Outfit of the Day: Fluffy Crop & Leather

OOTD 30th D Collage 1Fluffy Crop Jumper: Glamorous / Leather Skater Skirt: eBay (similar here) / Bag: Primark

Okay, so I’m definitely noticing a bit of a habit emerging here with pastel fluffiness and leather (case in point here and here), which I’m very sorry for – but there’s just something about these extremely girly jumpers that cries out to be toughened up with some good old cheap nasty pleather.

This jumper’s my new cropped dream from Glamorous that I snagged at the Clothes Show for a mere £20. Every blogger and her nan seems to currently have one similar, but I can fully understand why. They’re SO cosy and SO comfy and SO FRICKIN’ FLUFFY.

OOTD 30th D Collage 2Rings: Primark / Brogues: Primark (surprise surprise)

I’ve been basking in a few extra days off work post-Christmas, and so went out for lunch with my sister yesterday. I don’t know why I thought a rather tight fitting skater skirt was a good idea for a lunch date that involved a huge portion of enchiladas and sweet potato fries (Best. Things. Ever), but the feeling of being about to explode like the fat man in Se7en was still completely worth it.

What do you all think of this outfit? 

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December Fashion Haul: Glamorous, Abandon Ship & Primark

Dec Haul 1Hey there all of you fine pieces of ass! Now normally it annoys me ever so slightly when people post a ‘haul’ and it actually only contains a couple of items. And yet… that is exactly what I’m going to do for you today. I know, I know, one rule for you and another for me; I’m a bloody nightmare.

Due to poverty I haven’t been buying much recently, but here are a few bits that I’ve managed to pick up when I’ve been able to collect enough pennies from bins, gutters, etc.

Dec Haul 3Cropped fluffy jumper: Glamorous

I picked up this little beauty from The Clothes Show last weekend. My obsession with all things fluffy has been strong this winter, and I lusted after the similar Topshop version of this jumper for a good while, but at almost £40 I just couldn’t justify it. When I spotted this at the Glamorous stand my little heart started singing with joy, and I managed to bag it for a mere £20 (RRP £35, huzzah!)

Kitten body: Abandon Ship Apparel

Another Clothes Show purchase. As soon as I laid on this body I was almost borderline hysterical with laughter and joy – and while I wouldn’t usually recommend hysteria as a good mindset for shopping, I haven’t looked back. I can’t find this on Abandon Ship’s website anymore, but they have a range of other Satanic kitten-themed clothes that I strongly suggest you check out.

Dec Haul 4Cigarette trousers: Primark

I actually picked these up about a month ago from Primark so I’m not sure if they’re still in stock. They have a kind of embossed effect that makes them a little jazzier than your usual black trouser. I think they were only around £11 and I’ve already got a lot of wear out of them.

Tartan leggings: Primark

Finally, finally, I hop on the tartan bandwagon. Topshop have had an amazing pair of thick tartan leggings in store for a while, but again I couldn’t indulge myself with Toppers prices. These aren’t quite as nice, but at £6 they’re around a quarter of the price so I’m definitely able to cope. They’re a nice thick material so avoid that tacky look that printed leggings sometimes have, and I quite like the strong blue tones in the tartan. I’m looking forward to wearing these rolled up with some chunky black boots and pretending I’m cool.

Dec Haul 5Fur collar: c/o New Look

I’d been after a fur stole/collar/scarf thing for ages and was delighted to stumble upon this one in New Look. Despite the fact that it’s still – as Lauren and I keep telling anyone who will listen – very mild for December, this has been a welcome addition on many early mornings.

Miscellaneous: Primark

Whilst in Primark at the weekend I had to pick up a few boring essentials such as tights, socks, a hair clip and the elusive black vest (I must have about twenty yet can I ever find them?!). I also picked up these brogues, which I already have the brown version of – never let it be said that I don’t step out of my comfort zone.

What do you all think of this mini haul?

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