Conquering my Fears (Lol JK) at Go Ape Coventry

In my last post, I spoke about bucket lists and how there is nothing remotely interesting on mine. This wasn’t a joke – I genuinely don’t think I have one thrill-seeking bone in my body (my bones prefer lying in bed watching Netflix). This is why when I was offered the chance to do a bungee jump a couple of years ago, it was a firm no. I mean, I’m all for trying new things, but do I want to die? No thanks. However, when I was recently invited along to review the new Go Ape experience in Coventry, I decided that was something me and my bones could probably just about handle.

I’ve never been to Go Ape before and didn’t really know what to expect, so took my friend Lisa along for the day. Lisa is a bonafide thrill-seeker, whose motto is that nothing good happens outside of comfort zones (whereas mine is ‘wow what a lovely comfort zone, comfy AF in here, let’s stay forever’), so I knew she was a great person to have there in case I had any wobbles.

And wobble I did.

Because it turns out that at some point in my 28 years of life I’ve developed a mild fear of heights and the upper body strength of a three-month-old baby. So when we set off on our first zip line of the day and I ended up stranded in the middle of the line, dangling miles above the ground (or maybe about two metres – who can say?) with the only option to haul myself along some ropes to get to the landing ledge, I genuinely thought I might just die there.

Finally, with encouragement from Lisa (and a helpful little pull at the end) I managed to get to safety. And after I realised that 1. I didn’t die and 2. I was being ridiculous, I actually really started to enjoy myself.

The Go Ape course in Coventry is set in the grounds of Coombe Abbey, which locals will know as a sprawling 500 acre country estate. The course has five different high rope adventures, which we got to explore as part of our Tree Top Challenge. Each of the routes got a little higher, but as we manoeuvred over rope bridges, Tarzan swings and HUGE ziplines, I actually felt more and more comfortable. By the time we were on our second route of the afternoon, I was jumping off ledges that I wouldn’t have imagined myself even standing on confidently an hour earlier.

Of course I didn’t completely leave my comfort zone – the final challenge at Go Ape Coventry is the delightfully named ‘Plummett’, a 12-metre vertical drop. I felt like I’d had enough fun for one day, so left Lisa to tackle that one at her own (under the pretence that I would “get some photos for the blog post” from below) (heehee).

Overall I had a great time on the Go Ape course, and would really recommend it for adults and kids alike who are looking for something a little different to do in the West Midlands. While I can’t speak for people with a proper fear of heights, I can safely say that if you’re like me – generally a bit wimpy, prone to the odd wobble – then it’s a cool way to push yourself a little bit too.

While our tickets were gifted to us in exchange for the review, prices for the Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape Coventry are £33 for adults and £28 for kids aged 15 and under. There are also shorter adventures that have prices starting at £18, and discounts available if you book online via the Go Ape Coventry website.

Have you been to a Go Ape, or would you like to? How do you feel about pushing outside of your comfort zone? Let me know in the comments!

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