Relaxed Italian Dining at Bardolino Birmingham | Review

If you’re looking for something a bit fancy in Birmingham, The Cube is the place to be. Overlooking the canal and with panoramic views of the city, it’s home to a four-star hotel, luxe gym and a select few bars and restaurants. At the top of The Cube, you’ll find the iconic Marco Pierre White’s (a place I’m still yet to actually visit despite dropping many, many hints to friends, family and James for approx three years); but a few weeks ago I was treated to one of The Cube’s lesser-known delights that’s tucked away on the first floor: Bardolino*.

Bardolino is also a Marco Pierre White restaurant, but offers a more relaxed dining experience than the Steakhouse on the top floor. It has more of a pizzeria vibe, which was perfect for me as we visited the afternoon before my (first ever, no biggie, I don’t want to go on about it) 10k run. I was ready to be CARBED UP – and Bardolino didn’t disappoint. View Full Post

I Finally Had Lip Fillers…

If you know me out in the ol’ real world, then you’ll probably know I’ve spoke about having lip fillers for about four years. No exaggeration. But like a lot of things – learning to bake or committing to an ab routine, for example – it was starting to seem like one of those things I wasn’t ever really going to get round to doing. View Full Post

A Boujee Evening at The Lyttleton Arms, Stourbridge | Review

There aren’t many things that can motivate me to leave my bed the afternoon after coming home from a trip. Normally this time would be dedicated to moping, usually hungover from both alcohol and food, and only using energy to edit holiday photos for the ‘gram. Last week, however, I landed back in the UK from Dubrovnik at 1am Wednesday morning, and was heading out again by 5pm. The one thing that could tempt me? Food, of course.

The Lyttleton Arms in Stourbridge has just undergone a major refurbishment and, with a brand new menu launching, I couldn’t resist an invitation to the opening. When it comes to eating out, gastropubs are my actual fave – I love a relaxed pub atmosphere teamed with an extensive menu of high-quality food. The Lyttleton Arms looked to be just that, and with stunning new interiors to enjoy as an added bonus. View Full Post

Trying the Dietbon 7-Day Meal Plan

When it comes to diets and healthy eating, I’ve tried my fair share of weird regimes. Unfortunately in the past, these included meal replacement shake diets and detox teas, two things I’d never recommend now I’m older and wiser(ish). These days, I follow a fairly simple, fad-free diet that consists of a lot of soup, stir frys, and every Quorn product I can get my little sausage fingers on during the week.

Over the weekend, though, my indulgences can be disGUSTingly mammoth (who really shares sharer bags of Malteasers after all? Freaks, that’s who). I’m therefore still interested in anything that can keep me on track during the week, while also allowing me to eat food that I can, y’know, chew. So when Dietbon got in touch earlier this year and offered me a week’s trial run of their weight loss plan, I was intrigued to give it a go. View Full Post

Conquering my Fears (Lol JK) at Go Ape Coventry

In my last post, I spoke about bucket lists and how there is nothing remotely interesting on mine. This wasn’t a joke – I genuinely don’t think I have one thrill-seeking bone in my body (my bones prefer lying in bed watching Netflix). This is why when I was offered the chance to do a bungee jump a couple of years ago, it was a firm no. I mean, I’m all for trying new things, but do I want to die? No thanks. However, when I was recently invited along to review the new Go Ape experience in Coventry, I decided that was something me and my bones could probably just about handle.

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Sketch London Afternoon Tea Review: WTF?!

Most bucket lists are filled with impressive achievements, like running a marathons or skydiving. Mine are much more basic – I basically just want to see The Lion King musical and stay in a hotel room with a freestanding copper bath – but nevertheless it’s always great when you get to tick one off (with a scented gel pen, natch). Last month, I got to do just that by finally going for afternoon tea at Sketch, London. View Full Post

6 Style Staples for SS19

It’s felt like a long time coming, but finally – SPRING HAS SPRUNG (kind of, anyway – the odd chilly morning is still ruining my vibe but I think if we ignore them they’ll go away). Last year I put together my SS18 style staples in May, but this year I’m even more ahead of the game and have been scouting out my favourite bits for the last few weeks. Here are the six trends and pieces I’ll be embracing for 2019… View Full Post

Laura Ashley Tea Rooms, Coventry: Afternoon Tea Review

Laura Ashley afternoon tea reviewA wise woman once said “There is no better way to spend an afternoon than with a good friend and afternoon tea”. Okay it wasn’t a wise woman; it was me. But still, I think they’re wise words and unless I come up with anything more profound then I would be happy enough with them as my epitaph.

Because I so strongly believe the above to be true, I was too excited last week when I was invited along to visit the new Laura Ashley tearoom in Coventry. After all, surely the only thing that can improve a normal afternoon tea experience is the added bonus of quaint Laura Ashley decor and styling.  View Full Post

A Night in Bristol with Red Letter Days

It’s no secret that I’m not exactly the most well-travelled gal (despite what I’d like to make you believe when lashing on four layers of fake tan). However one thing that’s pretty bad, even by my standards, is how much of the UK I’m yet to visit. Luckily, I was able to tick one place off my ‘need-to-stop-being-so-lazy-and-go-there’ list towards the end of last year, when I headed to the lovely city of Bristol.

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