What Is An LVL Lash Lift? Review & Results

Beauty blogger reviewing LVL lash liftAs you might know if you’re a long-term follower, I’ve always been a fan of beauty treatments and procedures that can be seen as a bit ‘extra’. Hair extensions and acrylic nails have been a staple part of my very being since I was about 20, and I’ve dabbled in Hollywood lashes, dermal fillers and microblading. I suppose this makes it a bit surprising that I’ve just tried LVL lashes for the first time – really, where have I been? And why was I there with such stubby, rubbish lashes when I could have been WERKing these beauties?!

I’ve been super-intrigued by LVL lash lifts for quite a long time. They promise curled, darker eyelashes without the need for falsies and are a fave amongst celebs and bloggers alike. So when the lovely Kirsty from Serenity Beauty got in touch about me paying her a visit, I couldn’t resist trying a lift out.

I popped along for my patch test – an essential step to make sure you won’t have a reaction – and then a couple of days later re-visited Kirsty in her gorgeous beauty room in Solihull. I had the full run down of what the LVL lift involved and what results I could hopefully expect.

What is an LVL lash lift?

The LVL lash lift was created by Nouveau Lashes, and it’s a treatment that both straightens and tints your natural lashes to make them look longer and more voluminous. It stands for Length, Volume and Lift – who wouldn’t want a bit of that in their lives?

LVL Lash Lift ResultsHow does it work?

There are several stages to the lash lift, and all in all the treatment takes around 45 minutes. First, your lashes are fully cleansed and prepped ready for the treatment, with some sticky pads being applied underneath your eyes to protect your lower lashes.

Next, your upper lashes are pressed onto a silicone shield and one of the lifting solutions is applied to hold them in place. You can choose from several different sized shields, depending on how dramatic a lift you want. I obviously went for the one that would produce the strongest results, which I think was the smaller shield.

Once your lashes are held in place against the shield, several more solutions are applied. These include a lifting balm and another to help repair the broken bonds of the lashes (which helps them to retain the new shape they’ve been put into). Finally, the lashes are tinted while still on the shield. Again, there’s a choice of tint colours so that you can have a look completely bespoke to you – yep, darkest for me, natch.

Results from LVL lash liftYour lashes can then be gently lifted from the shield and voila, your new lashes are here. I was SO impressed with my results, which you can see above. My lashes were darker and curled, and looked so much longer. I’m not wearing mascara in any of the photos in this post, FYI.

How long will the results last?

Kirsty told me that a lash lift will last on average around six weeks. It’s now been about four weeks since my treatment, and while the dark tint has faded, my lashes are still beautifully lifted and I haven’t touched my eyelash curler since.

Overall I was thrilled with the results of my lash lift, and I’m so happy I finally got it done. As you only need it every six weeks, it’s a fairly low-maintenance treatment that makes a big difference to your everyday look. If you’re local to Solihull, then I would definitely recommend paying Kirsty at Serenity Beauty a visit – you can find her on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her work and get in touch. For all you unlucky enough (heehee) to not be a Midlands resident, it’s important to go to someone properly trained in LVL lashes if you want the same amazing treatment and results. You can find your local LVL therapist on the Nouveau Lashes Salon Finder.

A huge thank you to Kirsty for treating me to my first LVL lash treatment! While I had the treatment in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Jessie November 17, 2018 / 8:46 am

    Wow! You can see such a difference here. I’ve never had this before but would like to try some day! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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