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Grabble 2So tonight Lauren and I are off to the Company Style Blogger Awards, which we are TOO excited about (yesterday Lauren actually said the phrase “I’m so excited I want to burn my hair off”, which, while disturbing, I kind of understand), but I realised we still hadn’t told you about another stonkingly fantastic event we went to recently. What are we like, eh?! “You’re like really bad bloggers”, I hear you reply. Shh…

So a couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to #JammingWithGrabble, a party held by life-changing shopping tool Grabble in partnership with Jam Industries (the clothing brand of Made in Chelsea’s Andy Jordan). After a quick drink… or five… each… on the train down to London after work, we turned up to the proper groovy Hoxton Hotel where we were greeted by the lovely Katie from Grabble, along with more drinks (hurrah!) and a gaggle of exceptionally lovely bloggers and cool industry types.

Grabble 3The party had basically all of my top essentials for a night out: magicians, beer pong and gin. So much gin. On top of this, there were also performances from Andy himself (who yes, we did get to meet, and yes, I did behave like an utter tit and got him to do a live action replay of when he told Louise “I WISH I COULD DELETE YOU” because it was my have TV moment ever) and the uber cool Ivy and Gold.

Grabble 4It was also wonderful to finally meet some lovely bloggers, including Rach from Rachel Nicole (snapped with us below!) and Georgina from Notes La Mode, while also catching up with our beaut Holly from i2Style.

Grabble 5Because me and Lauren get overly excited at events and basically run around wanting to be friends with everyone, we usually forget to actually take any photos so most of these pictures have been shamelessly stolen from Grabble’s Facebook page. However, here are a few that we managed to get when we weren’t being total dorks.

Grabble 8

Grabble 6Oh wait, clearly I was being a total dork.

For the event, I wore a H&M crop top, Primark trousers and my adored Garage shoes. Lauren wore a snazzy t-shirt dress from Missguided and some really expensive shoes that she bought from some really fancy expensive  boutique (*cough*BIRMINGHAM MARKET*cough*).

A huge thank you to Katie and the rest of the Grabble gang for organising such an amazing event, and for supplying us with a fantarrrrrstic goody bag too. It was such a fun night that ultimately ended with us doing vodka shots with the barman. Well, you can take the girls out of Coventry…

If you haven’t checked out Grabble yet then I absolutely insist you do, as it’s a bloody genius tool that allows you to ‘grab’ fashion from all over the internet and save it to one big Grabble collection. Grabble also then lets you know when any of it goes in the sale, saving you loads of dollar – presumably so you can buy more gin. We like, we like very much.

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