A Tale of Two Hoes: The Birth of A Blogging Duo

Since Claire and I will be making our merry way to London for the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards tomorrow (yes, we are excited and are permanently singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea), I thought that I would tell you all about the beautiful story of when we met. You might want to gather your tissues and prepare yourself for an emotional journey that will ultimately leave you changed and uplifted, just a warning.

It was a sunny day in 2009…

As two girls who now work in digital, its unsurprising that we met in the thoroughly modern way people seem to these days: Facebook. We’d both applied and got into the University of Birmingham and were about to start on the same course, so I did the stalker thing of adding Claire on Facey so that I wasn’t a tragic loser with no mates when term started.

Fun fact, I thought she was really rich and fancy because it looked like she had a walk in wardrobe in her profile pic. It turned out it was just her mates messy bedroom and I soon found out that she was actually a fellow Lambrini drinking lunatic like myself. Thank god.

PicMonkey Collage1

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Becoming uni wankers…

After bonding over inappropriate jokes, we started sitting together at lectures, going out and generally living theĀ embarrassing uni life. First year is a bit of a blur of a terrible lack of eyebrows, drunkenly trying to break into people’s flats (why I ask you) and drinking a lot of tea and/or Glenns. While I’m sure we had a wonderful time, it makes me sad looking back at the horrible fancy dress and how excited we were about going out. Still, we became firm pals and moved in together in second year. And then I got a job where Claire worked. And slowly, we merged into one weird freckled/blonde bobbed monster.

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The afterlife…

After we graduated, we were cruelly torn about by real life. I moved back in with my parents and Claire started a jazzy new job in the media. Not happy to stay away for too long though, Claire wangled me a job at her agency and I moved down to Coventry – where we moved in together again. After a couple of months, we decided to start blogging together (in for a penny and all that) and now even strangers call us Clauren.

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Well. I just realised how boring this post actually is and that our story of friendship is actually horrifically dull. Oh well. There have been some brilliant highs (virtually everyday) and a few lows (when Claire woke up with a pie on her face, and when I lay in a pile of my own sick on her 21st birthday), but most of all we are just happy that we managed to stay friends through some frankly terrible outfits and still manage to spend more than 8 hours together everyday and not even slightly feel like killing each other.

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