5 Fashion Problems Short Girls Face

At 5′ and 5’2 respectively, it’s no secret that Lauren and I are the real life Little Women (minus all of the death and poverty and being American etc…) For the most part we quite like running around people’s ankles like yappy little dogs, but there are some things that make being below average height BLOODY ANNOYING…

1. The oversized trend is simply wasted on us. Boyfriend coats don’t look chic and androgynous, they look like this:

Petite 1

2. Similarly, the sports luxe trend had to be dealt with carefully. High tops and joggers may make you taller ladies look like Beyonce, but we had to skulk around the back alleys in case someone thought we were Year 9s wagging PE and called the truancy officer on us.

3. We can buy things from the kids’ section, which is good because they sometimes fit better AND they’re cheaper. However, we run the risk of a) looking like a massive tit when someone catches us holding it up against ourselves to judge the length, or b) accidentally buying something a butterfly on it.

4. We didn’t get to take advantage of the mid-heel coming back into fashion. While taller friends got to party the night away smugly in their new comfy slingbacks, we remained hobbling around in our six-inch heels that we have to wear in order to be able to see over the bar. Not. Fair.

5. Thigh-high boots? More like vagina-high boots. Good luck with that chafing.

Can any of you petite ladies relate to the above? Share your own short girl fashion problems below!