my own fringe every day (and thus I could stop pestering Helen and give the girl a break). As well as having top notch bangs, she also has a perfect sense of style, always looking effortlessly on-trend and perf.

In the Frow

2013 15Did any of your uni lecturers look like this? No, ours neither – but Victoria from In the Frow has a PhD and lectures in fashion. She’s also stunning and comes across as lovely and down-to-earth on her YouTube channel. Her blog has bounded along at amazing pace since launching just over a year ago, and it’s very well deserved as each post is perfect fashion inspiration (fashpo? Can I pretend that’s a thing? Well I’m GONNA).

What do you all think of our Top 15 picks? Have we chosen any of your favourites, or are there some bloggers you think are missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below! 

Fashion Evening at Lilly-Lou

DSCN3408At the end of last week, Lauren and I were lucky enough to be invited to a night of glamour and cupcakes (FYI our favourite types of night) at the beautiful Lilly-Lou store in Shirley, Solihull. We were invited by the gorgeous Holly from i2Style, who we’ve been Twitter chums with for ages, and who works in the shop (which, by the way, is just as gorgeous – monochrome bling as far as the eye can see!)

Lilly-Lou specialises in all manner of evening dresses that are perfect for proms, weddings, parties or any other swanky occasion where you want to be looking smokin’ hot. There’s even a kids’ range with the most perfect princessy dresses for weddings or Communions.




DSCN3410(This picture is the only proof that Lauren and I were actually at the event; we came straight from a full day at work so were not feeling photo-friendly.)

Holly and the rest of the Lilly-Lou ladies put loads of effort into creating a really fun event for us all. Also attending the night was the stunning Rachael Barker, aka Miss Birmingham 2013. She looked absolutely amazing in one of the Lilly-Lou cocktail dresses, and was lovely to speak to as well. She also had one of the best heads of hair I’ve ever seen in my life, and has convinced me that I need to give nano-rings a try.


DSCN3421Also showing off their wares on the night was Annette from Tilly-Minx Vintage, who sells original vintage jewellery including necklaces, brooches and bracelets, and also hand crafts intricate combs, tiaras and corsages. There were also representatives from Always Charity, which is an amazing business set up to support the Lymphoma Association.



DSCN3402On top of aaaaaaaall of this, there was also champagne, cupcakes and a beautiful Christmassy performance by Megan-Louise and Keeley from Perfect 5th Events (Jingle Bell Rock was a personal highlight, though I had to resist the urge for a bit of Mean Girls-esque thigh-slapping). It was also attended by some other bloggers, including the lovely Emma whose blog you can read here, as well as others who we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to chat to!

Overall it was a lovely evening showcasing some brilliant local talent. The dresses at Lilly-Lou are absolutely stunning and the girls who work there are all lovely – I’m fully confident that anybody who goes in there looking for a dress will receive nothing but the best service and help. Here are the lovely ladies with Miss Birmingham:

???????????????????????????????A huge thank you to everyone at Lilly-Lou, particularly Holly, for organising such a fun event!

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Clothes Show Live | Fashion, Beauty & Half Naked Men

DSCN3202Hey there you sex bombs. If you read my outfit of the day post from Sunday then you’ll know that Lauren and I attended The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham at the weekend. We were grand masters of the blag and managed to nab ourselves press passes for the day, giving us access to the show, superb seats at the Fashion Theatre and free tea and biscuits in the press lounge (if you know us then you’ll know that was the bit we were most excited about).

Upon arrival at the NEC we were directed to the press area where we were given our fancy passes for the day. As you can see, they looked uber profesh and fancy…

DSCN3319Even if our blog name was spelled wrong on mine (Claire from Style Lingo still had a tip top day though)…


DSCN3321The press lounge was full of important folk with laptops and expensive photography equipment – and we were also lucky enough to bump into the lovely Nokhuthula from Crystal Cosmic Chic (hellooooo if you’re reading!)

During the day we attended the Fashion Theatre catwalk show, which was sponsored by Alcatel One Touch. Our press passes ensured us superb seats for this – we were almost frowing, except some berk with a camera as big as my head nabbed the seats before us so we ended up one row back. We decided to keep our diva personalities in check and resisted the urge to biff him with our handbags though. The show was extremely theatrical and impressive, with lots of amazing looks and strutting interspersed with uh-mazing choreography. And fit men. Quite a few fit men.





