Outfit of the Day: Dungarees


Okay, I have a confession to make – this is not my outfit today. Today it’s rainy and windy outside and I plan to spend the day in bed, wearing bright pink pyjama bottoms and a hoodie. I wasn’t really sure how much of an interesting OOTD post that would make, so here is one from around a week ago that I forgot to post. View Full Post

Outfit of the Day: Tie Dye & Treggings


DSCN2605T-Shirt: Maryjane Fashion / Chain: eBay / Treggings & Wedges: Primark

Hey y’all, hope all of your days are going wonderfully and that you’ve all had your daily biscuit. This is just a simple outfit of the day post to show one of my favourite easy outfits at the moment.

I bought these treggings months ago from good ole Primark and wore them over and over again in the first few weeks. I then noticed that they didn’t wash very well (read: I didn’t wash them very well – domestic goddess I ain’t) and had gone a bit bobbly so didn’t really bother with them again. I re-discovered them a couple of weeks ago and found that the condition was nowhere near as bad as I’d imagined – and so they live another day! I’m well aware that they’re hardly the most flattering things for my shape, but I think I’ve explained before my new life philosophy of embracing your natural body shape which for me means saying to the world ‘HEY, HERE ARE MY HIPS, DEAL WITH THEM’. I really do like the treggings in an outfit, they give a slightly smarter look to really casual tops but not in an awkward ‘teacher on sports day’ way.

I got this tee from Maryjane Fashion about a month ago.  I love the tie-dye/smudge print, and the dark colours mean it will still be wearable in the colder months.  The fit’s nice and loose, but it’s still perfect for tucking in as I’ve done here. I can’t find it on the site anymore, which is a SNORE, but the site has a load of other nice pieces for ridiculously cheap prices. I think this was around the £6 mark, and its surprisingly good quality.

I teamed it with my current favourite gold chain, which everyone has seen me wear about fifty-eight times already. It’s tacky and fabulous and I will not hear a bad word said about it.