Outfit of the Day: Sports Luxe

OOTD 4th Aug Collage 1Top: Brave Soul via ASOS / Shorts: Motel Rocks / Sandals: Primark

Hey there lads and lasses! So I have to say that sports luxe is a trend I never really felt brave enough to attempt, feeling that my take on joggers and heels would look less ‘fashion’ and more ‘confused chav’ (which is basically what I am, but we must try to hide this from the world). However, I think with this outfit I’ve sort of managed the varsity-inspired smart/casual blend that has been intriguing me for a couple of seasons now.

I’m in love with this Brave Soul top that I picked up in the ASOS sale a couple of weeks ago. You can’t see too well in the photos but it’s actually a perforated jersey so has that authentic sports vibe, but the cropped fit keeps it from being too masculine (which is a good thing considering I have shoulders broad enough to take on any American footballer). I also like the fact that the print isn’t a varsity number or anything too sporty, as I think that’s a leeeeedle bit done and dusted now.

OOTD 4th Aug Collage 2To add the smarter edge to the outfit I paired the top with these beautiful embossed white shorts from Motel. I got these as part of a co-ord, but they’re so versatile I’ll get plenty of wear out of them on their own. I can’t track them down on the website any longer which is a DARN shame, but they still have the black version here and they’re currently in the sale for £15 so GO MONKEYS, GO.

Of course my Primark sandals also had to be worn. Legend says that I’m actually incapable of wearing any other shoes at the moment…

What do you all think of this outfit?

July 2014 Haul: ASOS, Missguided & Primark

Do you ever have one of those months where you check your bank balance and actually consider alerting the authorities because you’re convinced SOMEONE must have swiped your card and gone on a spending spree? I did. As always though, I then looked in my wardrobe and realised that yes, a lunatic had indeed been on shopping spree… but that lunatic was me.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

July Haul 1Floral Shift Dress: River Island via ASOS / Sunflower Print Smock Dress: Motel Rocks*

I’ve been loving the ASOS sale this month, and this River Island dress was one of the beauties I picked up for my summer wardrobe for the mere price of £17 (down from £32). It comes quite long on me, so that teamed with the three-quarter sleeves and loose shift fit means that this is officially my new ‘grown up’ dress. Work meeting? I’ll wear this dress. Family meal? I’ll wear this dress. Want me to hang out with your nan? I’ll wear this dress (incidentally if anyone does want me to hang out with their nan then I genuinely will; I don’t have any grandparents left and really long for someone to do crosswords and bitch about young people with. Will bring my own Victoria sponge).

I was also lucky enough to WIN this beaut Motel dress last month from Yahoo Lifestyle‘s Twitter account, which I was super happy with. I don’t have the best luck with babydoll/smock dresses, but this one fits really nicely and isn’t as swampy as many that have come before it.

July haul 2Layered Cami & Beach Cover Up: both Primark

I popped into Primark for some ‘holiday bits’ (yep that old excuse) recently and had to pick up this coral cami. I have the same style in a floral/jungle print and I absolutely love the way it sits so couldn’t resist this version too. For only £6 it’s fantastico value for money. I also found this crochet, tassled vest top which is perfect as a beach cover up (actually something holiday-related, huzzah!). This was only £10 and they also did it in black, so I’m considering sneaking back for that one before my holiday on Tuesday. Because… well, why wouldn’t you?!

July Haul 6I also picked up these 3 pairs of shoesies from Primark. Both of the sandals were £4 I believe, and the nude heels were a crazy good £13.

July Haul 3Watermelon Crop: New Look /Tropical Print Crop: Missguided

Like it or not, watermelons are sexy now thanks to Beyoncé. Fruit print is all over the joint this S/S so I couldn’t say no to this little crop tee in New Look, especially as it was a mere £5.99. As it’s summer, my crop top game is of course on, so this little palm print beauty also found its way into a recent Missguided order. It’s scuba material, obviously (rumour has it everything is made from scuba material at Missguided, even the staplers and the staff), so has a really nice, flattering fit.

July Haul 4The same Missguided order saw me pick up this scuba frill crop top and scuba midi skirt, which I featured in this recent pastel OOTD so I won’t waffle on about them anymore (on a side note, mmmm waffles).

July Haul 7Crop Tee: Brave Soul via ASOS /Floral Sweat: Pull&Bear via ASOS

ANOTHER trip to the ASOS sale saw me pick up these 2 sale babies. I like the Brave Soul top because of its exceptionally subtle nod towards wealth (nobody will ever know that I was only able to fill my petrol tank halfway because I was so broke before payday, shhhh) and the Pull&Bear one will be lovely as we head into slightly chillier months. These were £10 and £6 respectively.

July Haul 8Bardot Body: Motel Rocks via ASOS

And the final purchase of the ASOS sale, and the month, was this Motel body which was £25 down to £12. Surely the sheer amount of bargains I acquired this month make this all totally acceptable, right? And if we think about the amount of money I’ve saved in the sales then, er, this is all basically free. Ah, the warped logic of a lunatic/blogger.

