Outfit of the Day: Velvet Leggings and Baroque Shirt

Missguided, Velvet and Flatforms


Missguided Baroque Shirt | New Look Velvet Leggings | Primark Flatforms | New Look Clutch Bag* (old) | Primark Necklace | River Island Choker

Well, aren’t we the worst bloggers in the world! Claire and I have been super busy and have neglected blogging horribly. BUT OH WELL.

I have fallen in love with these Primark flatforms and genuinely can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, they absolutely ruin my feet – the ankle straps literally BRUISE my ankles and unfortunately, I can’t wear them for very long. Which is a shame. I don’t know if any of you gals have bought flatforms from Primark before, but I would be mega keen to hear whether you’ve have the same problem?

But anywho, I also wore my new favourite velvet leggings, which are from New Look. They’re also on sale at the moment for £7, so if I were you, I would run there faster than a fast thing on legs to grab a pair. They are literally perfect for these chilly autumn days. On my top bits, I have on my FAVOURITE Missguided Baroque style shirt. When I bought it, it reminded me a bit of a Mandela shirt. If you don’t know what a Mandela shirt looks like…


What can I say, the man was a style inspiration. Blimey.

What do you think? Is Mandela your new style inspo? 

What to Wear to Work… Wishlist 2014

I recently announced on this little blog that I have landed myself a snazzy new job. As we all know, a new job always means that you need a whole new wardrobe – I mean, I’ve sometimes used a new toothbrush as an excuse for a celebratory new jumper, so of course a brand new role and office and desk demand new clothes to go along with them. My new job also has a slightly stricter dress code than my old one, so it’s goodbye to ripped jeans, crop tops and leather shorts and HELLO to official workwear (probably for the best where the shorts are concerned). I’ve already started picking up some new bits for my new grown-up ‘drobe, but here are other things currently on my wishlist…


Sleeveless Wrap Blouse / Dogtooth Shorts / Leather Panel Tunic / Grey Tote Bag / Floral Cigarette Trousers / Sandals

Workwear Two

Leather Satchel / Check Shell Top / Peg Leg Trousers / Pleated Culottes / Tassel Mule Loafers

Workwear Three


Burgundy Cropped Blazer / Burgundy Scallop Shorts / White Floral Midi Skirt / Grey Crepe Blazer / Cut Out Brogues / Check Brushed Mini Skirt

River Island is KILLIN’ IT lately, and I love the range of rich patterns and mixed fabrics in their work collection, meaning that outfits can still be eyecatching. Topshop have a lot of smart tailored pieces in, with looser fits adding a very cool edge to what would otherwise be classic pieces. And finally, there are heaps of pleasant surprises to be found in the New Look workwear section, with some really cutesy co-ords and blazers in an array of colours.

Now that I’ve actually turned me attention to it, I’m surprised I was never more into workwear before as there are some really beaut pieces around. What do you all think of workwear, and which places do you recommend?

Let us know in the comments below!

Outfit of the Day: New Look Duster Coat & ASOS Platforms

New Look Duster Coat 1

Big up to my homegirl Claire for this outfit of the day post, because she has basically influenced it. I’m not sure if I mentioned in my last post where I was wearing these shoes, but Claire and my dear Coventry friends got me these beautiful ASOS dreamboat shoes for my birthday just gone. I have literally not removed them from my feet since then, I love them SO much and they are perfect in every way.

As well as having my back on the shoe front, Claire also introduced me to the wonderful autumn/winter trend that is the duster coat. I’ve well and truly fallen in love, and I invested in my first one this season last weekend. It was actually quite awkward when we both turned up to work on Monday wearing duster coats from New Look, because she had the same idea and got one in dusty pale pink from New Look too! Which, as you may have guessed, is where mine is from. CAN I RAVE ABOUT THIS COAT ANY MORE? No. I absolutely love it, with the fiery passion of a girl who loves duster coats. I really really recommend you go and check their frankly brilliant coat selection out, because you will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form.

New Look Duster Coat 3

I bought this checked wonder for £29.99, which is the biggest bargain of the century. It’s not too thick, so a perfect transitional piece for these weirdly chilly late summer days. I’m enjoying my darker hair with darker colours, so I feel like I can swan about like a bit of a goth in this and feel fabulous. HUZZAH.

I paired it with a leather look tee from F&F, a REALLY old faux-denim skirt from H&M, some faaaaabulous tights sent to me by Luxury Legs (I cannot rave enough about them, they are absolutely brilliant) and my beautiful River Island tote bag (they’re not retailing this badboy online yet as far as I can see).

