Drugstore Products I’ll Keep Repurchasing

Drugstore Products I'll Keep RepurchasingI admit, when it comes to beauty products, this ho ain’t loyal. One of the major perks of blogging is trying new products and, even when I really love something, it’s never long before a shiny new version comes along that I want to try even more. So if I end up actually buying a product again and again, forsaking all others, then you know it’s a really good one.

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From Bag to Bin: 4 Make-Up Products You Should Avoid

Bad 1Hello there, one and all. Now, if you read us regularly then you’ll know that one thing we really hate is writing negative reviews.

Oops, my bad, I just fell off my chair laughing.

Who am I kidding, we actually never fail to dish the dirt on products that we’re not fans of. Some people don’t like to do this as they think it’s too negative, but we think our reviews come from a place of love. We love our money – what little of it we have, that is – and so we don’t really like parting with it for sub-standard products. And we don’t want you to either, which is why we like to give our honest thoughts.

Of course, with makeup it’s often a case of ‘one man’s treasure is another man’s big pile of poo’  and so what we hate, you may love. With that disclaimer out of the way, here is a little run down of four products we’ve bought in recent months that have left us disappointed. As you can see, some of these have been used a LOT, so we really have persevered with the little bundles of rubbish.

1. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil: Review

Bad 2After lightening my eyebrows a couple of months ago, I needed to invest a new eyebrow pencil in a lighter shade. I don’t use many Maybelline products but definitely trust them as a reliable, established brand, so figured I was playing it safe when I picked up the Master Shape Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde. It’s a wax formula pencil with a wand on the opposite end to brush through your brows with, and the pencil promises to create fine ‘hair-like’ lines for added definition.

However, for me this just did not work. Pigmentation is horrendously poor. I know that it’s not meant to be like other pencils that can be used to literally draw your eyebrows on, but getting any sort of colour payoff on the sparse parts of my eyebrows that needed a bit of filling was almost impossible. The wax formula also means that it’s incredibly greasy and slips easily, so attempting to tidy up the ends of your eyebrows is also really difficult, as it smudges so easily. On top of these problems, you then have the added nightmare of how quickly the pencil itself wears down. Even using the lightest of strokes, it’s still reduced to a stump after just a few applications. If you look at how much of the pencil I’ve sharpened and only after using it a handful of times, you can see that it really wouldn’t last you very long.

The only way that I can see this pencil being of use is if you’ve already got near-perfect eyebrows and just want a product to essentially set them. This, it does – though it leaves a noticeably slick look that I’m not a fan of.

2. Natural Collection Lipstick: Review

Bad 3I have to confess, Natural Collection is a brand that I’ve never been too inspired by. The packaging is a little meh, the products all look a little meh, even the name is a little meh (definitely lost us at ‘Natural’ I’m afraid, eww). However after reading a sparkling review of their lipsticks on another blog, I started to think maybe there was something not-meh about them after all. I love nudes and pale pinks, and Natural Collection is full of them, so for only £2, I was willing to give one a go.

I can’t even tell you what shade this is, possibly ‘pale meh’ or ‘meh blossom’ or ‘candy meh’. Whatever the heck it is, it’s thoroughly useless for me. Pigmentation is weak, staying power is weak, oh and the lipstick actually broke in half – making it physically weak too. Perhaps there are other shades in the range that are better, but personally nothing about this lipstick has made me intrigued to try any more of them. I’d consider it giving it to my 6 year old niece as something to play with, but I think even she’d ask me where my head was buying this.

3. Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara: Review

Bad 4This cosmetic complaint comes courtesy of Lauren. The Borjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Holiday mascara (jeez, want to get any more pointless words in there?) promises 10 times more volume and 24 hours of waterproof joy, perfect for holidaying and hobnobbing about. Unfortunately Lauren found it to be a bit of a dud. The wand is clumpy and fails to separate or define lashes, while the formula is actually very thin and so doesn’t deliver on the volumising promise either. While it doesn’t leave a horrible effect on the lashes or create any problems with flaking or smudging, it’s generally just not very good either.

Considering this came free in a gift set after spending over £15  on Bourjois products, Lauren doesn’t see it is a product she particularly hates – but those who pay the full £5.99 may be a little more disappointed.

4. MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Bad 5Lauren is somewhat of an expert when it comes to eyebrow kits,  and this one has just failed to live up to her high standards (women, eh). Initially she actually did like it – you can read her review here – but after a longer while of using it, the cons of the product started to show up more starkly.

