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Hey guys and gurrrls! It’s been a while since I did a Monthly Must-Haves post, and I was wondering why this was. Have I cut down on my online shopping? Er no. Have I suddenly become rich and just buy everything I want straight away, eliminating the need to compile wishlists? Also no. Oh yes, that’s it: IT’S BEEN WINTER FOR APPROXIMATELY 73 YEARS.

Seriously. Who can even be bothered to shop when the mere act of typing in your debit card number could result in your fingers dropping off from frostbite?

Well, it looks like Spring might finally be showing it’s big, stupid late face and so to celebrate, I’ve pulled together my most-wanted items of the month. All are from Pretty Little Thing, because they’re just making all of my sartorial dreams come true RN. Feast your eyes on the below and you’ll see why.


PLT Monthly 1 (1)



1. Knitted Loungewear Set | 2. ‘California’ Oversized Sweater | 3. Mauve Oversized Sweater Dress | 4. Stone Casual Trousers

So as we can see, spring does not signal the end of loungewear season for me. Oh no. I still want everything to be elasticated and oversized; but now I would like these elasticated, oversized clothes to be strictly in the tones of blush and nude.

I recently bought a camel boyfriend blazer from Boohoo, and I think any of these loungey pieces teamed with that slightly smarter (but also nude, obv) jacket will create a nice weekend-chill outfit. Trainers now and fluffy sliders in a couple of months. Ahh, perfecto.

PLT Monthly 2

5. Petite Striped Wide Legged Trousers | 6. Oversized ‘Darling’ Sweater | 7. Petite Frill Hem Midaxi Dress | 8. Stripe Wrap Midi Dress

Ignoring yet another oversized jumper (I have problems, okay), I also picked few pieces on the more summery end of the scale. I’ve got a couple of parties and christenings lined up over Spring, and I think these are perfect for that sort of occasion. Now that I’m 27 and have saggy knees, I’m less inclined to rock a mini dress for every occasion – instead I’m all about wide-legged trousers and midis for a slighty more sophisticated feel. A mini will still come out at least one occasion out of three though, let’s be real.

These are my current must-haves for the month, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments!

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