GOSH Eyebrow Kit Review

Hi huns.

Instead of watching the CBB final like everyone else in the world, I’m lurking around in bed and blogging. Because that’s just how dedicated I am (plus, Liz annoys me and I have a duvet).

On my eternal bid to find the perfect eyebrow kit, I went and bought myself another one (and another one after that…). I’ve heard some good reviews about the GOSH Eyebrow Kit, so I thought I’d give it a whirl and so on and so forth. If you’re interested in checking out my other eyebrow product reviews, read my Sleek Brow Kit review, Barry M Brow Pen Review and MUA Eyebrow Kit review. I’ve also recently bought the Christian eyebrow powder and stencils (and re-bought the Sleek palette), so expect a review in the next week or so!



On that note, I think I need to go to eyebrow products anonymous.

Anywho, my eyebrow needs are slightly different to the average human so I think I need to make a little disclaimer. I have blonde brows that have no definition whatsoever. In a dark light, I resemble Voldemort. As a matter of fact, in broad daylight people often mistake me for the Dark Lord and shout “Expelliarmus” willy nilly. So, I tend to need a product that I can literally draw an eyebrow on, rather than simply fill in.


The only one that I’ve found do this properly as an eyebrow kit specifically is the Sleek palette. Eyebrow pencils always work fine, but where’s the fun in an eyebrow pencil I ask you? I’ve liked other products, but the brushes that come a long with them have been below par.

And unfortunately, that’s my one and only bug bear with the GOSH palette. And that’s not to say that the brush isn’t good quality, because it is. In fact, it’s one of the best quality palette brushes I’ve come across in a while. However, it’s slightly too thick for me to work with and I need something that gives a bit more precision. The brush also has one of those weird sponge brushes, which I’m sure no one has ever used ever.


Other than that, this is a fantastic little kit. The three powder shades are workable for most different complexions and their pigmentation is good. They’re also really buildable, so you can layer on to achieve however dark you want your brows. The gel/wax is also good for sweeping in any strays, so no complaints there. I still find it a bit weird how one kit has 3 different shades (sensible? I think not), but it has actually proved quite useful since dying my hair ginger and my dark brown eyebrow products make me look like a silly Paloma Faith.


In terms of staying power, this bad boy has the same amount as Beyonce and Jay Z’s beautiful relationship (i.e. loads). There were no eyebrows-wandering-around-my-face incidents and they still looked excellent at the end of a busy day drinking tea and moaning about the state of society at the office. Top marks GOSH.

You can buy this eyebrow kit for £8.49 and it comes with a nice little mirror, meaning you can alarm yourself throughout the day by looking at your face and/or great eyebrows.

I’m really looking forward to trying some more GOSH products, especially if they’re all as fabby and fantastic as this magician’s pot.

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