Mainline Menswear Father’s Day Competition

IMG_8669[1]Aw, so here’s a photo of me and my dad on the day that he sold me as a child bride.

I kid, of course – this is obviously my Holy Communion. ‘Great Catholic memory, Claire’ I hear you say, ‘But what does this have to do with fashion?’ Well dear readers, we were recently contacted by Mainline Menswear to see if we would like to enter their Father’s Day competition. Lauren and I love a good competition, but we liked this one even more because for once the prize isn’t for our greedy selves, but our dads, who can win £250 to spend on the site. Nice, eh?!

I decided to give this competition a go because I happen to be quite fond of my dad. He’s a nice fellow, often doing helpful things like dropping snacks off to me and mowing our lawn. Not that he  really offered to do that – it was more of a “Oh thanks for lending me your lawn mower dad… do you fancy giving it a whizz round the garden while you’re here?” sort of situation – but he was a good egg and helped out nonetheless. He’s also notoriously difficult to buy presents for, and usually asks for either nothing or something painfully dull like a torch or a map (planning his escape perhaps?) – so I quite like the thought of handing him a voucher and letting him do his thang.

To enter the competition, all I need to do is pick my dad out an outfit from the range of clothes available on Mainline Menswear. Here is the little ensemble I’ve come up with:

Dad ClothesAs is kind of indicated by his flowing locks in our photo, my dad used to consider himself a bit of a Bon Jovi-like rock man. And he took this quite seriously – when I was born, he had a bleached blonde mullet. No. I am not joking. I suppose it was always inevitable I was going to end up a bit obsessed with my hair when some of my earliest memories involve watching my dad get highlights…

Anyway, I digress. So I opted for a kind of rock-ish outfit, consisting of some slim-fit Levis (because nobody wants to see a man over the age of 50 wearing skinny jeans, nobody), a Diesel t-shirt and these Dr Marten Bentleys so he could stand on people’s toes at a gig. And of course, his hair is a bit mousey these days so he can have some hair bleach too. Heeeeeheeeee.

If any of you would like to enter this competition then you can visit this page on the Mainline Menswear blog. I’d rather you didn’t though, because I want my dad to win so I can bribe him into continuing to mow my lawn…

What do you all think of this outfit?

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