So Susan’s LacquerLove Beauty Subscription Box | Review

SS8First of all, with my Mystic Meg-type powers I know what you’re likely to be thinking: another beauty box? With Glossybox, Birchbox and Love Me Beauty to name but a few, the market for monthly beauty boxes is pretty saturated right now, and even companies ranging from Glamour magazine to Selfridges are going out of their way to get their foot in the beauty box door. If you’re getting a little tired of all these boxes though, then you’ll be pleased to know that the latest offering from So Susan Cosmetics thankfully isn’t just a carbon copy of the others.

SS7The reason that my personal love affair with beauty boxes was cut quite short was due to the amount of products I received that simply weren’t relevant to me. I’m more into my makeup than skincare, so building up a collection of shower gels and face serums just didn’t thrill me all that much. When the lovely Susan herself contacted us to see if we would like to review one of their Lacquerlove boxes, though, what attracted me immediately to the concept was the focus of the products inside. The Lacquerlove Box is designed for nail polish lovers, and 3 of the 4 products that you receive each month will be from their range of 4-Free Nail Lacquers. So Susan also stocks a range of other cosmetics which may be included as the bonus items. So NO MORE SHOWER GELS, hurray!


SS5We received the launch box this morning and are really impressed with its contents. It came with four nail polishes from the range, and also a 2 in 1 eyeliner and shadow product from Jelly Pong Pong. I actually received this item in a past Glossybox, so fans of other beauty boxes might be able to expect some other recognisable brands in the future.

SS4If you’re into your ethical products, then you’ll be pleased to know So Susan has a very strong stance on what goes into their cosmetics. The 4-Free Nail Lacquers are specially formulated to be free from toluene, DBP, formaldehyde & formaldehyde resin. No, I’m not entirely sure what those things are either – but I’m sure I probably don’t want them. They’re also 100% cruelty free and contain no animal by-products.

ss1We received a beautiful range of colours: Mimosa, a sugary pale pink; Raspberry, a classic deep red; Pink Guava, which is a shocking pink perfect for the party season, and Silver Clouds, which is a metallic polish with a purple sheen. The formula promises high pigmentation, high shine, quick drying and a chip-free finish. Of course I wanted to put one to the test straight away (it is a Friday, after all…) I chose Raspberry as I’ve been rocking nude nails for a while now and thought some vampy colour could be a nice change.

I can confirm that it goes on brilliantly, and in two coats was opaque. It dried nice and quickly, and really does carry the most intense glossy shine – fans of Barry M’s Gelly Paints will not be disappointed!

SS10Overall, I’m really impressed with the Lacquerlove Box. Obviously, receiving three nail varnishes a month isn’t for everyone – but if you’re a nail polish fanatic or want to build up your collection then it’s probably your dream situation. As we get closer to Christmas, it’s also easy to see that these cute little boxes could make brilliant presents.

A huge thank you to So Susan for sending this box for us to review. You can buy your own launch box for £14.95 here or you can find out more about the subscription service.