Brand Showcase: Bug Jewellery by Ellie Ingram

Right you hot mommas, today I am bringing you something a little different to our usual clothes collages/makeup reviews/awkward outfit of the days (at least on my part anyway, Claire looks entirely normal).

I have recently got to know a wonderful girl called Ellie, who lives in Birmingham and also happens to make some of the best jewellery I have ever seen in my whole, entire, tiny life. And that’s not just me being biased. I genuinely haven’t see anything that is this well made or this lovely in a very long time. For that reason and that reason alone, I just had to share with you some of my favourite pieces from her shop, which is called Bug, so that you can see this wonderment for yourself. She is a wizard, is she not?!

All of her jewellery is handmade and designed by Gandalf Ellie herself. I am quite frankly baffled that you can buy a necklace that is in the shape of a working toaster. Complete with moving toast. This is a great world that we live in, and I am happy to be part of one where toaster necklaces exist.

The La La Land Collection

Bug collage

This is my favourite collection, with loads of cute jewellery to do with tea, picnics and kitchen stuff. Literally THE BEST THING EVER. I love the deconstructed tea bracelet the most I think. Check it out here.

The La Discotheque Collection

bug collage 2

This is a unisex collection inspired by electronica…amazing. Bring me that radio necklace, baby jesus. View the collection here.

The Chained Collection

bug collage 3

This is literally the perfect jewellery for summer, who doesn’t love a head chain? That’s right, no one. No one in the history of the world. Bring me toe rings, head chains and cuffs. Now. View the collection here.

If you’re a keen Wolf and Badger fan, you might have already seen some of Ellie’s stuff, which is stocked on the site.

I urge you to visit Bug and take a look at these beauties yourself. You can also follow Bug on Twitter and like Ellie’s Facebook page to keep updated with the stunning things she is creating. HUZZAH. Go now, and godspeed to you all.

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