7 Ways to Chic Up Your House

Bloom Magic bouquet in Scandi inspired white roomAs a gal who’s pretty obsessed with interiors – as in, I used to browse the homeware section of the Argos catalogue as a child, just for bants (yes I was very cool) – I’ve spent most of my adult life not really being able to gain much practical experience.

This is mainly because I’ve moved around a lot over the last ten years. At 18 I went from my mum’s house to uni, where I lived in three different houses (all with increasing levels of ick, naturally), then moved to my dad’s before I started renting with Lauren aged 22.  View Full Post

Currently Watching: eBay Wishlist #3

eBay Wishlist 3In the words of Simply Red, ‘if you don’t know that I love eBay by now, you will never never never know me’ (pretty sure that’s how it goes anyway). As always, I’ve been keeping my beady eyes on lots of products, and here are my ultimate favourite things on my watching list at the moment:

1. Tiger Print Vest (£6.38) – tiger prints were popping up all over the show a couple of months ago, with H&M in particular embracing everyone’s favourite striped animal (obviously zebras are a close second). I love the tiger head emblazoned on the disc on this cami, and at less than £7 including postage, the fact that it’s not season appropriate bothers me as much as something that bothers me very little.

2. Finger Tip Rings (£2.58 for 5) – has anyone seen the film Interview with the Vampire where Tom Cruise uses a nifty thumb ring to slice open the veins of his victims? I know that scene wouldn’t usually scream ‘fashionista’ but these finger tip rings really remind me of that, in a good way. I would of course use my rings for good though, not evil.

3. ‘Laundry’ Sign (£5.95) – as you may know, Lauren and I recently moved into a new bachelorette pad. I think this would be great in the kitchen above our washing machine. Not only will it look stylish and chic, but there’s always a chance that we can lure some eligible men in and they’ll be forced to drop their pants (NO UNCLE ROGER, NOT YOU)

4. 3CE Lipsticks (£4.40 each) – a while ago I reviewed some 3CE lip pigments that were, in a word, dope. They seem to be a really good brand that have a strong focus on pigmentation and colour, so I’m intrigued by their range of lipsticks. 108 in particular looks right up my nude-lip-lovin’ street.

5. Decorative Birdcage (18.50) – another decor piece I’m lusting after for the new abode, this birdcage would look amazing with some candles or flowery bits in. Or maybe our golden skull Yorick that currently sits on top of our fireplace – no? Too weird?

What do you all think of these pieces? Anything that you’re loving on eBay at the moment?

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Our New Crib | Claire’s Bedroom

Happy Monday chaps! Hope you all had a spiffingly good weekend – mine consisted of nothing more than the X Factor (each year I get sucked in, why oh why) and pizza, so that’s a pretty good one in my books.

As you may know, Lauren and I recently moved house and we took a solemn vow to do a couple of interiors posts as we know people like them. Lauren fulfilled her promise early on and you can see her boudoir by clicking on that there link. It took me a bit longer to get my act together (i.e. to pick all the socks up off my floor) but here now is a little glimpse into my bedroom. Saucy.

room 3Bed: Argos (old) / Duvet Covers and Throw: Primark

In the words of Emma Stone in the best film ever, Easy A: “this is where the magic happens, and by magic I mean absolutely nothing”. You’ll see that my obsession with white things extends beyond my car, phone, straighteners, laptop etc and fully exists in my room. Of course, there’s also plenty of leopard print, and that giant pink rabbit you can see goes by the name of Graham. People quite often look at Graham a bit oddly and then turn to me and say “Erm, you don’t strike me as a cuddly animal person”, and I’m not a cuddly animal person; I’m a Graham person. We are good friends and spooning partners.

room 2This is the view from my bed. As you can see, it’s not the hugest room in the world but then I have packed it as full of furniture as is physically possible. Nothing makes me happier in life than hella loads of storage. Apologies for the leopard print slippers that snuck in.

room 9‘Love’ Mirrors: B&M Bargains (old) / Drawers: Ikea

room 8Letter Holder: TK Maxx

room 10Clock: Matalan (old)

Despite, or maybe because of the fact that I’m the messiest person in the world, I actually have a strong dislike for clutter or things in general. I like to think these bits have an air of Parisian shabby chic about them, though maybe it’s just more shabby shit. The clock, for example, hasn’t told the right time in about a year, but still I love it. I picked the letter holder up recently from TK Maxx (aka my new favourite place in all the world and universe beyond) for around £7 and decided to try to use it as makeup storage instead. It’s now home to the majority of my Barry M nail polish collection, brushes etc.

room 4Brusali Wardrobe: Ikea

room 11Storage Boxes: TK Max

To see what’s inside my wardrobe, you can read my full wardrobe organisation post. The boxes were picked up during the same TK Maxx trip and were individually priced; I think it was around £25 in the end for all three.

room 12Photo Holder: eBay

Please divert your eyes away from all of the old photos that show me with a kind of bob. These desperately need to be updated, but printing photos falls into that ‘can I really be arsed?’ category (other things in the category: dry cleaning, eBaying, washing my hair).

room 7

room 6TV: Sony / Billy Bookcase: Ikea / Storage Boxes: Various

My bookcase is home to lots of other old photos, a random collection of books I’ve picked up at one time of another and a bit of jewellery and makeup. The three boxes in the middle contain rings, necklaces and hair grips; while the three boxes on the right contain face products, eye products and lip products. My everyday makeup bag can be seen poking out in a dishevelled manner on the bottom shelf. The bottom shelf is basically the stuff of nightmares for me – so cluttered, so bizarre. Most of this will be hidden away in a side table once I get one, but for now I just avoid looking down there.