River Island Black and Gold Bag

Will you be donning the duster coat this A/W?

River Island AW14 Collection: Best Of

It’s terrifying to think it’s been almost 6 months since we shared our favourite pieces from River Island’s SS14 collection; but believe it or not the seasons have changed, the sales have been and gone, and we’re all just one step closer to old age and death…

On that cheery note, there is a BRAND. SPANKING. NEW. collection of River Island clothes to lust after for the coming season, and of course I feel the need to show you all my favey bits. I really feel like RI have upped their game over the last couple of years, going from being – dare I say it? Yes, I dare – a bit trashy (remember when they used to put unnecessary zips on everything?) to now nailing it pretty much every season. The trends page on the RI website has outlined their key collections for AW14, but there are 3 that stand out for me. Without further ado, here is they:

Ri 1Preppy Crew
I remember when preppy fashion used to send me to the brink of nausea (evidently I’m just too street), but then the whole 90s Clueless revival thing happened and suddenly I want to be ‘ugh, as if‘-ing all over the place.This collection is mainly made up of classic basics featuring a lot of neutrals, but materials like leather and the odd bit of fur give it a bit of an edge. Tartan also seems to be sticking around again this winter, though the checks are more oversized.

Rive I 21

Fades of Grey
I don’t know if a colour counts as trend as such, but I’m still loving the amount of grey and silver that River Island are stocking. As a huge monochrome fan who could quite happily exist only in black and white, this at least will break my wardrobe up a bit and stop me looking too much like Beetlejuice. To take full advantage of the colour’s clean, chic vibe, RI are recommending wearing fully grey outfits with only varieties in shade. When I was a young child (okay, I was 14) I one day decided it would be funny to dress fully in grey and jump in front of my mum while she was hoovering and shout “I AM DUST, HOOVER ME!.. so I’m pretty happy about that idea. I might try to same ‘joke’ 10 years on and see if she finds it as unfunny as she did back then..

River Island 3Zenista
Peculiar trend name aside, this is basically all about continuing with our love affair with pastel. This season there seems to be a strong lean towards cool lilacs and blues over the minty shades we saw everywhere last year, and again it’s all about textures. Fluff, fur and leather ahoy.

What do you all think about River Island’s Autumn/Winter collection? Let us know in the comments below!

AW14 Mini-Trend: The Duster Coat

Dusters 3

Buckets full of soz for everyone still clinging onto the dream of summer, but we must face facts that autumn is nearly upon us. Thankfully though, this means we can start getting prepared with autumn/winter shopping and some of next season’s trends are so exciting that we’re sure even the most stubborn sun-worshipping winter hater will look forward to them. Enter mini-trend of the season number 1: the duster coat.

Duster coats are apparently so called because back in the day people wore these long coats when they were riding either on horseback or in carriages, where they would get all dusty from the road. As an olden-days woman I would have been FUMING if my nicely chosen winter outfit had been ruined by dust, so I can understand why dusters were such a biggie. Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to have things like tarmac and car doors to keep us relatively dust-free on our journeys, but that hasn’t stopped duster coats coming back into fashion. Due to their lightweight material, they’ve been spotted out and about during the summer evenings already – but this A/W they’re going to be very big news.

We haven’t actually tried any on yet so we can’t vouch for how the oversized, longer-length jackets are going to look on petite girls. We kind of predict they’re not going to be the most flattering things, but before we see this for ourselves and ruin the dream, we thought we’d share with you some of our fave dusters from the high street. Some of these are already available NOW (so err, what are you waiting for?!) whereas others are due to drop in the next couple of weeks. Duster 1


Topshop Checked Duster / River Island Red Duster Jacket / New Look Mint Green Duster Coat

I always used to hate coats because I saw them as total outfit-ruiners, but these fresh, contemporary dusters from Topshop, River Island and New Look respectively show that they can be as much a part of your outfit as what you wear underneath. Both the Topshop check and the River Island bright are statement pieces that are sure to brighten up any outfit, while it’s nice to see pastels sticking around for another winter. The New Look one, which is available in 2 weeks, is also a polyester/wool mix and so will be much warmer than the lightweight dusters we’ve seen so far this S/S.

Duster 2Miss Selfridge Jacquard Duster / New Look Crepe Duster Coat / Topshop Khaki Duster

These three jackets are from the more classic end of the spectrum and so perfect for people who like their coats a bit more neutral. Jacquard is always a popular texture in the winter and the monochrome of this Miss Selfridge coat will mean it goes with everything. New Look and Topshop provide another two corkers; the pale pink New Look coat proves the oversized shape doesn’t need to make the duster masculine, while the Toppers one looks very authentic – I imagine it’d take a dusty road very well indeed.