DSCN3266The main lure of The Clothes Show is obviously all of the amazing fashion and beauty brands that are there flaunting their wares and coercing us to part ways with our funds. On the fashion side of things there was a strong vintage and streetwear presence with bargains a-plenty, though there were also recognisable brands such as Glamorous. Lauren and I bought one or two bits, but in the interest of intrigue and suspense we’ll make you wait to see what those pieces are.





DSCN3298I think we can all agree that this is a great new look for Lauren.

A huge area of the exhibition is dedicated to the world of makeup and beauty. A lot of the big brands were there, including Rimmel, Bare Minerals, Barry M, Models Own, Fake Bake and so on and so forth, as well as the smaller brands that are big in social media and the blogosphere including Sally’s Glitz and Glam, Lauren’s Way and Jelly Pong Pong.


DSCN3309The main bargains of the show were definitely to be found amongst the make-up brands, a lot of which were offering goodie bags for around £10 that contained products worth up to the £60. These were being snapped up all over the joint, though we managed to show exceptional self control and run past these stands at a Mo Farah speed.



DSCN3297Other exhibitors also included universities, Select modelling agency (obviously our little 5 foot nothing bodies were signed up IMMEDIATELY) and a smorgasbord of other companies – which might be my way of saying I’ve forgotten who else we saw. Honestly, there was so much to take in that you can and do spend hour after hour browsing all of the aisles.

Throughout the day, there were also a number of other catwalk shows going on, from high street to designer to graduate shows. Overall it was a really fun day, and I definitely recommend The Clothes Show to anyone who hasn’t been before. At £28 a ticket, I do think it’s a tad pricey for essentially a day of shopping, but it’s certainly an impressive exhibition and the shows and TOWIE stars celebrity photo opportunities are all bonuses that give the event that little something extra.

Oh, and here some photos of half naked men for you to peruse. You’re welcome…


Have any of you been to The Clothes Show Live before? What do you think?

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A Week In Instagram #4

A while ago we started our brilliant new feature ‘A Week in Instagram’, designed to give all who care (i.e. nobody, not even my mum) a glimpse into our lives away from the crazy world of blogging. We  began this feature back in October and then, er, forgot. For quite a while. What can we say, it’s been a long week…

Instagram 1

1. How bloody adorable are these three rings from good ole’ Primark?! t only cost about £4 for the pack of 3 if I recal. Now they just need to bring out some even gaudier gold ones and I’ll be happy as that Larry fella.

2. How bloody adorable is my hair first thing in the morning?! Answer: not very. Extension problems.

3. Sometimes we disappear round the back of the bike sheds office building to snog take OOTD pics. Here is a lairy outtake from that yobbo Lauren.

4. Never one to stick with the same look for long, Lauren recently dyed her hair black. What do we all think y’all?

Instagram 25. We finally, FINALLY decided to bite the bullet and spend our cash on something useful as opposed to endless lip glosses and Curly Wurlys. We formally introduce you to our beautiful new camera, which will hopefully make our dreams of having decent photography on the blog a dream come true. For those interested, it is the Nikon l820 Bridge Camera and we bought it from Argos where it’s currently almost half price. Also, it’s purple!

6. Little LOTD (Leg Of The Day) from work last week. Leather look leggings from River Island and my much loved (read: ancient and smelly) studded pumps from Primark.

7. We received this amazing present last week from GingerFox.co.uk. We think this ‘Vanitea’ mug (you know we love wordplay like this, be still my beating heart) is the perfect Christmas gift for any beauty-loving girls in your life. Firstly, the mug is mirrored so that you can check out how smokin’ hot you look while sipping your tea, plus it comes with a little lipstick pen! Ginger Fox specialise in novelty gifts likes retro games, mugs, gadgets, keyrings and a whole host of  moustache-themed bits and bobs, so definitely check them out if you’re stuck for ideas this festive season.

8. Last Friday we had our work’s Christmas party at a restaurant followed by a comedy club in Birmingham. Sounds quite sophisticated, yes? So of course we had to destroy this image by drinking gin on the train over there. Well, Lauren had gin… I had a blue WKD. Stay classy, San Diego.

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October Birthday Haul: Marc B, Juicy Couture, Primark, Sleek & More!

