Collection Sheer Loose Powder Review


My dear friends and admirers.

Today is a momentous day. NAY. Today is the day that history was made. Today, I am writing to tell you that loose powder is great. No more will we think ‘pahaha loose powder is for my nan and her shiny mate Mildred’. No more will we breeze past the loose powder products in disgust. I am here to tell you that this loose powder has changed my life.

Practically my entire life has been plagued by my shiny face. And I don’t mean shiny in a cute dewy way. I mean full blown you-could-use-my-face-to-find-ships-lost-at-sea shiny. Since learning to apply makeup like a vaguely normal person and eschewing blue eyeliner with a firm hand, I’ve always used powder. I know face powder isn’t for everyone, but is an absolute essential in my makeup bag. I also like a heavy duty foundation, so a nice dusting of powder helps to set my makeup excellently.

I’ve used quite a few different powders and my usual tends to be Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder because it’s cheap and safe. I’ve used Bourjois Radiance Powder too – which I liked but wasn’t the best at keeping my face matte all day. I’ve also used Collection pressed powder pretty frequently – but never used their Sheer Loose Powder.


I grabbed it the other day because I needed a translucent powder, of which there were none in the pressed powder section. How I wish I had grabbed it sooner. If you take anything from this review, it should be this: this is the best powder ever and I strongly encourage that you go and buy it – and proceed to be happy in all areas of your life.

My main points of happiness with the Sheer Loose Powder is this:

  • It smells like my mum. This sounds weird, but I’m pretty sure my mum uses this powder and it reminds me of her. My mother is a lovely, tiny, neat woman who always has an organised handbag – so this is a big positive for me and takes me back to the days where I sniffed her face. I’m sure there must have been at least one day I did this for a laugh.
  • It keeps my face matte all day. This is unheard of. I always always always have to powder at least once a day, especially when I’m at work. The only time I didn’t have to powder was when I was using Dermalogica’s Skin Perfect Primer (amazing btw). I don’t know what wizardry is in this powder, but it keeps my skin looking relatively normal for 9+ hours – without touching up.
  • It sets my makeup well. There’s no need to expand on this really, but it does a good job of making sure everything stays where it should and things don’t go wandering about my head.
  • It’s not heavy. I always thought that loose powder would be super heavy and rubbish. I don’t think that this is at all – it feels light on my skin.
  • It’s cheap. It genuinely costs £2.99, no joke. I don’t know how either, I imagine that the employees at Collection are related to Gandalf.


As with any product, there are a few downsides too. I will put these in bullet point form too, because apparently that is what I do now.

  • I find the sieve annoying.
  • I hate the applicator pad. No one uses applicator pads.

I really don’t think I’ll be using another powder again (unless someone decides to treat me to a nice MAC Mineralise Powder). I really do love this though. Snaps for you Collection, I am adding this to the list of excellent and underrated products you do.

What about you? Have you tried this powder before? What do you think?

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