Outfit of the Night: Denim Skater Skirt, Crop Top & No Glass Bottles

Over the weekend we had two of our bestest friends from uni come to stay with us in our new house. This of course meant a night out on Saturday, as what better way is there to say ‘hey, we’ve missed you’ than with cocktails and slut dropping?

Anyway, we were completely useless and forgot to get proper OOTN pictures (bad blogger award goes to us). In fact, Lauren’s outfit was hardly featured in any full-length photos at all. But just in case anybody is interested, here is a brief look at what I wore:

OOTN 16th JuneCrop top: Primark
Gold chain: eBay
Skater skirt: Topshop
Shoe boots & bag: Primark

(Can you believe that they served me a VK in a plastic glass? Apparently we’re no longer trusted with bottles in Coventry; the risk of us throwing them at each other must be too great.)

It was a really simple outfit but I liked it anyway. If for any reason you felt compelled to recreate the look, then here is how to do it:

OOTN 16th June Collage


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