DIY Hair Mask: An Eggcellent Idea?

The word ‘natural’ is definitely not one that Lauren and I use often in relation to our hair and makeup – unless it’s in the context of ‘ugh, look how natural my face looks today. This is disgusting; pass me the foundation and a trowel’.

However, while I was browsing the beautiful Alice’s blog Tea and Lead, I stumbled across her tutorials for at-home beauty treatments and decided to see what all the fuss was about. After all, it must be good to give your hair and skin a break from all those chemicals every once in a while, yes? Yes yes.

I’ve been working from home these past two days, which means that I’ve had a lot more time to prance around being stupid, so on my lunch today I decided to whip up a DIY hair mask out of eggs and a dash of olive oil. Being forever the nerd I am, I looked into why eggsactly exactly eggs make good hair masks – apparently, they contain vitamins A, D and E to help nourish the hair, and have loads of fatty acids which make them brilliant moisturisers too. SMASHING GREAT, I thought. So, here are the steps you should follow if you wish to recreate my eggsperience experience:

Egg Mask 11. Gather your ingredients: 1 egg for short-medium length hair, or 2 eggs for longer hair or hair that needs loads of lovin’ (i.e. mine) AND some olive oil

Egg Mask 22.Mix the eggs and a bit of the oil up into a big mess in a bow
3.Chuck this all over your head

Egg Mask 34. Wrap cling film round your head so that you too resemble an egg
5. Go about your business, occasionally dripping raw egg on whatever it is that you’re doing. Try not to retch
6. Feel bits of raw egg drying on your face. Wonder if this is good for your skin
7. Google it, find out that it is good for your skin, but the woman in the photos with literal egg on her face looks like an absolute fool, so decide you won’t bother
8. Consider the fact that your hair is getting quite hot under cling film and worry for a bit that you might be cooking the eggs in your hair
9. After 30 minutes, rinse off in cool water (it actually has to be cool or else you WILL cook the egg in your hair)
10. Be happy that you hair doesn’t smell of egg. Get on with your life.

So, that was what I did today. I can’t really tell you whether the egg mask worked, because of course when it came to drying and styling my hair I went back to all my sexy little chemical-ridden leave-in conditioners and oils. But I’m sure that really it did do it some good, and that the universe is now a better place. Maybe.

If you know of any other DIY beauty treatments I should give a go, then let me know in the comments!

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