Outfit of the Day: NEU Apparel Gymwear

NEU Apparel Collage 1Crop top: Primark / Leggings: c/o NEU Apparel / Trainers: Adidas

Alright there lads and ladettes!

So, recently my gym game has been seriously weak and I’ve somehow ended up replacing planks for pizza and crunches for Crunchies… I was therefore SO pleased to be kindly sent a few bits to try from UK women’s gymwear brand NEU Apparel’s new summer range.

I know some people think it’s lame-o but I really think feeling good at the gym helps you to do a better workout  – surely I’m not the only one who has stropped out in a “FORGET THIS, I’M FAT AND GOING HOME TO BE MORE FAT” rage before? Oh what’s that, I am? Oh okay. Anyway, for me having nice gym gear is definitely part of that feeling good mentality, so brands like NEU Apparel that focus on fashion as well as practicality get a huge thumbs up from me.

NEU Apparel Collage 2(Sorry about the butt pic. Have I made everyone uncomfortable?)

I was in love with these neon printed leggings when they arrived, but was a little bit anxious about them being grey. Grey leggings are notoriously unforgiving when it comes to showing off sweat, and usually I steer clear as I don’t particularly want people in my gym to think I wee myself with excitement at the thought of a squat. However I’m so pleased to report that the sweat didn’t show up in these at ALL. Three cheers for merry England!

NEU Apparel Collage 3I was also sent this mesh panel boyfriend t-shirt which is honestly the most comfortable gym top I’ve ever worn. The mesh sides keep you FEELING cool, while the rolled sleeve and neon lettering keep you LOOKING cool. I hope y’all appreciate the cheesiness of that sentence; maybe NEU Apparel will want to buy it off me as their new slogan?

Overall I love the fit and style of these pieces and would definitely recommend the brand if you too like to combine your fitness and fashion. You can have a look at the full collection here while I set about getting my gym game firmly back on track in time for my holiday in July. I’ve recently ordered a few packs of Slim Pasta to try out, so let me know if anyone would like that reviewing once I’ve given it a whirl for a few weeks!

What do you all think of NEU Apparel?


June 2014 Haul: Primark, H&M, NEU Apparel & More…

Hello you little saucepots! It’s safe to say we’ve been a very OOTD-heavy this last week, so to give you a bit of a break from our moon faces, today I come bearing a haul post. Yes, another haul post. In my defence, I haven’t been completely spend crazy since my last haul post (which you can see by clicking here) as some of this was kindly gifted to us. I don’t really have a defence for the rest of it except, er, I can’t walk around with my nips out can I? This isn’t Game of Thrones.

Anyway, let’s crack on!

31st May Haul 1Trousers: Primark, £9 / Culottes: Primark, £12

A little trip to Primark last weekend saw me exit stage left with these couple of beauties. I love the jogger-style trousers for several reasons, which I will explain to you quickly: 1, elasticated waistband = give me all the biscuits, thank you; 2, the crazy club Tropicana print, it’s summer somewhere; and 3, £9 means change from a tenner to go and buy some Haribo with, HUZZAH. What’s not to love?

Secondly, we have here a pair of culottes. Yes, culottes. Has anything divided a nation more since Gareth Gates vs Will Young than culottes? I bought these on an absolute whim and to be honest haven’t quite got round to trying them on yet to see if they actually look nice or, as I suspect, will make me look like a 2 foot tall mutant.

31st May Haul 2Shorts – H&M, £8 / Playsuit: H&M, £13

I also popped into H&M and to be honest was pretty flabbergasted at how much nice stuff they have in at the moment, as well as how good their prices are. I ended up picking up these two pieces “for my holiday” (yep, that excuse is still going strong) though I’m sure I’ll get plenty of wear out of them before then.

31st May Haul 3Crop top – eBay, £10 / Trousers: c/o Sammy Dress

I wore this top in a recent OOTD and my love for it is still going strong. These trousers were sent to us by the wonderful folk at Sammy Dress, which is a Chinese site definitely worth checking out if you want ridiculously cheap clothes. And I mean ridiculous. As it’s international you have to wait quite a while for delivery  (I think I ordered these when I was about 16) but when the prices are so good you don’t mind as much.

31st May Haul 4Mesh Panel Gym T-shirt  / Gym Leggings – ℅ NEU Apparel

These last few weeks I’ve seriously lost my gym motivation, which I think has been down to a combination of remembering I love pizza LOADS and also not having anything new to wear to the gym. Yes I know that is pathetic but it’s me, I am pathetic. So for that reason I was SUPER HAPPY to be sent these pieces from NEU Apparel’s new collection to try out. I’m going to have a full post on this brand soon but I’m basically in love with their whole range.

31st May Haul 6London Retro Sunglasses –  ℅ Glasses Direct, £95

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of sunglasses that cost more than a fiver in my life so I’m so grateful for Glasses Direct for sending over these bad boys. While £95 is definitely more than I would pay myself, these are amazing quality and I know they’ll last for years – unlike my usual Primark versions that snap easily/lose lenses/bend in the heat/all of the above (stay classy).

What do you all think of this haul?