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I feel like us beauty fans are always on the quest for the one perfect product. The one foundation that will have amazing coverage but still leave a luminous finish; the one mascara that will add length, volume and flutterability; the one-sweep wonder lipstick that’ll be highly pigmented but still light on the lips and maybe even bring peace to the middle east. But recently I’ve gone for a slightly different tactic – why not combine two good products for one perfect finish? View Full Post

How to Lighten Your Eyebrows | Smooth Care Review & Results

Eyebrows Bleaching 2As I think I’ve only mentioned, ooh, around thirty times in the past week, I recently decided to bleach my hair. When I told my mum of my decision, her question was the same that it was when I used to bleach my hair from the ages of 17-21 (as in she literally asked me this at least every other month for four years): “Don’t you think you should do something about your eyebrows then?”

Although I always quite liked the contrast of dark brows and glowing-like-a-beacon hair, I decided that this time she may have a point and a lighter look all over could look better this time around.

As always, I took to the internet to search for how to go about lightening my eyebrows. As always, the usual boring people on Yahoo Answers and beauty forums came back with the usual boring answers: go to a salon/get a professional/don’t do it yourself/you’ll go blind/BLAH BLAH BLAH. Some people just don’t have a sense of adventure do they? So then I took to Twitter, and had a few DIY kits recommended to me by you lovely lot (who are altogether much more knowledgeable than the Yahoo Answers Scaredycats).

I assumed I would be looking for something specifically for eyebrows, but instead I had facial hair bleaches recommended to me, which made much more sense. I ended up buying Boots’ own brand Smooth Care Hair Lightener, which cost me just £2.66. Yes, the boy behind the till did have a sneaky look at my upper lip to see if I was rocking a ‘tache, and looked a little disappointed that I wasn’t.

Eyebrow Bleaching 3

Eyebrow Bleaching 5The kit comes with a tube of Hair Lightener, a tube of Accelerator Cream, a pot and a spatula. The instructions are very simple: mix a bit of these together, whack it on the hair you want to lighten, leave for 10 minutes and VOILA. Of course it wasn’t quite a VOILA case with me, as those are instructions to fully bleach the hair and I only wanted to lighten my eyebrows. I therefore decided to check my eyebrows every 30 seconds or so to make sure they weren’t going too light. Oh, and I also put some on my lady-tache (or misstache)  anyway, just to get the most from my money. Here I am looking fit:

Eyebrow Bleaching 4Yes, my thumbs are weird.

After removing a bit to check the colour and dabbing a bit more on a few times, I think the cream was eventually on my eyebrows for about five or six minutes before I decided I was happy enough with the colour. Remember: you can always add more later if you still want them lighter, whereas over-lightening them could leave you  having to faff about fixing them.

So here is how they turned out!

Eyebrows Bleaching 1I’m very very VERY pleased with the results, and consider this to be a victory for DIYers everywhere (didn’t even go blind so HA). I think it’s had quite a big impact on my overall look, with my face looking much softer now that my hair and eyebrows don’t look like they’re fighting on opposite sides of a war. Also, even though it was light before, the worry that you might actually have a moustache is one that can strike you with fear every now and then – usually when you’re on a date – so I’m also happy to know that my misstache is now completely bleached.

The other excellent thing is that I have LOADS AND LOADS of the kit left still, so it’s brilliant value for money if you need to re-apply, or if you want to get all your friends round for some kind of tache-bleaching party (I don’t know what you kids do for fun these days).

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