Bday Haul AllHi there errybody! I’ve got a few minutes free on the retirement home’s desktop before a rousing mid-afternoon game of backgammon accompanied by a fine glass of sherry awaits me, so thought I’d quickly do a post for all of you young’uns. In case you’re wondering what in the name of all that is holy I’m waffling on about, I am of course referring to the fact that I turned 23 on Friday and am now probably the World’s Oldest Blogger.

I actually had a really nice birthday, despite my mammoth reservations in the run-up to the occasion. The actual day was quite a nice chilled one; I took the day off work to see various family members and friends, shop and eat cake. Then last night I went out for dinner with some of my besty friends, which was inevitably followed by cocktails, spiking our own fishbowls and crap dancing. Superb.

As it was my birthday I received some absolutely amazing presents, which I thought I would share with you all now in the form of a birthday haul post! Some of these were given to me, others were bought with birthday money – all have equal amounts of love attached to them.

Bday Haul 1Marc B ‘Giselle’ Bag in Maroon: Be still my beating heart! I’ve been after a Marc B bag for ages; they’re so sophisticated and classic, yet also retain a fun element with the leopard print lining and gold plaque detailing. I desperately needed a new everyday bag as my Topshop one was literally going bald (damn you, leopard print panel!), so when my dad asked what I wanted for my birthday, this was top of my list. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It’s also bloody massive – you can see it in its full glory in this OOTD post where you will see that it has basically made me look like even more of a Borrower.

Bday Haul 2Leopard print throw, ear muffs and thermos: my dad sent my sister on a shopping mission to pick up a few more presents for me (I know, how lovely of him! I think he takes pity on me not having a boyfriend so spoils me more as a result) and she oh so wisely picked up an array of leopard print treats. The thermos is a particular fave; tea AND animal print, TOGETHER?! No finer combination of things has ever existed.

Bday Haul ClothesClothes: knowing how dear Primark is to my heart, my sister also picked me out a few bits from there.

Bday Haul 7Viva La Juicy Noir: I’ve loved this since I got the sample version in one of my Glossyboxes and now a full size bottle is mine!

Bday Haul 12Game of Thrones figurine: ’nuff said

Bday Haul 11Makeup: with some birthday money from my momma, I couldn’t resist buying some new makeup. I ordered the Sleek stuff about a week ago, and decided to get the BB Cream in the ‘Fair’ shade to actually match my skin tone (shudder) and a new lipstick in the shade ‘Cherry’. I picked up the Barry M bits in town – I opted for the new matte nail polish in black, the new Natural Glow eyeshadow and blush palette and then because of an offer I got the Lash Vegas mascara for free for spending over £10! I am always a bargain hunter, even when it’s someone else’s money. I also bought this eyebrow pencil from Maybelline.

Bday haul PriBrogues and rings: couldn’t resist popping into Primark and picking up these beauties. I’ve been after some brogues  for ages but have just never really got round to buying some – these were only £12 I think, so it was finally time to actually get some. The stacker rings are a mixture of silver, gold and rose gold so will come in vair handy.

I have to stop writing now because I’m very hungover and need a vat of squash in my system RIGHT NOW. But let me know what you think of this haul!

Motel Rocks New Arrivals for Autumn/Winter.

Hola amigos!

First up, I would like to say a HUGEY happy birthday to everyone’s favourite white haired bafoon. Claire has turned the ripe old age of 23 and we are now discussing which care home to put her in after a weekend of partying, eating carbs and feasting on cake.

We’ve also made the executive decision to join the Motel Rocks Street Team, partly because we love a project but also because we both are big fans of Motel and love any excuse to persuade our pals into spending their hard earned dollar on threads. We are sorry guys, but everyone knows that new clothes makes you feel like a really fancy lady.

In my most recent Motel browsing, I have genuinely broken out in cold sweats over how beautiful their new arrivals for autumn/winter are. I mean seriously guys. I have been well and truly ready to whip off my pantaloons and run around my house in delight. I didn’t do that, thankfully, partly because I think Claire would disown me and also because my neighbours would probably call the police. But apart from pantaloon whipping, I have felt it necessary to share some of my favourites from Motel’s new collection so you too can feel the overwhelming delight that they bring. Disclaimer: if you fall off your chair with excitement, I take no responsibility for any bruises or embarrassment caused.




