Double Denim: Do You Dare?

That time has come again for the Great Fashion Controversy.* Post the Daily Mail’s outcry over LC:M ̶ where models accessorised with broken grates over their faces ̶ and while the socks and sandals trend that we’re seeing over at Prada and Agi & Sam is still comfortingly niche enough to be avoided by anyone not able to pull off it off with aplomb, it’s been a while since we had anything really shake us up and make us cling to everything we know and hold dear**.

Thus, it was time again for designers and fashion editors alike to turn to each other and ask themselves anew: what can we do to get people talking again? Inevitably, they tend to alight on one particular trend with unfailing regularity: double denim.

Ah yes, folks, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you the Canadian Tuxedo is once again being touted by stylistas as this season’s must-have matchy matchy.

Admittedly, we’re partly to blame for allowing this to become a ‘thing’, instead of one of those trends heralded by the fashion elite and largely snorted at and ignored by the general public. Shame on us. Part of its traction is possibly because it’s easy enough for anyone to do and can usually be shopped within your existing wardrobe, which really is quite a coup. Edgy and effectively free, at this point, rational thought seems to go out the window. Sure Beckham wore it circa 2001, but on the other hand, Beckham wore it circa now, as has Alexa Chung: those two great influencers of style for both sexes respectively, for oh yes, this is one trend that transcends gender (rarely an argument for a winning look).

If you really insist on going there with this one (and here we must shake hands and part ways) there are ways to ‘do’ double denim: team a light shirt with dark bottoms, or vice versa (avoid any separates too close in colour. This is Jeremy Clarkson territory). Experiment with prints to break up the block of denim; similarly, wear a basic tee with jeans and a denim jacket slung over the top, a la Beckham 2013. And if ever in doubt, for the love of God, wear something else.

Great double denim offenders/ your new style icons:




Jeremy Clarkson


Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears



Consider yourself warned.

*If you ignore the continuing issue of models’ BMI, Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent and anything that comes out of John Galliano’s mouth.

**See above.

Amy Lavelle is a journalist from UK fashion comparison site Style in View. She’s contributed to a number of publications including Spindle magazine.

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