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Hello there chaps,

There was a time in my life when jewellery was a bit of an afterthought. I distinctly remember owning a butterfly clip when I was about 11 that had wings that flapped as I walked. Fast-forwarding about 10 years, my jewellery choices can only be described as somewhat hood rat. Giant gold chains? Ridiculously large earrings? You can guarantee I was all over them with bells on.

Having reached the grand old age of 22 as well as leaving uni and somehow acquiring a real person’s life, it was high time I rethought my jewellery collection. A top life tip? People take you more seriously when you don’t wear an unhealthy amount of leopard print and gold. It’s a mad world we live in chums, I don’t like it any more than you do.

As you may have seen, we recently did a post about the launch of the new jewellery brand NOWSEEN (read it here, losers). Claire and I were discussing that there definitely aren’t enough brands just dedicated to jewellery and we’re mega excited about this one. The brand how now been launched (we didn’t check daily in eager anticipation…) and it’s full of beautiful jazzy jewels.

We’ve been though and picked some of our favourite pieces of jewellery to show you exactly how excellent the range is. Please don’t blame us if you end up spending some of Her Maj’s coinage – ITS NOT OUR FAULT.



NOWSEEN3I have to say, my personal NOWSEEN favourites are the rings. I’m definitely a ring type of girl and these ones are absolutely gorgeous. I have my beady little eye on the panda in particular, because wearing the cutest animal in the world on my hands has always been my life’s wish. NOWSEEN’s necklaces and pendants are lovely too, although it has taken me quite some time to realise that jewellery that isn’t huge and gold can be a viable option. Bracelet-wise, you can’t go far wrong with these delicate pieces, they are so so cute and adorbs. I’m actually seriously thinking about getting the garnet one for my dear Mutti for Christmas – it’s right up her street (she’s a funky woman).

We’re also VERY excited to see that NOWSEEN have now launched a competition to celebrate their entry into our lives. There are a few ways to enter; either retween the giveaway tweet, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their newsletter. And what do you stand to win by doing so? I’ll tell you what you stand to win – 200 ruddy English pounds to spend on their website! For full information take a look at their Facebook page.

What do you all think of NOWSEEN? Will you be checking out what this fabby new brand has to offer?

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2 Responses

  1. Jessica Edmunds November 9, 2013 / 7:37 pm

    YES! I wasn’t the only one with butterfly clips hahah WOO!
    I love the bracelets, very elegant and dainty! x

    • Lauren Forse November 12, 2013 / 9:19 am

      Hahaha we were fashion queens 😉 I remember loving them so much pahahaha. Yeah they’re lovely aren’t they? I’ve not actually been the biggest bangle wearer but I might be on the turn after seeing these! xxxx

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