These are just a few of my current favourites, but CAN YOU SEE HOW PERFECT FOR AUTUMN/WINTER THEY ARE? I love the way they’ve styled everything and there is such an awesome 90s vibe with all the new arrivals. I don’t know about y’all, but whenever I’ve had a night out that I literally can’t figure out what to wear, Motel has saved the day. I can definitely see this happening a lot this winter. I thoroughly recommend check out what they have on offer, team fbloggers. You will not be disappointed.

If you’re suffering from the shopping bug right this moment (I know I am, LEAVE ME ALONE SHOPPING BUG, you pesky twit), you can get 20% off with the discount code Stylingo. Don’t say we don’t treat you! 😉

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September Favourites: Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

Hey there sexies! Today I’m here to present you with our first ever monthly favourites post. We tend not to get involved with these kind of regular series’, mainly because we go through life in a bit of a daze and barely know what month we’re even in most of the time. However, my birthday is fast approaching which means for once I’m a little more aware of the the date, so thought it was as good a time as any to give it a go. To be honest, I’ll probably still lose track of the very basic principle behind this post and start waffling on about things I actually bought back in July but just bear with me – I am very, very simple.


September Favourites 1Despite being on a bit of a spending ban, there are some things a girl simply can’t go without – bread, milk and beauty products, for example. Here are four my favourite beauty discoveries from September:

  1. Osmo Silverising Shampoo & Conditioner – My main mission during September was the bleaching and whitening of my hair (which you can read more about here and here). I’ve found this silverising shampoo and conditioner to be absolutely amazing in keeping the yellowy tones out of my hair, and after using them my hair instantly has a bit of a lift.
  2. Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer – I ‘ve raved about this primer A LOT in this full review, but over a week on and I’m still in love with it. It creates a lovely velvety base for makeup to go on, and actually sends my pores invisible like superhero pores.
  3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – All bloggers seem to love this concealer, so I suppose the only surprising thing is that I only bought it for the first time last month. It definitely lives up to the hype, and I reviewed it in full over on Jem’s blog.
  4. 3CE Lip Pigments – these were undoubtedly my favourite eBay bargains of the month. Costing only £1.80 each, these little OCC Lip Tar dupes have so far provided me with hours of mixing fun. I also reviewed these in full here


Sep Faves Jumper

Unfortunately, my wardrobe was the place that felt my spending ban most cruelly. I didn’t really buy many new bits during the month, but my favourites were without a doubt my New Look cut-out ankle boots, worn with a variety of contrasting frilly ankle socks or with bare skin shining blindingly through.

My Topshop jeggings have also remained a staple part of my weekend wardrobe and are what I seem to throw on whenever I’m mooching around the house at the weekend and suddenly realise I actually have to face people (though this is usually just to go to the shop to buy biscuits). Knitwear has also began to sneak back into my life and my Primark fluffy cardigan has been an absolute fave of the month!


Sep Faves KindleI’ve got back into the Kindle way of life, and two brilliant books I’ve read recently include Trafficked by Sophie Hayes and Room by Emma Donohue. Trafficked is the horrific true story of a British girl who was forced into sex slavery in Italy after travelling there with a man she thought she could trust; it’s gripping and intense but ultimately very inspiring. Room is the fictional account of a young boy who has been born in captivity to his kidnapped mother. The narrative is written from the perspective of the boy, which grated on me at first but eventually became completely absorbing. I’ve just started to read Goodnight Lady by Martina Cole. It’s the second Martina Cole book I’ve read and I don’t care how low brow it is, I love all that gritty East End gangster shizz. If brothels and people getting sliced up is your cup of tea, then I heartily recommend this for some easy reading.

And thus concludes my first Favourites post! What were you all loving last month?

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Outfit of the Day: Cami and Leather Look Leggings

??????????Cami – Primark / Leather Look Leggings – River Island (old) / Shoes – ASOS /Necklace – eBay / Ring – Primark

Greetings earthlings! I’m going to state the obvious and say that this is not my OOTD from today. Today’s a Thursday, I’m at work, and I don’t think the world of digital marketing is quite ready for leather-look leggings and 7 inch heels (much to my disappointment).

This is actually what I wore when we went out on bank holiday Sunday for a couple of drinks. I know it’s incredibly, painfully, momentously, catastrophically dull but basically a nasty encounter with some sort of bug left me with a really ugly bite mark on my leg so I had to cover up. Well, that and the fact that I managed to get attractive tan streaks on the white dress I was considering wearing. I really am such a failure at life.