What do you all think of this haul? And what have you been buying lately?

Outfit of the Day: Missguided Pastels

OOTD 7th July Collage 1Top: Missguided / Skirt: Missguided / Shoes: Garage / Bag: c/o New Look

HELLO SNUGGLEBUMS. It’s been a while since I’ve done an OOTD, not because I’ve been doing a Godiva and walking round Coventry in the nud, but because I’ve basically hated all of my clothes over the past few weeks. Payday came around and I was therefore forced to place a few online orders, one of which from Missguided included this little top and skirt combo that I wore to a party over the weekend.

I really love both pieces and think they make a really nice summery outfit together. They’ll both also work just as well separately and can be dressed up or down. The skirt may even be sneaked into my work wardrobe if I can manage not to throw tea all over myself (unlikely).

OOTD 7th July Collage 2 My Garage heels made another appearance and I also got chance to use my beaut new transparent clutch from New Look. I’d wanted a transparent bag for a while, but had obvious concerns over walking round with everything on show – I mean, I’m not too bothered about anyone wanting to steal my bashed up iPhone or life savings of £3.50, but I don’t think I can handle the shame of people seeing how dirty my makeup brush is. This bag has a little zipped up section though so you can stash away the stuff you don’t want on show, reeeeesult.

What do you all think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!


Outfit of the Day: Laura Ralph Two-Piece

OOTD 27th May Collage 1Two Piece: Laura Ralph Designs / Shoes: Garage / Bag: Primark

HIYAAAAA! Just a quick OOTD for you today to show what I wore out this bank holiday. If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram then you’ll may have already seen this amazing co-ord as I’ve banged on about it, ooh, approximately 73 million times since I bought it. It was made by the super fantastic Laura Ralph, who makes shorts, skirts and trouser sets to order in a range of different materials and prints. Considering how much brands like Motel are charging for co-ords at the moment, I think this is absolutely amazing at only £25.

If you fancy ordering yourself one then Laura’s co-ords are stocked at The Little Deer or you can check out her Facebook page, where you can see all her latest fabrics and place your custom order.

OOTD 27th May Collage 2Necklace: Primark / Rings: ℅ Zara Taylor, Primark

I kept accessories pretty simple with my beaut new shoes (dribble dribble drool drool), silver jewellery and of course lashings of fake tan. This was after I had somewhat of a fake tan disaster earlier in the day, as I woke up Sunday morning to find that when doing my tan before bed on Saturday, I had only tanned one of my arms. One arm was beautifully blorange, the other looked like a corpse’s. Thankfully Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan came to my rescue, thank the lawwwd!

What do you all think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Outfit of the Day: Vague Crop Tee

OOTD 24th May COllage 2
Crop top: eBay / Leather look leggings: River Island (old) / Chain: eBay / Bag: Primark

Good afternoon, ladies and gents!

Now this look is what I call ‘hoochie chic’ (no, I’m not really sure where the chic bit comes in either) and features my new crop top which I picked up from eBay this week. I may have explained before that despite liking slogan tees, I am quite fussy about what said slogan says. I don’t like t-shirts that say anything about partying – because I’m clearly not a party when I’m filling my car with petrol at 9am on a Sunday – or love, or dreams, or anything remotely shit like that. This, though, I like. I also like the loose fit and rolled sleeves. Top marks all round, eBay, top marks!

 OOTD 24th May Collage 5
Sunglasses: Primark / Shoes: Garage Shoes

I am also in love, yes LOVE, with my new shoes. I went on a search high and low for these babies, after seeing similar ones either sold out everywhere online or versions that were not quite right (ie a lot have white tops but black heels whereas I was after the full white). I finally chanced upon these on Garage Shoes, which I hadn’t visited before but definitely recommend for some cheap and cheerful new foot friends. I’m aware that sounds a bit like a club that foot fetishists might join. That is not what I mean.  ANYWHO, these only cost £30 and literally make me so happy I could do a little cry. Whether or not they survive a night out in Birmingham tonight is fully another matter. Alas, we shall see.

What do you all think of this outfit?

Outfit of the Day: Monochrome and Mint

OOTD 4th May Collage 1Blazer: Primark / Crop Top: Topshop / Trousers: Primark / Juju Jelly Shoes: ASOS / Bag: Primark

Hello there you delightful little chimps. I hope we’re all enjoying similar levels of Sunday hungoverness and that I’m not the only one who demolished a McChicken sandwich and large fries before noon? Good good, that’s what I like to hear.

Last night before heading to the pub I asked my housemate if wearing a crop top and a blazer was ‘a bit Scary Spice’, to which she replied “Hahahaha, yeah it is” before pushing me out of the door anyway.  Mel B-esque or not though, I really like this combination of the two new items I bought yesterday (check out my haul post here if you haven’t already); it looks fresh and summery but still kept me warm enough on my drunk walk home. Reeeeesult.

OOTD 4th May Collage 2I also chose my cigarette trousers – which I bought months ago but I’ve seen in store again recently, FYI – my beloved JuJu jellies and Lauren’s fit holographic clutch bag.

