Outfit of the Day: New Look Duster Coat & ASOS Platforms

New Look Duster Coat 1

Big up to my homegirl Claire for this outfit of the day post, because she has basically influenced it. I’m not sure if I mentioned in my last post where I was wearing these shoes, but Claire and my dear Coventry friends got me these beautiful ASOS dreamboat shoes for my birthday just gone. I have literally not removed them from my feet since then, I love them SO much and they are perfect in every way.

As well as having my back on the shoe front, Claire also introduced me to the wonderful autumn/winter trend that is the duster coat. I’ve well and truly fallen in love, and I invested in my first one this season last weekend. It was actually quite awkward when we both turned up to work on Monday wearing duster coats from New Look, because she had the same idea and got one in dusty pale pink from New Look too! Which, as you may have guessed, is where mine is from. CAN I RAVE ABOUT THIS COAT ANY MORE? No. I absolutely love it, with the fiery passion of a girl who loves duster coats. I really really recommend you go and check their frankly brilliant coat selection out, because you will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form.

New Look Duster Coat 3

I bought this checked wonder for £29.99, which is the biggest bargain of the century. It’s not too thick, so a perfect transitional piece for these weirdly chilly late summer days. I’m enjoying my darker hair with darker colours, so I feel like I can swan about like a bit of a goth in this and feel fabulous. HUZZAH.

I paired it with a leather look tee from F&F, a REALLY old faux-denim skirt from H&M, some faaaaabulous tights sent to me by Luxury Legs (I cannot rave enough about them, they are absolutely brilliant) and my beautiful River Island tote bag (they’re not retailing this badboy online yet as far as I can see).

River Island Black and Gold Bag

Will you be donning the duster coat this A/W?