La Riche Directions White Toner: Review & Results

White Toner 2

Why hello there, you scoundrels. Some of you might have read my post last week where I documented how I home bleached my hair. Although I was really happy with how it turned out (and most importantly, the fact that I didn’t go bald) I knew the yellowy-toned bleach colour wasn’t what I wanted this time around and so decided to buy a toner to attempt to get my hair the white/grey colour of my dreams. The toner that I bought was La Riche’s Directions semi permanent white toner. I bought two pots from this eBay seller for £7.89 – I think you can track them down cheaper in shops, but I was happy enough with this price for two.

The toner was really easy to use. After washing hair, you apply this and then are instructed to leave it on for 15 minutes. Because I had some quite strong yellow tones in my hair, and also because I wanted it as white as possible, and ALSO because I just like being a risk-taking motherbitch, I decided to leave it on my hair for closer to half an hour. I rinsed it out and VOILA:
White Toner 4

Apologies for the poor quality iPhone pictures, but I think this demonstrates the results pretty well. As you can see, the toner managed to take almost all of the yellow out of my hair. The parts which had the brassiest tones – annoyingly, right by my fringe at the front of my head – still remained a slightly different colour, but this was to be expected considering all of the different things I had going on in my previously dyed, extension-filled head of hair. Because I left it on longer than suggested, some bits took on a lilacy hue but to be honest I was fully okay with this, and actually quite like it.

The toner left my hair feeling nicely conditioned, and one pot was enough to do my whole head (which might not sound like a great feat, but bear in mind it took three boxes to bleach). It’s supposed to fade after a couple of weeks, but I’m hoping my silver shampoo and conditioner, coupled with the fact that I try to get away with washing my hair as little as possible, will drag the colour out for a bit longer.

I’m still on a mission (entitled Operation Granny Chic)  to get my hair even whiter, so will keep everyone updated on how this goes. If anyone has any product recommendations for me then let me know!