How to Get Chopstick Curls

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to my hair, I pretty much have 2 styles: straight, or mostly straight with some loose waves towards the bottom. Adventurous. So when I saw that my Sapphire curling wand from Irresistable Me* had a really thin attachment for chopstick curls, I was intrigued. I’ve seen these tiny curls on plenty of bloggers and celebs, and liked the idea of sashaying round with an 80s style faux perm. I didn’t really know how to actually do chopstick curls, so I just followed the below steps and – by gum – I think it worked (kind of).

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Kingfisher Autumn/Winter Beauty Haul

Autumn/Winter Beauty Haul 2016As you may know, I split my shopping time equally between Coventry and Birmingham – Coventry because I live here, and Birmingham because I sometimes get the urge to visit a River Island that is bigger than the average sized kitchen (seriously Cov, sort it out). ANYWAY, while I do generally stick to these two locations, sometimes I like to switch it up a bit by checking out other shopping centres in the local area – and this weekend, I got to tick another one of the list as I was invited along to the Kingfisher shopping centre in nearby Redditch.

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Gemporia Review


As I creep ever closer to my 26th birthday, I’m starting to reflect on the fact that – contrary to what my chubby lil’ cheeks would imply – I’m actually getting older. And as I am getting older, there’s an increasing number of things that I am OVER, that cause me to get all “ain’t nobody got time for that!” The list of things that I no longer have time for includes (but is not limited to): the Daily Mail sidebar, heels that squash my toes, trying to make halter necks suit me aaaand rings that turn my finger green. Yes, important stuff.

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Chi Kitchen Birmingham: Alternative Afternoon Tea | Review

Chi Kitchen Birmingham Afternoon Tea | ReviewIf you know me then you’ll know I love afternoon tea and I’ll honestly never get sick of teeny tiny sarnies and cakes. However, I do get how some people might find them a bit samey after a while, so when I was asked to review this rather different afternoon tea in Birmingham, I was very intrigued. Pan-Asian restaurant Chi Kitchen now offer a unique Asian Afternoon Tea, and I popped along last weekend to try it out.

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Better Together | Current Favourite Product Combos


I feel like us beauty fans are always on the quest for the one perfect product. The one foundation that will have amazing coverage but still leave a luminous finish; the one mascara that will add length, volume and flutterability; the one-sweep wonder lipstick that’ll be highly pigmented but still light on the lips and maybe even bring peace to the middle east. But recently I’ve gone for a slightly different tactic – why not combine two good products for one perfect finish? View Full Post

Johnny Loves Rosie | Blogger Breakfast

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love blogging. I love breakfast. So when Johnny Loves Rosie invited me to a bloggers’ breakfast at the lovely Cote Brasserie in The Mailbox I RSVPd faster than you can say “shovel all of the carbs into my mouth, please and thank you”. I already knew a little bit about jewellery brand Johnny Loves Rosie after seeing them on ASOS, but I was looking forward to finding out more – while hanging out with some of my favourite Birmingham blogger baes, of course.

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