What do you all think of this outfit?

Outfit of the Day: Double Denim

OOTD 26th Collage 1Sleeveless Denim Jacket: Topshop (old) / Bralet: c/o Elsie & Fred / Jeans: Topshop (old) / Docs: c/o Cloggs.co.uk 

Is it just me, or am I shrinking? I mean, I literally look about three feet tall in these photos. There are probably toddlers out there who could get me in a headlock.

Anyway, several years after it became a ‘thing’, I’ve today decided to rock some double denim – and it still felt a bit ke-razy of me. Both pieces are from Topshop several years ago, so you may need a time machine if you desperately want to get your hands on them (or eBay is a cheaper option).

OOTD 26th Collage 2That on the right is what I like to call my ‘flashing pose’.

I teamed the double denim with my favey pastel piece for this Spring, this beaut colour-block bralet from Elsie & Fred, as well as my beloved Docs (which yes, still have the nickname of ‘Claire’s gardening shoes’ whenever I wear them to work – stupid boys).

What do you all think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Outfit of the Day: White Distressed Jeans

OOTD 26th April CollageBody: Abandon Ship Apparel / Jeans: Boohoo / Belt: Primark /Shoes: Primark / Chain: eBay (old)

Oh yes, you see right – I’ve finally jumped on the white jean bangwagon!

When I first saw white denim popping up again, I wanted to hide myself in the nearest wardrobe and not come out til at least A/W14. I haven’t braved white jeans since I was 16 and had a pair of white skinnies which, contrary to making me look cool and indie like I hoped at the time, made my hips look about 8 feet wide.

7 years later and my hips are the same, but this more relaxed fit is much more forgiving. I fell in love with this boyfriend fit distressed pair on the Boohoo website a couple of weeks ago, and finally flung them into my online basket on payday.

OOTD 26th April Collage 2I do completely love them, though there is a bit of an issue with sizing I’d say – I ordered the 8 and they’re far too baggy for me at the waist. It can be fixed with a belt as I have here, but the detailing is a really pretty rose gold (as you can see above without the belt) that I don’t really want to cover all the time so I’m debating exchanging them for the smaller size – though the thought that I could EVER be a size 6 in jeans in the real world is ludicrous, so I would definitely recommend sizing down if you buy these yourself. It’s also worth noting that I’ve rolled these up a lot, though I was expecting that being only 5’2.

This cat body is from Abandon Ship Apparel; I actually bought it way back in December at the Clothes Show but haven’t worn it too much as I always saw it as more of a summer item. Because er, that’s when the Satanic kittens are known to come out to play? They don’t seem to sell the body on their website anymore but you can pick up this equally fetching pair of kitten leggings if you so wish.

What do you all think of this outfit? Have you jumped on the white jeans trend yet?

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Guest Post: The Problem With Pink

As some of you may know, Lauren is still living it up in South Africa and I’m bogged down with work in Costa Del Coventry (seems fair RIGHT?), We’ve therefore enlisted the help of one of our other favourite bloggers Rachel, who’s kindly wrote this guest post for us. CHEERS PAL!
Hello lovelies! I’m Rach from over at Me, Myself And…, and I’ve stopped by Stylingo to guest post for the lovely Claire and Lauren! I’m here today to offer support to those who are still feeling a tad nervous about the pink trend. Bring it in ladies…

So – PINK IS STILL IN. Who saw that coming? Certainly not me.

For someone who loves pastel colours, I always tend to shy away from the candy floss hue. Cobalt blue, neon yellow, lime green – I’ve got em all! But fuchsia pink? No thanksss.

Being the brave creature that I am, I’ve pushed my irrational fear of pink to the side and had a look at some of Asos‘ newest offerings. I have to say, I’m sort of coming round to the idea…

I had originally gone looking for some bits and pieces from the website just to show what was on offer, but I’m not going to lie – I saved ALL for later. How much later? Payday later! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still nervous about it all arriving and looking completely ridiculous on me. I can’t help it if I think even the slightest bit of pink being incorporated into my outfit is going to result in a striking resemblance to Frenchy from Grease.

So, if you’re anything like me – crazy – then here are a few tips to get you through the pink trend…

You’re not sure which shade of pink will suit you
Tip: Chances are, none of them – so just pick whichever will look nicest sitting at the end of your bed, tag still attached, for the next 6-8 weeks.

You think it looks too girly on you
Tip: Grunge it up with chunky boots. If that doesn’t work – grow a beard.

Hardly anything in your wardrobe will go with pink
Tip: Throw it out. Throw it all out. Then buy more pink stuff. Hell, why not just drop out of beauty school and rename yourself Frenchy while you’re at it.

You think it makes you look like a walking, talking marshmallow.
Tip: Walk around with a bag of Flumps permanently fixed to your hand – anyone who can’t differentiate between the two doesn’t deserve a place in your life.

Happy Shopping!

A huge thank you to Rachel for guest posting for us today!

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