Bigger Lips Without Fillers? Lip Voltage: Review

LV 1What does a lip plumper that actually works have in common with a unicorn? Answer: they’re both completely frigging fictional.

Or so I used to think.

I then started to hear news of LipVoltage, mainly because it’s loved by the likes of the Geordie Shore and TOWIE cast (look, I never pretended I take beauty tips from Kate Middleton?, okay), and eventually I caved in and had to buy the product that’s hailed as the best alternative to lip filler injections.

LV 3LipVoltage contains 2 products: The LipVoltage gloss, which you can see above in the standard lipgloss-style tube, and the MixUp the Voltage solution, which comes in that beautifully gimmicky syringe. The LipVoltage apparently contains peptides and collagen, while MixUp the Voltage is a VBE-infused plumper. I hope all of your faces are as blank as mine.

I was a bit obsessed with finding out what all that actually meant, but there’s not a huge amount about it. What I can deduce from my reading around the web is that on the most basic level, the ingredients produce a tingling, which increases circulation to the lips, which increase blood flow, and therefore leads to the plumping. Still not a simple explanation but hey ho, nothing good is ever simple.

LV 2To use, you add between 1-3 drops of MixUp the Voltage into the LipVoltage lip gloss and then mix together for 30 seconds. 1 drop is supposed to result in a warm tingle, 2 gives a warm to hot tingle, and 3 drops will produce a very hot tingle. I’ve heard tales that this ‘tingle’ is actually very, very painful – and I think, in as non-sick and masochist a way as possible – it was this that actually made me buy it. No pain no gain, right lasses?

When it comes to mixing the two, I personally don’t find it too easy to add the drops in to the gloss; the MixUp formula is quite thick and gloopy, so you have to be careful not to accidentally make loads squirt out (oo-er). However, all that REALLY matters is 1. does it hurt as much as people say it does? And 2. does it actually work?

LV 6In terms of question number 1 – it kind of hurts, yah. It’s not so much pain as a burning, slightly raw sensation similar to if you have really irritated, chapped lips. However, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s unbearable and it’s a case of mind over matter really. Yes, you might feel like your lips are burning and about to drop off. But they’re not. So what’s your beef? The burning does also stop after around 10 minutes, so if you do find it a struggle, know that it doesn’t last that long.

And onto question number 2 – yes, it basically DOES work. I’ve experimented with between 1 and 3 drops now, and do honestly think there is a more noticeable difference each time. This is mainly because of the increase in blood flow that the tingling causes to the lips – they become redder, particularly around the edges, which in turn makes them look bigger. I would say that the lips themselves aren’t actually made larger; it’s more that they puff up a bit, as they do when they’re irritated. Results aren’t drastic, but they are noticeable.

Lip Voltage Before and AfterLipVoltage is notoriously hard to track down due to its cult celeb status, but I bought mine from To Make You Gorgeous and it was delivered super-quickly. At around £16 RRP, I personally think this is a really good product that is much more than a gimmick. Of course, you’re never going to achieve the effects of a cosmetic procedure like lip fillers without actually having the real thing – but for those who just want a bit of plumping, I really do recommend this product.

Have any of you tried LipVoltage? Or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below!