6 Style Staples You Need This Summer

And so, it’s happened: spring has finally rocked up, like a hungover teenager dragging themselves out of bed just in time for Christmas dinner, sheepishly dishing out the roast potatoes while trying to act like they’re not about to barf. And well, isn’t it about bloody time.

After the longest winter EVER, we’ve finally been blessed with a couple of nice weeks. This has led to me panic ordering a whole new wardrobe, which in turn has led to me identifying a few key style staples I think we all need to pick up this summer. With minimal dilly-dallying, onto my list…

Claire 3

1. Anything with polka dots

Two things I always swore I would never change my mind on: polka dots and ITV presenter Stephen Mulhern. And look at me now, rocking polka dots left right and centre and tuning into Britain’s Got More Talent specifically to lol at Mulhern. Leopards truly can change their spots, dear readers.

I was kindly sent the above polka dot trousers from Entire Desire, who I featured in this post a couple of months ago. They’re such a statement piece, and I love the super-high paperbag waist. I wasn’t sure they would suit me, being only 5’3, but I think they actually do wonders at lengthening my legs (as well as increasing sass levels by around abouts 75%).

Claire 5

2. Coloured denim

Okay, pastel denim jackets might have been a thing last summer too, but er, I only just got this jacket so I’m pretending it’s a new trend. And at only £15 from good old Primark, everyone can also afford to hop on this style staple bandwagon.

Of course, denim isn’t restricted to jackets. While I’m not really feeling coloured jeans this year (cue awful flashbacks to a bright pink pair I had when I was 16 – not kind to my hips, you’ll be super-shocked to hear), coloured denim skirts are another matter. I’ve got my eye on this PLT red one in particular, so keep an eye on my Instagram for that as I’m sure it will be appearing after payday. .

claire 4

3. A bright suit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or worse: an Instagram-free zone), you’ll know that bright trouser suits have been HUGE news in recent months.

If you’re not quite fash-un enough to brave the full head-to-toe look – or like me, you can’t find a petite version so look like you’ve stolen your camp dad’s outfit – then opting for just one piece of the suit is a good way to nod to the trend. I picked up these bright green beauties from Primark, and have just about recovered from the turmoil of having to leave the blazer behind.

Claire 1 claire 2

4. Pastel mules

Beer garden weather = no time for high heels. Instead this summer, it’s all about the low heel. I know, I know, I never thought I’d see the day either. The key to keeping the shoes fun and not being too much of a Sensible Sally is to choose a pair in a bright or pastel shade. Primark have some super nice lemon ones in at the mo, but I was sent this beautiful pair from Uppersole* recently. They’re the cutest things on earth, but also so blimmin’ comfy – I’m finally a mule convert, and it feels good.

5. Slogan tee

They’ve been around for a while, but slogan tees are still having a moment. Update yours by choosing a tee with subtle pocket embroidery or more statement features like tassels attached to the slogan (Primark have a great range, FYI).


6. Straw bag

Finally, you shouldn’t step foot on a plane this summer without a straw bag. Like really, the cabin crew should be in charge of rugby tackling you if you even try. I’ve just ordered this wonder from eBay and am super excited to see what it’s like when it turns up. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see it included in ALL of my holiday snaps next week.

These are my style staples for the summer, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments!

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