Brand Showcase | Shop Jeen

Hi folks and brilliant people,

Every now and then, Claire and I enjoy showcasing some of our favourite brands and new finds. I don’t know about you fabulous folks, but I love discovering new brands (and by new, I mean new to me. I’m usually lagging behind the bandwagon pretty spectacularly) and new places to shop. Last week, I was doing my usual ‘OH GOD, I can’t cope with work anymore let me waste 5 minutes pretending to do ‘research’ online’. And while I was doing “research”, I came across my new favourite brand in the whole entire world: Shop Jeen.

So, a little about Shop Jeen before I launch into my favourite products on the site. It was started by 20 year old Erin Yogasundram, who dreamed of starting her own boutique inspired by the internet. Yes gals, Shop Jeen is inspired by things like cats, Ryan Gosling and all of those memey type things that all the kids are getting involved in these days. I have to say, I am SUPER inspired by Erin, and I love that she’s created a startup like this from scratch – big up to the girl bosses am I right?!

Shop Jeen

Macaron Crop Top | Unicorn Backpack Tee 

Shop Jeen 2

Fuck What You Heard Tee | Like Kanye Tee

I’ll let all of you fine mommas browse the clothes yourself, because if I included everything that I liked here then we would be here all night an Penguin will have offered me the chance to write my own book on Shop Jeen. While I do love the clothes, it’s the homeware and fankly random bits of nonsense that I absolutely love the most

shop jeen 3

Tyrion Lannister Necklace | I Woke Up Like This Beanie | Cat Backpack | Girls Best Friend Hip Flask |

Shop Jeen 4

Basic Pillow | Good Vibes Only Pillow | OMG No One Cares Pillow | Llama Del Rey Pillow 

Of course, as a true Stylingo girl, this stuff appeals to me because it is a little bit tacky. But even so, please you scoundrels, if you do anything today PLEASE go and check out Shop Jeen. I will guarantee that you will be as blown away as I am.

What do you think of Shop Jeen?