As Lauren already explained in her review, the highlighter , gel and brush were all difficult to work with. On top of this, she soon started to notice that the powder itself wasn’t as good as she initially thought, with it smudging easily or completely disappearing if anything else came into contact with it. Being left with no eyebrows because you accidentally touch your face isn’t really what you want to happen during your day. The pro of this kit remains the tweezers, which are apparently very good quality – however, the rest leaves a lot to be desired. It looks as if the product might actually have been discontinued now, and to that I think we all say GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD BROWS.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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The Best Smokey Eye Palettes for Under £20

Hello hooligans,

There’s nothing more exciting to me than a smokey eye palette. Apart from maybe biscuits and a nice cup of tea. And potentially when there is a new Catfish episode on. But you know…smokey eyes are definitely up there.

I’ve collected quite a few palettes over the years, but these are the ones that I am regularly using at the moment. As regular readers of our blog will probably know, we’re quite the keen beans for cheap and cheerful makeup. Sometimes cheaper brands can be a bit more of a miss than hit, but when you find the gems – they’re definitely worth spending your pennies on (and I mean pennies in the literal sense).

Aaaaanywhoo, these are what I think are the best smokey eye palettes for under £20. If you accidentally have spent all of your money on mince pies and Chrizzy pressies for ungrateful rellies (shortening words, all the cool kids are doing it), then you may want to continue reading. And for under £20…you may as well just buy them all and treat your eyelids to a smokin’ good time.

Eyeshadow Palettes


The Bodyshop Smoky Eye Palette – £15.00

The Bodyshop makeup is genuinely really good quality and everything that I’ve owned has been top notch. This palette is my favourite of these four and it’s my go-to for when I go out and pardy. It comes in four shades, with one gold cream shadow. What I like most is that the darkest shade is matte – I’m not a big fan of looking like a disco ball on every occasion. Even the shimmer shades are quite subtle and the pigmentation is excellent and the staying power is fabulous. The palette also comes with brushes, but typically I have lost them both. Whoops.


Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio – £7.99

This little palette has loads of brilliant reviews and I actually received it as a part of the EXCELLENT free gift that I blogged about here. This one is in Gris Dandy and has three lovely gun metal silvery shades. I’m usually not a big fan of silver based smokey eye colours because browns tend to suit my complexion better, but this one is worth making a compromise for. The pigmentation is brilliant and it has amazing staying power. My only criticism of it is that it doesn’t include a highlighter shade, which I like to have in a palette.


Elf Natural Beauty Book – £6.00

If you can get over the sheer size of this palette, it’s actually very good. They did not lie when they said it was a book, I can tell you that chums. It’s not entirely necessary…they do have some fun information about how to apply the eyeshadow, but let’s all be honest. Anyone with fingers and/or hands can apply a smokey eye. It also comes with an eye primer, which I don’t have anything to say about really. It’s ok, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything too special. The brushes were a bit crap too, but palette brushes tend to be a bit pointless. The pigmentation is good and I particularly like the shade range. It’s a good one for daytime!

Natural Palette

Collection Smokey Eye Palette – £4.19

I did a full review on this palette, which you can read all about here. This is a great little palette, particularly if you’re just foraying into smokey eye territory and don’t want to commit to a more expensive eyeshadow kit. There’s a good shade selection and the pigmentation is really good for what you pay.


SO CHUMS. If you are a poverty stricken human being or simply just want to add to your makeup collection without spending too many dollar bills, you may find these a bit exciting. I really like them and my fave would look WUBBISH without spreading these on my eyeballs (by that I mean eyelids. I’m not mad).

What’s your favourite smokey eye palette? Have you tried any of these?

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Radiance Powder Review

Good day to you fine ladies.

Who else gets a bit overwhelmed and excited about free gifts when it comes to makeup? I may or may not have shouted ‘FREE GIFT’ and grabbed the nearest products when I went to Boots recently. And those products happened to be the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and Bourjois Mineral Radiance powder. The free gift was amazing (worth £30 with full size products), so I wont be offended if you stop reading this review and leg it to your nearest Boots to invest.


I know there are loads of reviews for the Healthy Mix foundation and a lot of bloggers absolutely rave about it, so I was really keen to give it a go and see what all of the fuss was about. Without further ado (there is always so much ado), here we go:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


My usual foundation routine involves slapping as much product as I can on my face and hoping for the best. In fact, I tend to wear so much that strangers who feel like the need a bit of extra coverage may as well stroll up and take a scoop off my face. Saying that, I have been slowly trying to alter my habits and wear less – so I was a keen egg to see what Bourjois could do for me.

I bought the Healthy Mix in Dark Beige (or beige fonce – oooer). Here’s what it looks like swatched and blended.


The Healthy Mix foundation promises to:

  • Give a healthy glow.
  • Give a flawless complexion
  • Hydrate
  • Give luminous skin
  • Provide fruit therapy
  • Last for 16 hours

I can safely say that my skin usually has none of these things (especially fruit therapy. Although I can see why my apples might feel a bit depressed, I do tend to leave them to go off in the fridge in favour of biscuits).