I never really got on the disco leggings hype and instead managed to blag my way through that fashion phase by re-wearing my old leather look leggings. I thought I did well to get away with it for a while, but am confused by the fact that, seeing as leather is sticking around again into Autumn/Winter, I might still be able to wear these? It just doesn’t seem right to get so much wear out of one item, it’s like living during a war!*

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* forgive me for this slight exaggeration.

New Look Festival Wishlist

There are 3 things that I think us Brits do well in the summer: endless enthusiasm for barbecues, dodgy sunburn marks, and music festivals. With V last weekend and Reading and Leeds this weekend, festival season is well and truly in full swing. So when the lovely people at New Look contacted us to see if we’d like to write a post around festival fashion, we couldn’t say no – firstly, who doesn’t love New Look?! We’ve been mega keen for their Evolution of Festival Fashion infographic (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!) too. And secondly, we’ve been too poor to make it to any fezzies this year so have been creating up dream outfits in our minds almost daily anyway (is that sad? Probably. Do we care? NEIN).


New Look FestivalFloral Kimono / White Crop Top / Acid Wash Denim Hotpants / Across Body Double Zip Bag / Chunky Chain Necklace

I love all of the kimonos around at the moment, so decided to base my outfit around this sexual floral number. We all know that you don’t really feel the cold at festivals due to the ever-so-handy ‘cider jacket’ that you develop after several over-priced pints of orange fluid, but a cover-up’s still a good idea as the night wears on. Denim shorts are also a festival favourite, and OF COURSE I would team this outfit with a little white cropped tee – have I been wearing anything else this summer?

Bags at festivals need to be 100% practical to avoid any mishaps with pickpocket – or worse, portaloos. I’m sure we all remember the story of the girl who got her head stuck in the portaloo at Leeds Festival in 2009 after trying to retrieve her dropped bag, don’t we? DON’T WE?! (If you don’t, then here’s a reminder.) An across-the-boy bag with more zips than you think you can possibly need is therefore top of the essentials list – unless you too fancy earning yourself the name of ‘Poo Girl’ in the national press.

I’d finish this look with some chunky jewellery, a floral crown and a decent pair of wellies. Oh, and heaps of dry shampoo. I think I mainly love festivals because they give me a chance to be the unhygienic tramp I secretly long to be in my everyday life.


Ah, festivals make me infinitely happy and I was lucky enough to pop to Wireless for the day earlier in the summer. While it was AMAHZING, it didn’t quite have the same excitement for me than a four day extravaganza getting muddy and looking crap. My past festival outfits have been beyond tragic and I really should have been a bit better at planning them at the time (they usually involved throwing things into a backpack an hour before we had to leave and wondering if there was still space for vodka). So, without further ado – here is what I’d have worn if I wasn’t a homeless girl living under a bridge a bit too poor to afford a fezzie this year.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 14.42.46

Tenki Pink Flower Print Skirt | White Bandeau | Light Blue Washed Effect Denim Jacket | Black Gold Chain Wellies | Gold Leaf Headband | Fringe Back Pack

Skirts are a must for me when dancing about like a prat in a field. I was considering putting a playsuit onto the list but then thought about the portaloo horror and decided against it. Skirts mean that there are no unpleasant mishaps vis-a-vis getting stuck in your clothes and having to call strangers for help.

Glastonbury a few years ago was unbearably hot (an Irish man saved the day when I got sunstroke and bought me a bottle of water. I LOVE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU?!) and I didn’t even laugh with scorn at a girl walking around in her bra and pants. With this in mind, you should always be prepared to keep as cool as possible in the event that a Mexican heatwave attacks you like a half-crazed Mariachi band. Bandeaus are a good idea because it’s LIKE wearing a bra but ensures that nobody thinks you are a prostitute.

BUT, you don’t want to look like an actual prostitute. Cover up with a trusty denim jacket, you slut (…joking hunnays).

Wellies are a must and these New Look babies are GORGEY. I also love the backpack. BACKPACK?! I hear you saying. It’s not as impractical as you think, this naughty little number has draw strings that you can tie with complicated knots to ward off pickpockets.

Floral crowns are brilliant and I’m still sad that I don’t own one (it’s a bit late to get on that wagon now). If you’re a bit tired of seeing floral crowns everywhere though, this gold leaf headband is a beyyyooootiful alternative.

What do you all think about New Look’s festival fashion? And what are your essentials? And how would you feel if you too were branded ‘Poo Girl’?

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