How To Wear SS14 The Holographic Trend

I love shiny things. In fact, things that involve glitter, metallic delightfulness or just a bit of shine makes me infinitely happy. I’m of the opinion that pretty much every girl feels the same too (and if not, why not you lunatic?). So, giving thanks to the fashion gods and so on and so forth, we have the holographic trend to keep our magpie tendancies in check.

But lets be honest, wearing a load of shiny silver material isn’t the most flattering thing (unless you are Kendal Jenner for example) and it is potentially really the most difficult trend ever. While I would like to wear a holographic dress, I’m pretty sure a tiny size 12 disco ball lumbering toward people would both alarm and distress the general public. In fact, I’m pretty sure David Cameron would deport me back to the motherland.

With that in mind, here are some easy options for incoporating the holographic trend into your wardrobe. And while the easiest way would be to whack a holographic bag or pair of shoes onto your outfit, there are actually loads of different holographic things you can put on your body to feel awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 14.03.26

Missguided Holographic Platform Sandals | ASOS Metallic Hologram Hoodie | Nasty Gal Hologram Phone Case | Motel Holographic Backpack | Holographic Jeffery Campbells | 90s Holographic Skull Choker 

If you’re keen, Topshop also have some holographic nail wraps, which I forgot to put on this collage but they look SUUUUPER AWESOME.

So my dear shiny friends, I hope that these have inspired you to become a beautiful disco ball. Claire and I both agree that we would give up our first born children for those Jeffery Campbells, without question. They are incredible.

It’s actually quite hard to put shiny things with anything other than black, but I recently wore my holographic bag with a bright orange dress…so I think the key is to be brave and just embrace the wildness. If you want to be a disco ball, just be a disco ball. PREACH.

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