Overall, I think that the Healthy Mix foundation delivers as much as it possible can with my skin. I’m never going to have lovely flawless, radiant skin but this foundation tries its best. I find it has great coverage, I don’t have to use too much product and it also lasts brilliantly. I wouldn’t say I quite look luminous, but it definitely gives me a fresh feeling and also feels brilliantly weightless. Overall, top marks for Bourjois. I can see why our #bblogger pals love it so much.

Bourjois Mineral Radiance Powder


This was a bit of an impulse grab. I needed a new powder and wanted a free gift soooo…

However I’m actually really loving this! I’ve heard it’s a good dupe for Mac’s pressed powder and some beauty bloggers even claim it lasts a lot longer. I’ve not tried the Mac alternative, but overall I’m very very happy. I bought the Mineral Radiance Pressed Powder in shade 02 Vanillé. Swatching just wasn’t working out for me, but I hope you can see the shade alright from the pictures.

The packaging is sturdy, so if you’re cack handed and an idiot like I am – you’ll be happy to know that it would be very difficult to smash this powder in your handbag. It also comes with a mirror and a powder sponge, of which the powder sponge is a bit useless (does anyone use these?!) but the mirror is very handy.

What is most noticeable about the pressed powder is the smell. It’s absolutely gorgey. It smells a bit vanilla-ish but also a perfume that I can’t quite place. I know putting perfumes on your face probably isn’t a good thing, but as our dear pal Drizzy would say, yolo. I have been spending many an hour just sitting at my desk sniffing this pot of joy.

In terms of actually powdering my face, it works very well. It lasts me around 4-5 hours before I need to reapply, which is actually very good considering I have a horribly oily complexion. The colour range is ok but there are only 4 shades to choose from. Saying that, they should match most skin tones. Overall, it may not be one I’ll purchase every time I need a new powder (at £9.99, it’s not the cheapest powder), but it’s well and truly on my list of favourites.

What do you guys think? Have you tried the Healthy Mix foundation or the Mineral Radiance pressed powder? Let us know your thoughts!

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Bourjois Bronzing Primer | Review & Contouring

Hello chums.

Well here I am again, legging it after the bandwagon because I have well and truly missed it.

On a recent shopping trip, I nipped into Boots and decided there was nothing in life I needed more than some kind of bronzing cream with which to contour. After watching Laura Leigh’s (from Belle’s Boutique) contouring tutorial (in which she used Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate), I have been a-hankering after a cream to use with my foundation – instead of using highlighter/bronzer after powdering. After sneaking around Boots wondering if such a highstreet product existed, I had a stroke of wizarding genius. BOURJOIS BRONZING PRIMER*


I have read so many blogs that have reviewed the Bourjois Bronzing Primer and most have raved about it. But I have to say, it’s completely baffled me why you would want a primer that bronzes your face too. Fine if you are a gal who just wears primer out (do any lunatics actually do this?), but for us gals who like to trowel on foundation with gay abandon – WHAT IS LE POINT? 

So I decided to be a maverick and use this product for something it wasn’t meant for. ‘Pardon and what?!’ I hear you say. Yes, that is correct; I don’t play by anyone’s rules, not even my own.

I figured that because it was cream based, bronze in colour – it would do the job that Laura Leigh’s Tom Ford product did so brilliantly. AND WAS I RIGHT OR WAS I RIGHT?!


As you can see, this is quite an orange product. I would suggest that if you don’t slap on St Moriz like the Fake Tan Fuhrer is after you, it might be a bit too orangey for pale skin. However, I am permanently an orange, glowing beacon of hope ridiculousness – so the colour is perfecto.

I won’t bore anyone too much with how I went about contouring. In brief, I stippled product onto my hairline, cheekbones, nose and chin. I blended vair well (to avoid looking like I had tried and failed at lion fancy dress) and added highlighter. Watch Laura’s vlog for the full how-to, she’s much better at it than I am.


And this was the result. Not too shabby for my first attempt at cream contouring and I’m pleased with how the Bourjois Bronzing Primer performed in it’s second role. I’m sure there’s a joke here about being a poor, single mother working two jobs to survive but unfortunately I can’t quite reach it. My look is much more subtle than Laura’s, but as I’m off for luncheon and it is only 11am, I didn’t want to look too mad.

The Bronzing Primer retails at £9.99 if any of you gals are interested.

*They also do a bronzing cream. Which was right next to the primer at Boots. Do not question my logic, I have none.

What do you all thnk? Tempted to try using this as a contouring product?

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