Primark PS Love Lip Gloss Crayon | Review

PS Lip Crayon 1Regularly readers probably know by now that I adore Primark with a fierce love – similar to the love that lionesses have for their cubs, but a bit less bitey. I’ve already dabbled with their new-ish range of cosmetics, PS Love and recently reviewed their Volumising Ultra Black Mascara. I was actually really impressed by that product, and in fact since writing that review I’ve became even more of a fan and it’s my go-to everyday mascara at the moment.

So when I popped into Primark recently (on one of my usual ‘I only came in for some socks and have accidentally left with a shopping bag that weighs the same as a small child’ trips) I decided to pick up one or two more products. One of these was the pack of false nails which I reviewed here and the other was this here lip crayon.

PS Lip Crayon 2I opted for a nude shade because, frankly, everything is better in nude (lips, shoes, Kit Harrington…). First up I’m quite fond of the packaging – the plastic lid is a little on the cheap side, but I think the gold detailing is quite a nice touch. Plus the crayon winds up which is really handy, as sharpening is sooooo 2003 (I remember having some sort of glittery eye crayon from Barry M – no I don’t know why I thought that was a good look either – and it was literally the biggest nightmare to sharpen. Blue glitter err’where).

Then we get onto the actual application of the product. And my overall opinion can be summed up in the following noise: meeeeeeeh. 

PS Lip Crayon 3The colour payoff actually looks much better on my hand than it does on the lips. To be honest, it’s barely noticeable once on. Obviously it’s a lip gloss crayon so it’s a much more sheer formula than we’re used to with a lot of other lip crayons on the market right now. And in defence of the product, it does feel smooth and glossy to apply, and leaves a sheen. However, it’s certainly not as glossy as a proper gloss (has the word ‘gloss’ started to look like a made-up word to anyone else by now?) and if I’m honest the staying power is minimal.

Overall I think this is one of those hybrid products that doesn’t quite hit the mark in either things it’s trying to achieve. I’d be intrigued to see whether the other colours in the range offer a stronger colour payoff, but won’t particularly be rushing out to buy one with my own money. I know they’re only £1.50, but I can buy like, three Greggs sausage rolls for that (maybe even four if they’ve got an offer on).

It’s rare for me to say anything bad about Primark, but even lion cubs are probably little shits sometimes.

Have any of you tried the lip gloss crayons from Primark? What do you think?

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Primark ‘PS Love’ £2 Volumising Mascara | Review

PS Love 1Everybody who knows me knows that I love Primark, A LOT. In fact, if I ever turn up on the missing persons’ list then the first place people should check is my local store, as the chances are I could have just been crushed by a pile of jeans, or be in the changing rooms trapped inside a dress (which yes, has happened to me – twice…)

Anywho, Primark have been gradually expanding their collection over the last couple of years. By stocking a range of beauty products, from fake tan and eyelashes to face wipes and moisturisers, they were certainly becoming a one-stop for all of those ‘popping into town for a few bits’ needs. This goal seems even closer to being achieved now with this month’s release of their brand new beauty range, PS Love. With prices ranging from just £1 – £2.50 and including false nails, lip crayons, eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow palettes and more, they’re seriously reaching out to the cheap and cheerful shoppers out there.

PS Love 2OBVIOUSLY I couldn’t resist trying at least one item from the range (even though makeup from anywhere other than Boots or Superdrug makes me anxious), so opted for the Volumising Mascara in Ultra Black. I’m a huge mascara fan (and you can click here to read our other mascara reviews) so was intrigued to see what Primark were putting their name to and whether it could deliver for just £2.

PS Love 3Firstly, I was quite happy when I opened it to find the brush is a plastic one. These are definitely my preferred type of wand, as I find they separate my lashes much better than fibre brushes. It’s also nice and chunky, which bodes well for the volumising claims. Other than that, it’s quite a crude brush (by which I mean it’s very basic in design, not that it tells saucy jokes). We’ve grown used to a mascara market saturated with bendy, curly and twisted wands that are designed to catch each and every lash, so using something as no-frills as this definitely feels a little weird and you have to go quite steady to avoid a) making a total mess and b) taking an eye out.

However, once on the formula of the Primark mascara is actually pretty good. The ‘Ultra Black’ claims are 100% founded – it really is black. It also goes on nicely; not too wet like some mascaras but also doesn’t feel like it’s clumping your lashes together. The best part for me is that it lasts really well, with no flaking throughout the day – and it really does stay VERY black.

PS Love 6So what’s my overall opinion? At the end of the day, the Benefit team aren’t going to be losing any sleep over the PS Love mascara knocking They’re Real off the top spot or anything; but for just £2 this really isn’t bad. In fact, it’s better than a fair few drugstore mascaras that I’ve paid four times as much for. Even if you only pick one up to keep as a spare, I would say it’s definitely worth the money.

Have any of you tried this, or any of the PS Love range yet? What do you think?

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