Makeup Storage: When A Grubby Makeup Bag Isn’t Good Enough

Hello gal pals,

I have a confession to make. Before Sunday, I mostly stored my makeup in a huge, grubby makeup bag, a half pint Stella glass and various crevices in my room (I woke up with a powder compact under my pillow the other day, don’t ask me how). When I read other beauty blogs, I get crazy jealous of beautiful makeup storage boxes, filled with beautiful makeup (no foundation finger prints in sight) and general neat and tidiness. Unfortunately, I’m the type of girl that likes a lovely neat troll hole room but has the affliction of being horribly messy. This definitely translates into my makeup storage situation and before I had a good clearout, my big leopard print makeup bag was full to the brim of disused eyeliner pencils, broken blushers and all kinds of makeup horrors. But you know, New Year New Me and all that nonsense, so I decided enough was enough. No longer will my makeup bag resemble Jordan’s face after a night out. No longer will I have to rummage through a load of wubbish to find something half decent.  Also, my fella bought me some Muji drawers for Christmas, so I had no excuse.

I’m still in the process of getting my storage how I want it – but I thought I’d share with you how I’m getting on and also put together some makeup storage ideas for those who want to get a bit more organised.

As you might be able to see, I still haven’t quite come to terms with giving up my half pint Stella glass to store my makeup brushes (they just fit in there so well! And it makes me look like a gal who likes a good time). But other than that, my makeup looks so much neater and easier to get to. I even find that I’m not leaving things around in strange places anymore – because everything has a place and that’s where they live. All in all, my life has been 100% improved by better makeup storage and I can’t wait to get something to store my nail varnishes in, larger makeup products and generally get everything in its own little space. HUZZAH.


Makeup Storage 2So, that’s my current makeup storage but what am I lusting after like a pervert from afar?

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 13.17.42


Muji Acryic 2 Drawer | Muji Acrylic Large 2 Drawer | Ikea Organiser | Etsy Makeup Storage Wall Hanging | Hobbycraft Sewing Box | Etsy Chanel Makeup Storage | Hobbycraft Vintage Tins 

I personally will probably stick with clear makeup storage when I expand my collection and I’d really like both of the Muji drawers – one to put larger items in like foundation and the other to store nail varnish. However, the Ikea storage is fab too, especially as it has space to put brushes. I also love the wall hanging storage from Etsy, which would look absolutely amazing in my bedroom. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to drill too many holes into our walls as we’re renting, so I’m not sure that this would really be an option. However, look how beautiful it is! I’ve always thought sewing boxes would be perfect to put makeup in because of all the compartments for erm…thread and thimbles and so on. This one from Hobbycraft is really sweet and would look fab in a vintage style bedroom. For all Chanel fans (i.e. every girl ever), these makeup storage boxes are stunning. They’re on Etsy and apparently were some limited edition boxes that Chanel sold at some point. Another storage set for vintage fans, these tins from Hobbycraft look really useful and are soooooper cute too.

So chums…what do you think? If you have any makeup storage blog posts, please leave them in the comments – I’d love to have a nosey at how you’re storing your makeup!

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