And thus concludes my mini room tour! What do you all think?

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Organising Your Wardrobe: Tips for Not Living Like a Tramp

Wardrobe1 Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet the new love of my life. Yes, it is a wardrobe. Yes, I know I’m dangerously close to becoming that woman who married the Berlin wall, but just LOOK at it – have you ever seen such a fine piece of furniture in all of your life?  This little baby is a brand new addition to my brand new bedroom, and was kindly bought for me by my dad as a housewarming/’congratulations on finally passing your driving test you idiot’ present after he watched me swooning over it for a good ten minutes in the shop. It’s the Brusali wardrobe from Ikea and costs £140.

Now, I’m determined to start a new way of life in my new room – no longer do I want to be messy, live in a hovel, and be constantly worried that my piles of clothes are about to grow legs and start walking. I’m hoping that this beautiful new wardrobe will help me in my new organised way of life, and so before I filled it with all of my junk I did some research into effective storage techniques (yes, I have a lot of time on my hands, okay?) and here are a few things I learned…

1. The Clear Out Before you and your wardrobe can start your new life together, you should have a serious clear out. Go through all of your clothes and be ruthless in what you’re actually going to keep – a good rule is that if you haven’t worn something in a year, then you’re probably not going to and so it should be gone. The same applies to clothes that don’t fit you – ‘skinny’ clothes will only make you feel fat, fact – and clothes that are basically the same as other things you already own (though my personal exception to this rule is black vest tops – like hair grips and socks, I can never have enough black vests). All of these clothes are just taking up vital space in your wardrobe and, indeed, your life.

My first choice when clearing out clothes is always to put them on eBay and try to make some dollar. This is a really good idea if you’re anything like me and have a lot of dresses and outfits you’ve worn on nights out that you’re not going to wear again. With more basic clothes though – things like jumpers, t-shirts, jeans – it can be really laborious going through the whole photo taking, description writing rigmarole when the items might not even sell or only make you the measly 99p starting bid. If you’ve got a lot to stuff to get rid of, then I’ve just found out that Music Magpie now have a whole page about getting money for your old clothes as well as your CDs and DVDs, or I’ve seen a few stores recently, including Marks & Spencer and H&M, offering schemes wherein you get vouchers for donating bags of old clothes. Finally, we have the good old fashioned option of charity shops, where you can clear out a lot of old stuff and be left with the warm fuzzy feeling from do-gooding. Once you’ve got rid of all that crap unnecessary clothing, you can start creating the organised wardrobe of your dreams.

2. Storing Away One of the key things I picked up from my research is that your wardrobe should only really contain clothes you’re currently likely to wear. This helps you to see everything more clearly and to better plan your outfits. The basic idea then is that during the summer months you should store away your knitwear, and as you approach winter, pack away your bikinis, sun dresses and crop tops (sob sob, goodbye til next year my trust friends). Obviously don’t just chuck all your out-of-season clothes into your damp garage or anything; invest in some of those vacuum pack things that make your clothes all squishy, like the sartorial version of Flat Stanley, or just get some storage boxes and pop them on top of your wardrobe.

3. What to Hang and What to Fold Wardrobe6 Because for the last six months I’ve been without a wardrobe and instead have just been using rails (which I thought would look all boutiquey, but actually just made my room look like a bloody mess), the majority of my clothes have been hanging up. Faced with less rail space, then, I was a bit baffled about what to hang and what would be okay folded. The general rule seems to be quite a simple one: hang what needs to be hung. If it creases easily, then hang it up. So that’s probably things like dresses, trousers and anything with a hint of chiffon. Things that don’t need to be hung include jeans and heavy knitwear. I also chose to hang up quite a few jackets and coats I have that were cluttering up the back of my door, as well as scarves and belts. These are hung on one of the specially designed accessories hangers from Primark, but you can also get them from this eBay seller.
4. Smart Hanging Wardrobe2 It might not look it, but there actually is some semblance of logic to my hanging here. Some people like to colour co-ordinate their clothes, but… nah, that’s not for me. I’d just end up grabbing wildly at everything in my black section and never really putting any thought into anything. To make picking outfits a little easier, I decided to group my clothes together by type – so we have midi dresses at the left, then kimonos, dresses, tops, knitwear (the thin or new ones that I decided were worthy of being hung), with shorts, skirts and trousers to the right. I decided to group all of my going out dresses in the other section of the wardrobe, with the jackets, just so they weren’t as likely to get knocked every day – and also so that I’m never tempted in a moment of madness to wear sequins to work.

The Result

Wardrobe5 Wardrobe3 Wardrobe4After some ruthless sorting and, I admit, the occasional mid-organising strop followed by a power nap, I think I finally have an organised wardrobe to be proud of! I even made room in the bottom of my wardrobe for a couple of pairs of shoes (I think the shoe-shelf thing was bought from Argos, but quite a few years ago – they have lots of other shoe storage though) and my washing basket. I hate having too many things left out in my room, so being able to hide away little things like that suits my minimalist tastes perfectly. Now that everything is organised, I take a solemn vow to

  • always fold things away properly
  • pick things up if they fall off hangers
  • not throw creased or worn things into the back of the wardrobe in the hope that they’ll end up in Narnia

What do you all think of these tips? Do you have any of your own to help keep wardrobes tidy and organised? 

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