3 Best Brands of 2017 (So Far…)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, God knows how this happened considering my Christmas dinner feels like it was last week, but we’re now more than halfway through the year. EEK. In order to distract myself from the sheer panic of how quickly time is going (and that I really need to start putting more money into pension, seeing as I’ll be 70 in about two months at this rate), I decided to focus on some of my favourite brand discoveries of the year. Of course there are still five months for me to fall in love with new products, but for now these are my winners of 2017… View Full Post

Hollywood Lashes | Review

I think we all agree that one of the most important things in life is to have a hobby. Some people like knitting, some  have a great passion for tennis, while others enjoy a snorkel every now and then. My hobby, however, is a little different. I, dear readers, like getting various bits of plastic, hair and other materials stuck to me to make my body parts seem longer.

Hollywood LashesYes, on top of my hair extensions and acrylic nails, I have now started branching into the world of semi-permanent false eyelashes. And I’m NEVER going back.

A few months ago you may have seen my review of Angel Eyes Eyelashes, which were my first venture into the world of lash extensions. I was really happy with them, but as that particular technique is only offered in some salons around the country and my nearest was around half an hour away, I didn’t end up getting the infils. However, this summer I had a hectic few months with loads of events including a holiday, hen parties and my sister’s wedding, so I wanted to give falsies another whirl. This time I opted for Hollywood lashes, which are a much more common type of eyelash extensions found in salons all over the UK. I first got them done in  July, and have now had 3 sets applied so feel I’m finally ready to review the whole process properly.

Hollywood Lashes
How do Hollywood lashes work?

Hollywood lashes are applied individually, with each lash being bonded with glue to your existing lashes. There are various lengths and thicknesses available, and your lash technician should be able to advise you on the best ones for you and the effect you want to create. I think I have the thickest lashes but not the longest – my sister had the longest ones fitted once and warned me she couldn’t wear sunglasses because they would literally touch the lens, so I steered clear of this camel way of life and went for a slightly more natural finish. When you first go to get the treatment you should be able to talk through which ones are right for you.

The whole application process takes between 45 minutes to an hour. I didn’t find it remotely uncomfortable; the glue did make my eyes water but my eyes water if there’s a bit of a strong breeze so that’s not surprising. There was no stinging or anything like that though, and the whole process was actually really relaxing.

How long do Hollywood lashes last?

As with things like hair extensions, the length of time Hollywood lashes lasts does vary depending on how well you take care of them. They’re estimated at lasting anywhere between 3-6 weeks, and longer if you get infils, which are recommended every 2-3 weeks. My first set lasted almost perfectly for around 3 weeks, and that included my holiday where they were exposed to heat and sweat. My second set, which I also left for 3 weeks, didn’t last as well but that’s because it was a very stressful few weeks for me and I STARTED TO PICK THEM. Which was stupid and entirely my fault, but it was either pick my lashes or chin a colleague out of frustration, so…

How much do Hollywood lashes cost?

If you find salons in your local area that offer Hollywood lashes, you’ll probably find that prices for a first set are around £40-50, with your infils/maintenance costing around £25. This is obviously pretty pricey and not the sort of thing a lot of us can shell out for every couple of weeks, so, like most treatments like this, I recommend finding someone who does them mobile. Most mobile lash extensionists are likely to have had the same training in applying Hollywood lashes, but will usually charge a lot less. I paid £30 for my first set and only £15 for subsequent maintenance sessions.

HollywoodLashes Before & After


When it comes to finding a mobile lash technician, you can check out Facebook as a lot of them tend to have pages, or you can have a look on Gumtree or Yell. However, whether it’s for a spray tan or nails, I always tend to go with mobile therapists who are recommended to me by a friend, as I think word of mouth is really the best recommendation you can get. The girl that I go to was recommended me to be my sister who had gone to her before, so I knew I was in safe hands (on a side note, if you’re from the Coventry area and would like the name of my Hollywood lash technician then let me know and I can pass on details!)

Can you still wear makeup with Hollywood lashes?

The general advice with Hollywood lashes is that you can still wear mascara and eyeliner, though they should be oil-free products as the oil can loosen the bonds. I personally don’t feel the need to wear mascara over my falsies, as they are thick and dark enough, and also blend very well with my own lashes. When I wear eyeliner I’m just careful with my makeup removal – obviously don’t scrub at your eyes or you’re likely to dislodge lashes or pull them off. I tend to use a cotton bud with an oil-free makeup remover and gently wipe near the lashes.

Are Hollywood lashes worth it?

In a word, YES. I would definitely recommend them for holidays, as they’re great for making you look a little less tragic on no-makeup, hair-scraped-up-by-the-pool days; and also perfect for the evening when you don’t want to faff about with eyelash glue and just want to drink vodka on the balcony.

I know some people may think it’s too high maintenance to carry on getting them done after a holiday or special occasion, but I still think they’re worth it in everyday life. I genuinely adore my lashes now; they make such a difference to my appearance and make me feel more groomed, without looking too over-the-top. Here’s a snap of my lashes just before my sister’s wedding –

10377525_10153153443957786_7770707652727420089_nThis set had actually already been fitted for 2 weeks at this point and were in need of maintenance,  but you can see what a difference they still made.

I’m 100% converted to semi-permanent false eyelashes, but what do you think?

Primark False Eyelashes in ‘Sultry’ | Review

Primark Lashes 4Two of my main loves in life: Primark and false eyelashes. So I was beyond shocked when I found out that Primark are now selling their own range of lashes that I knew nothing about. Ever the dedicated blogger, I picked up a couple of pairs on my last trip to town and gave them a whirl at the weekend. There a few variations to choose from; I bought the above ‘Sultry Lashes’ as well as a pair of ‘Natural Lashes’ (I know this doesn’t sound like me, I think know I’m getting old and boring). The Sultry Lashes, believe it or not, weren’t the longest or thickest ones available so those of you who are dedicated to the proper Camel Lash might want to give the next size up a try. These are perfect for me though, as I always prefer slightly feathery false eyelashes, and ones that criss-cross over like this are a particular fave.

I’m definitely not snobby when it comes to lashes – although we all accept that Eylure are the metaphorical dog’s cojones, at a fiver a go they get mighty pricey. I therefore dabble quite a lot in cheaper alternatives from brands such as Brit Rocks which retail more around the £3 mark. These Primark ones though were just £1. Yes you read that right – ONE ENGLISH POUND STERLING. This is unbelievably cheap and so to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a huge amount from them. And guess what, dear readers and strange people of the world? I was so pleasantly surprised!

Tell-tale signs of cheaper lashes usually include a very thick, plasticky band and a very shiny finish. These factors are both pleasingly absent from the Primark lashes. The band is nice and thin, making them easy to glue down, and the lashes themselves are as feathery and flexible as more expensive brands. The lashes came with their own adhesive, but I think it’s the glue that often lets cheaper makes down. I shunned the included bottle in favour of my big bottle of Eylure glue, which I really recommend buying if you’re a regular lash wearer. Just don’t let any idiot pals like Lauren near it – the distress that I felt when she shattered my bottle by dropping it on the apartment floor in Kavos last year is something I’ve never quite got over (much like the fact that we even went to Kavos, but again that’s me being old and boring).

Primark Lashes

Primark Lashes 3

Have any of you tried the false eyelashes from Primark? What did you think?

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