October & November: Reading, Watching, Wearing

Blogger wearing Calvin KleinCalvin Klein bralette*: Nakd | Kimono: Hunkemoller*

Happy Sunday one and all, and welcome to my latest here’s-an-idea-for-a-monthly-blog-series-that-I-might-stick-to-but-also-might-do-once-and-forget-about-because-lol-it’s-me. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but in a nutshell I thought I’d put together a little monthly or bi-monthly post of thing I’ve been enjoying, in case any of you need any recommendations for books, Netflix shows, clothing websites, Instagram accounts that actually inspire you and don’t make you feel so ugly you need to flush yourself down the toilet immediately, etc etc…

SO, October and November were actually pretty busy months for me – it was my birthday, I went to Bristol for the weekend and also drank my entire recommended yearly allowance of alcohol over two consecutive bottomless brunch weekends. Yet alongside all of these japes, I still found time to get some good lounging time in (yes mainly when I was hungover).

I hadn’t read a good book for a while, after being somewhat unimpressed by Little Fires Everywhere, which I read on holiday. But in October I downloaded How Do You Like Me Now? after hearing it recommended on a podcast – and LOVED it. This novel by Holly Bourne sounds a bit typically chick-lit to begin with – the plot focuses around Tori, a woman who wrote a self-help book in her mid-twenties, but begins to realise that her life is far from the perfect, put-together version she presented at the end of her memoir.

However, I found it so much funnier and more insightful than I’d expected. From the way she applies concealer and mascara to take a ‘no-makeup gym selfie’ that she captions with a joke about looking a mess, to her conflicting feelings on marriage, Tori was one of the most relatable (though not always entirely likeable) protagonists I’ve ever come across. I think this book would be especially poignant for any fellow millennial gals who feel they spend a bit too much time online and have ever felt at risk of being left behind while their friends bound ahead with weddings and babies – but it would also be a great read if you’re in a different stage of your life, too. It also contains one of the best observations about relationships during this period of our lives EVER:

“Turning thirty is like playing musical chairs. The music stops, and everyone just marries whoever they happen to be sitting on.”

*Sips tea.*

October 1V Block Knitted Jumper*: Nakd | Jeans: ASOS: | Boots: Pimkie

Next, onto TV. In October, I binge-watched a fair few shows on Netflix because EVERYTHING good came out at once (where were you when I needed you during the summer hangovers, Sabrina?) First up was Maniac, which was an incredible series about Jonah Hill and Emma Stone’s characters connecting during a pharmaceutical trial. It was a darkly funny, sad, sci-fi kind of show that wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before.

Then there was series 2 of The Sinner, which was just as good as the first (and which I also recommend, natch). This explores the story of a young boy who seems to murder his parents in a motel room. The detective from the first series returns to investigate the mystery, which takes plenty of dark twists. Next was Haunting of Hill House, which I was completely obsessed with. Zero prizes for guessing what it’s about, but if you like horror then this one is for you.

Next, podcasts. The only two I really used to listen to were The High Low (which keeps me up-to-date on current affairs and feminist issues and reminds me that it’s okay to care about those things as well as shoes) and Help! I Sexted My Boss (which is just really funny but also teaches me the correct way to behave at parties).

Then James introduced me to My Dad Wrote a Porno and I’ve been binge-listening – if that’s a thing – ever since. I think this started in 2015 and so we’re very late to the porno party (lol at how many people I hope accidentally land on this boring blog post after doing a dodgy Google search for that), but it’s basically a live reading of a really terrible erotic novel. Not one to listen to at work because a) you smirk a lot and look like a moron and b) there’s always the risk that your headphones might come out and everyone will hear you listening to something about clitorises.


And FINALLY, clothes. A big shout out to Nakd, who kindly gifted me the few items worn in this post. They stock brands such as Levis, Cheap Monday and Calvin Klein, and also have a huge range of Nakd brand pieces. It was my first time ordering with them, and I was so impressed with the selection, quality and customer service – definitely recommend, lads and lasses.

These have been my favourite things this month, but what are your? Let me know in the comments!

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