Autumn/Winter Beauty Bundle Giveaway





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We have decided that summer has passed, autumn is basically here and that winter is well and truly on the way. In fact, we have been freezing our bottoms off quite frequently recently. We have nearly been forced to put the heating on (WHAT, IT IS SEPTEMBER). So, what better way to numb the pain of the passing of summer than to treat you all to a giveaway? Yes, we admit, the main reason we are running it is because we went and spent too much money in Boots and decided that the only way to make ourselves feel less terrible would be to give some of it away.

That being said, these incredible products are the tip top way to update your face for the new season, so without further ado…here’s what we are possibly sending your way.

  • Barry M Smokin’ Hot Shadow and Blush Palette
  • New Apocolips Matte Lip Velvet in 307 Meteoric Matte
  • New Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Chai
  • New Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Plum
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner in Black Laquer
  • Two slabs of Galaxy chocolate (because if you can’t get a bit chubby in winter, when can you?

Good luck, you sexy thangs.

Giveaway: #HolidayEssentials with Intellicig

Giveaway 1In 3 weeks time I’ll be lounging by the pool in Tenerife, sipping on a cocktail – and believe me, dear readers, when I say that this thought is the sole thing that has stopped me from mass slaughtering my colleagues this past week. Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks.

Thankfully, the lovely people at Intellicig have sent me this amazing Holiday Essentials kit to take away with me on my holibobs, and what’s MORE exciting is that they’re giving our readers the chance to win one too. Just receiving this has already made me feel one step closer to that Pina Colada, so if you’re also off on holiday anytime soon then I strongly suggest you enter this giveaway to perk yourself up too!Giveaway 2 Giveaway 3The kit contains:

  • Accessorize beach bag worth £29
  • Accessorize sunglasses case
  • Inflight Comfort Kit including eye mask, neck pillow and earplugs
  • underwater disposable camera (let’s be honest, these give you the best holiday photos)
  • worldwide travel adaptor
  • luggage tag

To enter the giveaway, just take a look at the Rafflecopter below. The more things you do the more entries you get! And to find out more about Intellicig and their #HolidayEssentials campaign, you can visit their site here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

One Month Birthday Giveaway!


Good morning chicas! That might have been a bit enthusiastic for a Monday morning, sorry – but I am enthused! This is because, to celebrate Stylingo officially being up and running for almost a month now, Lauren and I have decided to launch our first giveaway. We’re still very much in the early stages of blogging life (although it has already taken over our minds enough that we now justify all of our purchases with ‘well, at least we can blog about it’) but would like to say a huge thanks to any readers we currently have and anybody following and showing support on Twitter. It can be hard just starting out blogging, as you put so much effort and time into posts and then wonder whether anyone is reading, or if you’re the blogging equivalent of one of those people you see talking to themselves at the bus stop in town.

So, for our little giveaway we are offering:


Eylure False Lashes
We’ve long been fans of false eyelashes and know there aren’t many girls who don’t swear by these for a night out. Eylure are definitely our first choice when it comes to getting a new pair, so we’re giving away this gorgeous set. We’re HUGE lovers of Sex and the City, so chose lashes from this range to also celebrate the fact that the show was fifteen years old last week (where oh where would we be without it?) This is the ‘Carrie’-inspired pair; whether that means that you will wear them and automatically start being the most selfish member of your friendship group, spouting things in a witty tone that actually don’t make any sense, and cheat on a beautiful reliable man such as Aiden with an awful old geezer called Big I DO NOT KNOW. But. They are very pretty, right?


MUA nail varnishes
MUA is a big hit with the blogging community right now due to their extremely purse-friendly prices and pleasantly surprising good quality. We thought we’d throw in a few bits from this brand, starting with these two gorgeous nail polishes. They’re in shades ‘Bold Blue’ and ‘Moody Mink’ – they’re actually a bit lighter than these pictures show, and the blue in particular will be gorgeous for summer nails.

GiveawayLipglossMUA Sheer Finish lipgloss
Originally I wanted to get some of those famous £1 lipsticks for the giveaway, but alas, they are so famous that the stock was seriously low at Superdrug. So instead I chose this bright and cheerful Sheer Finish lipgloss in the ‘Happy Days’ shade (one criticism for MUA – who on earth names the shades?).

As well as the lashes and makeup, we’ve also noticed that a lot of you bloggers are far too skinny, and we are jealous and want to sabotage you. So we’re also throwing in some chocolate, including a bar of the new Marvellous Creations from Cadburys (we have tried it and confirm its marvelousness).

To win…

We thought we would keep the giveaway nice and simple, and so to be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is follow us on Twitter – find us at @StylingoUK – and retweet the tweet about the giveaway (of which I’m sure there will be many over the coming days). The winner will be chosen by some random method that we haven’t decided on yet – probably write a list of everyone entered and get a snail to crawl across the page and stop on one – forever glamorous.

To make things SUPER easy, here is the tweet that can you retweet – remember you need to be following us too!

(We’re afraid that the giveaway will be only be open to UK residents, sorry international chums!)