ASOS also stock a few nice ones and I’ve seen on Instagram that people are snapping up some BEAUTIES from Primark too, so we would definitely recommend checking those out as well. Come payday I plan to launch my own duster coat mission, so I’ll report back on whether it makes us short girls look chic and androgynous, or like a massive sack of potatoes…

What do you all think of the duster coat trend?


July 2014 Haul: ASOS, Missguided & Primark

Do you ever have one of those months where you check your bank balance and actually consider alerting the authorities because you’re convinced SOMEONE must have swiped your card and gone on a spending spree? I did. As always though, I then looked in my wardrobe and realised that yes, a lunatic had indeed been on shopping spree… but that lunatic was me.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

July Haul 1Floral Shift Dress: River Island via ASOS / Sunflower Print Smock Dress: Motel Rocks*

I’ve been loving the ASOS sale this month, and this River Island dress was one of the beauties I picked up for my summer wardrobe for the mere price of £17 (down from £32). It comes quite long on me, so that teamed with the three-quarter sleeves and loose shift fit means that this is officially my new ‘grown up’ dress. Work meeting? I’ll wear this dress. Family meal? I’ll wear this dress. Want me to hang out with your nan? I’ll wear this dress (incidentally if anyone does want me to hang out with their nan then I genuinely will; I don’t have any grandparents left and really long for someone to do crosswords and bitch about young people with. Will bring my own Victoria sponge).

I was also lucky enough to WIN this beaut Motel dress last month from Yahoo Lifestyle‘s Twitter account, which I was super happy with. I don’t have the best luck with babydoll/smock dresses, but this one fits really nicely and isn’t as swampy as many that have come before it.

July haul 2Layered Cami & Beach Cover Up: both Primark

I popped into Primark for some ‘holiday bits’ (yep that old excuse) recently and had to pick up this coral cami. I have the same style in a floral/jungle print and I absolutely love the way it sits so couldn’t resist this version too. For only £6 it’s fantastico value for money. I also found this crochet, tassled vest top which is perfect as a beach cover up (actually something holiday-related, huzzah!). This was only £10 and they also did it in black, so I’m considering sneaking back for that one before my holiday on Tuesday. Because… well, why wouldn’t you?!

July Haul 6I also picked up these 3 pairs of shoesies from Primark. Both of the sandals were £4 I believe, and the nude heels were a crazy good £13.

July Haul 3Watermelon Crop: New Look /Tropical Print Crop: Missguided

Like it or not, watermelons are sexy now thanks to Beyoncé. Fruit print is all over the joint this S/S so I couldn’t say no to this little crop tee in New Look, especially as it was a mere £5.99. As it’s summer, my crop top game is of course on, so this little palm print beauty also found its way into a recent Missguided order. It’s scuba material, obviously (rumour has it everything is made from scuba material at Missguided, even the staplers and the staff), so has a really nice, flattering fit.

July Haul 4The same Missguided order saw me pick up this scuba frill crop top and scuba midi skirt, which I featured in this recent pastel OOTD so I won’t waffle on about them anymore (on a side note, mmmm waffles).

July Haul 7Crop Tee: Brave Soul via ASOS /Floral Sweat: Pull&Bear via ASOS

ANOTHER trip to the ASOS sale saw me pick up these 2 sale babies. I like the Brave Soul top because of its exceptionally subtle nod towards wealth (nobody will ever know that I was only able to fill my petrol tank halfway because I was so broke before payday, shhhh) and the Pull&Bear one will be lovely as we head into slightly chillier months. These were £10 and £6 respectively.

July Haul 8Bardot Body: Motel Rocks via ASOS

And the final purchase of the ASOS sale, and the month, was this Motel body which was £25 down to £12. Surely the sheer amount of bargains I acquired this month make this all totally acceptable, right? And if we think about the amount of money I’ve saved in the sales then, er, this is all basically free. Ah, the warped logic of a lunatic/blogger.

What do you all think of this haul? And what have you been buying lately?

Outfit of the Day: Vague Crop Tee

OOTD 24th May COllage 2
Crop top: eBay / Leather look leggings: River Island (old) / Chain: eBay / Bag: Primark

Good afternoon, ladies and gents!

