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Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make: I am a stumpy girl. I have stumpy legs, a stumpy body, stumpy fingers and even my hair long ago decided to give up growing and just become stumpy hair. Basically, nothing on my body has ever been arsed to grow to an agreeable length. Unsurprisingly this also includes my eyelashes, hence why I’m borderline obsessed with mascara and have wanted to give eyelash extensions a go since approximately FOREVER (and even more so following an unfortunate recent incident with an eyelash curler where I might have… er… snipped off half my lashes).

Recently at a press day I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try out some semi-permanenent false lashes from Angel Eyes, which I was SO excited about. Before I had them done, I got chatting to the founder of Angel Eyes, Marie Di-Rito, who devised the unique 7-step technique after years of experience in eyelash extensions. This technique is now taught to lash technicians in salons all over the UK that fit Angel Eyes extensions, so you’re guaranteed the same amazing quality wherever you get them done.

Angel Eyes Lash Extensions

Before / After

After an initial consultation where we discussed what look I wanted, I opted for the ‘Socialite’ lashes which are designed to last between 2-3 weeks before you need infills. Application only took around 15 minutes and I was so pleased with the results. As you can see, my lashes transformed from being mousey little stumps to thick, full, dark fluttery things of dreams. I thought they might feel a bit uncomfortable or at least heavy in the same way that some strip lashes do, but in all honesty I couldn’t feel these at all.

I’ve heard of other people having lash extensions and waking up the next morning to find they’ve nearly all fell out, so I was curious to see how long these would last. However, they really impressed me. I lost one or two lashes in the first couple of days but other than that they basically stayed put. You’re advised not to use oil-based mascaras which I thought I’d struggle with, but they looked so good that I quickly grew used to not needing mascara. I was careful wiping my eyeliner off at night and tried not to touch my eyes during the day, but other than that I got on with my life as normal and they were no hassle whatsoever.

Angel Eyes Lash Extensions

Looking cock-eyed but fluttery

I’d been advised that the lashes could only be removed by an Angel Eyes technician, which did make me wonder whether I’d actually given over my eyeballs to some sort of witchcraft. I also thought it might end up being a bit of a pain as my nearest technician seemed to be in Leicester and I find it a bit of a chore just getting off the sofa sometimes. However, after just over 2 weeks a few more of the lashes had started to shed and then I couldn’t help but start picking just a bit… I’ll point out that this is totally not what they advise and you really should get them removed by a professional to avoid damaging your own lashes – but mine remained absolutely fine.

Overall I was really impressed with the lashes and think I could have got another week out of them if I hadn’t got a bit pick-happy. I have a few important occasions coming up in the summer and I would definitely be tempted to get them again as they’re so perfect for a holiday (as a side note, they’ve also been tested in conditions ranging from blizzards and strong winds to 40 degree temperatures, so whatever holiday you’re on they’ll definitely last!) or just adding some glamour to your everyday look.

If you’re interested in getting Angel Eyes eyelash extensions then you can take a look at their handy salon finder to find a technician near to you. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful ladies at the CiCi PR event who hooked me up with my lashes – you released me from my stumpy life for a couple of weeks, which may go on record as being the best weeks of my life.

Have any of you had eyelash extensions before? What did you think?

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  1. Alex June 11, 2014 / 9:18 am

    Omg I’ve wanted eyelash extensions for ages too but didn’t know if they were worth it, these look fab though! Xx

    • Claire June 11, 2014 / 12:39 pm

      I was the same as I’d heard a lot of people saying they were a waste of time, but these impressed me a lot 🙂 Would definitely recommend xx

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