Outfit of the Day: Rare London Shift Dress

Rare London Dress

Hey ladies,

Anyone who knows me at all will know that I love a white dress. In fact, there was a time in my life when that was pretty much all I wore. If it wasn’t a white dress, it was a white sheer shirt (saucy). It may be because I secretly thought I was an angel, I’m not really 100% sure.

The wonderful people at Rare London thankfully indulged my angelic idiotic tendencies and sent me a beautiful shift dress for me to pop on my body and loon around. I absolutely love it with a fiery passion and I literally cannot take it off at the moment (I’ve worn it to work twice, help). For those who haven’t shopped at Rare London yet, get a  grip and head over there right now. They have some absolutely fabulous party dresses and I’m seriously considering getting a really fancy one just to wear around the house. If you can’t hoover in an evening gown, I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

Rare London Shift Dress

Rare London Dress 2


I paired this lovely shift dress with my Primark boots and a necklace I fashioned from things I found in my “e’rrrything box”.On my falsies I have my favourite white nail varnish by Seventeen and on my lips I have the forever raved about Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm crayon in Standout (read our review here, you scoundrels). When I went out of the house, I donned my Miss Selfridge leather jacket and my new bargain Primark bag. HUZZAH.

What do y’all think? 

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Outfit of the Day: Primark Tshirt Dress & Ginger Locks



collage 3

Primark Mesh Panel Tshirt | Primark Necklace | New Look Turquoise Heels (old) | Barry M Nail Varnish in Lady | Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 16

Hey chicks.

This is a super quick post before I hop in the shower to get ready for a night of wild partying. My home gals (and guy) are coming to visit me all the way from Cheshire, so a bitch has gotta look fine.

I bought this Primark tshirt last weekend and couldn’t resist the jazzy print. It was £8, which quite frankly was a bargain (when isn’t Primark stuff? This is why I spend an unhealthy amount of time in the place). It features some saucy mesh panels, which I actually forgot about when I wore it to work (I’m pretty sure the lads in the office couldn’t concentrate because of the amount of belly button on show). This bad boy that is on my body above is a size 12, so you can see it’s quite a baggy fit. It’s also quite long, which apparently meant that I thought it would be ok to wear as a dress. I may have got a few “why is that chump not wearing trousers?” looks, but you know. What’s life if not about not wearing trousers?

I also have dyed my hair ginger now. I’m trying to persuade Claire to dye her hair black and chop it into an endearingly messy crop so she can be the Harry to my Ron, but she’s not biting. Yet.

Anywho, have a great Saturday you wonderful humans.


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Outfit of the Day: Burgundy Midi Skirt & Primark Jumper


Good lord, I look like a cankled idiot. OH WELL.

Apart from apparently developing cankles overnight, I’m excited to be heading out for some dinner and this is the outfit I chose to put on my body. I absolutely love high necked/turtle neck jumpers at the moment and this one is actually from Primark (isn’t everything I own?). It’s not the best fit (a little on the baggy side) but it is suuuper comfy and goes with pretty much everything. It’s slightly cropped in that just-above-the-belly-button-I’ve-time-traveled-to-1992 way, which is surprisingly nice. It’ll still be in stores now (I only bought it about a month ago!) and I think it was around the £8 mark. Or maybe £10.

My skirt is really really old, I bought it for my 21st birthday night out in the hope that a midi skirt would make my life less tragic. It must be a magic skirt, because I have a job and a house now! There’s not too much else to say about my wizard skirt, apart from the fact I love the colour and it’s a bit of a wardrobe staple.

I teamed my cankles top and skirt with a signature gold chain, weird mother of pearl ring and my favey favey new boots. Which are also Primark. C’est la vie.


And here is my little face. There seems to be panic in my eyes and I don’t know why, sob. I absolutely addoooreeeeeee this lipstick, which is Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 04. Other than that, I have my new Seventeen eyebrow kit (read about it here!) on my wonky eyebrows and some eyeliner and what not.

accessoriesWe can ignore my strange pale hands for the most part, although I do have my new suede nail varnish on. That doesn’t look anything like suede but it is a lovely metallic/matte colour anyway! And these badboy boots ARE MY FAVOURITE THINGS EVER. I’ve worn them pretty much constantly since I bought them at the weekend. They’re comfy, sturdy and have enough of a heel/detail to not look like lesbian boots. HURRAH.

What do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay?? (PLEASE NOT NAY).

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Outfit of the Day: ASOS Tshirt Dress & Black Beanie

‘Ello homos homies,

I hope you are all having a cracking weekend, I’m lurking around my room at the moment wondering who is going to put the kettle on and make me  a cup of tea.

I’m also about to head into town and do the last of my Christmas shopping, if by Christmas shopping I mean buy myself things and conveniently forget about my family. And then I will be hopping on a train, listening to Beyonce’s new album and heading back to Cheshire to visit my forgotten family. Whoops.