Now this look is what I call ‘hoochie chic’ (no, I’m not really sure where the chic bit comes in either) and features my new crop top which I picked up from eBay this week. I may have explained before that despite liking slogan tees, I am quite fussy about what said slogan says. I don’t like t-shirts that say anything about partying – because I’m clearly not a party when I’m filling my car with petrol at 9am on a Sunday – or love, or dreams, or anything remotely shit like that. This, though, I like. I also like the loose fit and rolled sleeves. Top marks all round, eBay, top marks!

 OOTD 24th May Collage 5
Sunglasses: Primark / Shoes: Garage Shoes

I am also in love, yes LOVE, with my new shoes. I went on a search high and low for these babies, after seeing similar ones either sold out everywhere online or versions that were not quite right (ie a lot have white tops but black heels whereas I was after the full white). I finally chanced upon these on Garage Shoes, which I hadn’t visited before but definitely recommend for some cheap and cheerful new foot friends. I’m aware that sounds a bit like a club that foot fetishists might join. That is not what I mean.  ANYWHO, these only cost £30 and literally make me so happy I could do a little cry. Whether or not they survive a night out in Birmingham tonight is fully another matter. Alas, we shall see.

What do you all think of this outfit?

South Africa: My Holiday Wishlist

Something very exciting but slightly alarming is happening in approximately 2 weeks. I’m flying out to South Africa for 2 and a bit weeks, ready to hit the beaches, hit the braais and potentially hit myself in the head when I forget to put suncream on.

For those of you who don’t know, I was born in South Africa and lived there until I was 11. I still have lots of lovely family out there, so I’m as excited to see them as I am to see some elephants. As I was lucky enough to get quite a bit of time off work, I’ll be taking this route here:

MapStarting off in Johannesburg, I’m flying to Port Elizabeth where I have lots of friends and family. After that, I’ll be driving to East London where my grandma lives and after that I’ll be driving to Cape Town, with a little stop in Knysna. Safe to say, it’s going to be absolutely knackering but also HUGELY amazing. I’m super looking forward to it.

What I am not looking forward to, is bloody holiday shopping. Partly because I can’t stop eating cake at the moment, and partly because I actually haven’t done anything yet. I know. I leave in 2 weeks and I haven’t got a pretty sundress to my name. Help.

I’m off to the shops tomorrow to pick up a few bits and bobs, so I thought I’d put together a little wish list of things I want. HOWEVER. I desperately need your opinions before tomorrow (everyone loves a deadline) so I don’t end up looking like a lunatic when I see my long lost family.

PRIMARK COLLAGEAll from Primark’s SS14 Collection (check it out on Instyle here)

river island

All from River Island

new lookAll from New Look

These are just a starting point, but I have literally no idea whatsoever about what to get! If you girls know of anywhere that’s doing good holiday stuff at the moment, please PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

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River Island Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: Best Of

Another day, another S/S14 collection to lust over.Now that we’re officially into March, I say it’s officially time we all cast off our scarves and throw our coats in the bin . No, I don’t care if you get frostbite and your nip-nips become razor sharp weapons – winter is over and spring is here, rejoice!

River Island are the latest high street retailer to be flaunting their new season wares all over the internet (you can check out their full S/S14 trends page by clicking that there link) , and below I’ve gathered some of the pieces into the key trends that RI look to be pushing this year. A warning in advance: you may need sunglasses just to look at this lot. One thing River Island has never been is subtle, is it?

River Island 1Trend 1: Pink, Pink, Loads of Pinks

There really is no way to escape it, this year truly is all about the colour pink. Whereas other retailers are sticking to pale shades, River Island are embracing each and every tone of pink they can get their filthy fashion hands on. Fuchsia, salmon, dusky, pastel, neon and candyfloss pinks are all getting their time to shine (quite literally in the case of that metallic skirt). River Island 2Trend 2:  Tropical/Psychedelic/Tacky-As-Hell Prints

I struggled with what to call this trend, so figured I would go with the obvious. The amount of print in the new collection is sure to make your eyes bleed as soon as you walk into your local River Island, but after a winter of dark florals and cutesy heart prints, I think it’s actually kind of refreshing. Yes, people might ask you if you’re wearing these items as some sort of joke, but what do they know? Team with your prints with other bold items to really go to town on the look.

River Island 3

Trend 3: Cool Toned Futuristic Space Woman Clothes

Ask yourself, what will fashion-conscious space people of the future wear? Then look above – that is what they will wear. Clean lines and cool metallics feature quite heavily in the new collection, meaning that we can look all futuristic and alien-like but TODAY – which is just great news.

So there we have it. River Island definitely seem to be going quite brave this season, but what do you think?

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