What’s New In Primark | March 2017

Primark March New InLast month, I showed you 10 Unreal Things You Can Buy In Primark Right Now, based on their handy New Arrivals section on the website. I really enjoyed putting that post together (mainly because I’m a top Primark pervert) and you seemed to find it useful too, so I decided it might be an aiight idea to make it a bit of a monthly feature  – I know right, because I’m soooo good at those. Nobody ask me where my February Round-Up is because I DUN KNOW.  View Full Post

10 Unreal Things You Can Buy In Primark Right Now

If you’re anything like me and like to go into a Primark with a solid idea of what you’re looking for, then  you’re in for a treat. I’ve scoured the New Arrivals  section of the store’s website and whittled down 10 of what I think to be the very best things that have apparently recently landed in store. Whether or not you’ll be able to find these beauties in your local Primark is of course just one of the risks you have to take when shopping in Primark (along with the risk of getting your foot ran over by a pram/getting trapped inside a dress in the changing room etc) – but if you can find any of them, then it’s going to be so worth it. Without further ado, here are the 10 things you can currently buy that I think are UNBELIEVABLY good: View Full Post

Monthly Must-Haves #7 | The AW16 Coat Edit

coat-collageNew Look Puffer Jacket | New Look Padded Coat (Via ASOS) | ASOS Petite Parka | Miss Selfridge Parka | Missguided Teddy Coat | Topshop Quilted Puffer Jacket

So remember back in August (here to be exact) when I said that I couldn’t wait for autumn/winter fashion and shopping? Well I completely take that back because it’s now freezing and I can’t find a new coat that I like and I AM THE MOST STRESSED PERSON ABOUT IT EVER.

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