And this is what I’m wearing to my very exciting and not at all selfish shopping trip.


Your Eyes Lie (at ASOS) Totem Pole Tshirt Dress | Miss Selfridge Black Leather Jacket (old)| House of Hoxshore Beanie | White (kind of) Converse

I’ve had this tshirt dress for a while now, I actually wore it to the Birmingham Bullring’s birthday partay (which you can read all about here). It’s from a brand called Your Eyes Lie, and is stocked by ASOS. It’s suuuuuper comfy and has totem poles on it. Need I say more? It’s on sale at the moment, so if you like it – definitely hop over to ASOS and invest!

I paid with my horribly dirty and tea stained connies, black tights, my black leather jacket and my House of Hoxshore beanie – which I actually bought at the Clothes Show (read our Clothes Show roundup here).


Primark Gold Chain (old) | New Look Ring (old) | Rimmel Apocolyps | Barry M Nail Paint in Black

Ugh, how horrible and paley pale am I at the moment? I can’t tan at the mo because my skin is rejecting any form of anything and I basically have grown scales. Keep your eyes peeled for my ‘How To Not Look Like A Dinosaur In Winter’ blog post, where I’ll be clobbing you over the head with industrial strength dry skin tips. Anywhoo, there is my face and there are my hands. For all you hand perverts.

What do you think of this outfit? Anyone else reaching for the beanie to keep their noggins warm?

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Outfit of the Day: Baroque Missguided Tshirt Dress

Hello ragamuffins,

As you may have discovered if you read our blog a lot, it was Claire’s birthday over the weekend and we had a whale of a time drinking Lambrini and lurking about like the lunatics we are. Thankfully, she received lots of lovely presents to keep the blog going while I have been in a pit of sadness over my lack of stuff (sob sob).

We went out on Saturday night for a jolly old knees up and I can safely say, making hash browns at silly o’clock in the morning is a sign of a great night – no jokes. I would like to stress that these were potato-based hash browns and not made from wacky baccy, before you all start thinking I am some kind of hoodlum. Whilst stressing about what to wear (it’s been so long since my last night out that I had forgotten what on earth you wear to bars. I almost went for the middle-aged option of a nice pair of black work trousers and kitten heels. Thankfully Claire slapped me out of it before things got out of hand), I ended up buying what can only be described as a cathedral.


Maddie Missguided Baroque Dress | Garage Nude Wedges | Primark Gold Necklace | Black Primark Bag

Some might say that a bright gold dress with what I think are cherubs printed on it would be enough bling to be going on with. I say NAY. I piled on a statement gold necklace, curled my newly weaved locks and glued on a pair of double eyelashes. Subtle? No. Magnificently dope? Probably not either. But anyway, I was happy with the general look and popped on my favourite nude wedges (after Claire instructed us to wear our comfiest shoes because we would be drinking £4 Lambrini with a straw) as well as a new Primark box bag/satchel. HUZZAH AND THANK YOU TO THE QUEEN, it is the only recent new purchase that I have made but I love it – a useful little number to stash my vast array of things in.

PicMonkey Collage

Keep your eyes peeled for Claire’s outfit of the night, which will be on its way soon! What do you all think about this Missguided tshirt dress? It’s very loud but I can’t help but have huge amounts of love for it. My descent into garish madness begins!

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Outfit of the Day: Primark Tie Dye Midi Dress

Hello fellow voley girls,

Once again, I am writing to you from the land of bag pipes and tartan wearing fools. I saw some grand scenery yesterday and frightened my family by shouting ‘FLY YOU FOOLS, THE ORCS ARE UPON US’ and legging it down the road. The things I do to amuse myself and others. I’m somewhat worried that my parents think they have raised a lunatic. They would be correct in this thinking.


This is just a little outfit of the day and one that I have been wearing quite a lot since I bought it for practically nothing a few weeks ago (£5 from Primark, ring the merry bells of England!). I really love it – the fit is pretty flattering and it’s a nice casual one to whack out for work/dinner and everything inbetween. My only beef with it is that it is a bit too long. I meant to force my mother at gunpoint to shorten it for me but then I remembered that I don’t have a gun/she isn’t my slave. I still might get her to work her magic, but the length has actually grown on me now so I may just leave it (cool story, Lauren).

I jazzed up the tie dye with some gold jewellerry, a messy topknot and some nude lipstick (e.l.f, £1 I recall). I’m not sure why I have such a pervert face in this picture, I do apologise.

My shoe situation is dire as I forgot to bring anything normal to Och Aye Land, so I just have a pair of standard black pumps to protect my hooves. They are the reason my legs look about zero inches long. I couldn’t look anymore like a midget if I tried.