Autumn/Winter 2014 Mini Trend: Blanket Scarves

This year is the year that I can be truly happy. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been wanting to go out in public in a blanket for some time. There have been so many cinema trips, train journeys and general outdoor pursuits that could have been vastly improved if I had only had a blanket with me. And this year, I can actually do this without being horrifically judged and/or mistaken for a tramp. And sweet Lord, it is good.

I can say without hesitating that blanket scarves are going to change my life. Not only do they look really, really adorbs but they also look incredibly comfy. In fact, just last night I was having a lovely chat on Twitter about how they are possibly going to make this winter the cosiest time in the entire world. So, while I am desperately waiting for winter to arrive (piss off Indian summer), I’ve put together a little wish list of blanket scarves that I need to get in my life. Pronto.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 08.54.17

ASOS Fringed Blanket Cape | New Look Blanket Wrap | New Look Dogtooth Blanket|

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 09.06.28

Topshop Blanket Coat | Red Blanket Cape New Look | Aztec Print Blanket Cape

New Look seems to be the place to go for blanket capes this autumn/winter! They have such beautiful prints and capes, and I really think they are upping their game on the jacket/coat front this year. They’re not too pricey either, around the £20 mark, so won’t break the bank. I was going to try and pick my favourite, but I LOVE THEM ALL.

Happy blanketing!

Which are your favourites? Are you going to be rocking the blanket cape this autumn/winter?

Topshop Autumn/Winter 2014 Preview

Hi there folks,

I’m not sure about y’all, but this chilly weather has made me think that summer is well and truly done with. I’m quite pleased actually, since I am very tired of seeing people’s holiday snaps on Twitter and thinking ‘what on earth am I doing in England, I am giving up this shit to become a wine maker drinker in Italy’. Cheers Hurricane Bertha.

On the plus side, not having to think about any form of bikini body has meant I have been able to nibble/shovel cake at work without a care in the world. There is a silver lining to everything.

So, I figured now is the time to do a few more autumn/winter previews, which I hope you chicks who have no holiday to look forward to will appreciate too.

As pretty basic bitches when it comes to finances, it’s not often that Claire and I splash out on Topshop, but it still holds a dear place in our hearts. Sometimes, when I feel like I need a bit of a cheer up, I like popping into Toppers and subsequently get chucked out for accidentally drooling on a pile of clothes. So clearly, it was hugely necessary for me to have a nice perv on the Topshop autumn/winter collection – which is FIERCE by the way.


Cara has been named as the face of Topshop’s autumn/winter collections and by all that is holy, she looks AMAZING. I’m pleased to see a bit of leopard print making an appearance – which as you will have guessed, is one of Stylingo’s passions (aside from drinking tea and discussing the fine points of trap music).







She is so sassy. I’m loving virtually all of these pieces, and looking forward to winter coming, so I can stroll around in a big fur coat, heels and no trousers on. I’m liking how grungey everything seems to be, although that’s not a big surprise, since winter always brings grungier stuff (why is anyone ever surprised that black, dark colours and big coats are a thing in winter I don’t know).

Topshop have also released a few non-Cara snaps, which all look excellent too.




I am particularly keen to wear what looks like a big blanket out. I’m guessing for the skint girls such as myself, it will be acceptable to nip to the shops with a duvet slung around my shoulders. Huzzah.

What do you think of the Topshop autumn/winter 2014 collections?