Outfit of the Day: Primark Drop Waisted Dress

Primark Drop Waisted Dress 2

Primark Drop Waisted Skirt

Primark Drop Waisted Skirt1

Before anyone criticises me too much, I have relatively changed my mind about drop waisted dresses and skirts. I have always been like WHY, WHY DO THESE THINGS EXIST THEY ARE STUPID when it comes to drop waisted things, but now I have changed my mind and decided to love them, c’est la vie.

And the dress that changed my mind is this one. Granted, I bought it when I was slightly merry and had been drinking virtually all day in the delights of Yorkshire, this should have been a total disaster. But I was so pleasantly surprised, and for the price, it is such a great little buy. But how much was it, I hear you asking? WELL. IT WAS FIVE POUNDS. Yes. Five human pounds. This bad boy was a part of the Primark fiver range, which continues to impress me. While the quality isn’t great, for standard dresses that do alright for work and so forth, they really are great. I wore this out when we headed out in Hull for a delightful partay, and it worked really well with heels too.

I’m wearing it today with my favey denim jacket, my ASOS platforms (cough, I never wear these hehe) and a few bits of jewellery I have found lying around my room.

What do you think of this £5 Primark dress? Worth the bargain?
(What a stupid question Lauren, of course it is worth the bargain)