Prom Accessories with New Look #2


There is nothing better than a nice pair of heels and a fancy bag is there? In fact, I’ve been mooning over shoes and bags for the past FOUR DAYS trying to decide what to buy for a weekend away on Friday (no luck yet, boo). Anywho, so I was clearly hugely excited when New Look contacted me and Claire to have a little style up of some accessories from their prom accessories selection.

I was on my holibobs in South Africa when they did, so Claire picked these two beautiful bits out for me! I absolutely love them, and I’ve been hankering after a glittery bag for, I kid you not, years.

So, in Claire’s prom post, she chatted about her tragic prom outfits but I can tell you here and now, they were nothing on mine. At my GCSE prom, I thought it would be a nice idea to get my mum to make my dress. She used to be a wedding dress maker, so she knows what she’s doing around a sewing machine. Unfortunately, she was also making a couple of wedding dresses at the time and I basically forced her to make my dress like she was a poor sweat shop worker. I also chose the dress to be in some kind of horrific pale green satin (VOM AND VOM) and fancied myself something fit when I got some eyeshadow to match.

My sixth form prom was a little better, with a relatively normal monochrome chiffon skater dress. It had these cream applique roses on the top, but unfortunately I decided to match and got shoes with cream roses on too. There is such a thing as too much matching. It wasn’t matching in a cool co-rd way but rather a ‘I hunted through the Trafford Centre for these shoes that are the exact same colour and aren’t actually nice’ kind of way.


Shoes: New Look* | Bag: New Look* | Dress: Missguided | Hair Extensions: Dirty Looks*


I wish I had worn something a bit more like this to my two proms! I may have looked less like an actual raving lunatic. I love the dress, which I bought from Missguided a few months ago. While I do love it with my whole tiny hear, unfortunately I never have any occasions to wear it to (hint, need a 17 year old boyfriend to take me to prom). It goes perfectly with the New Look bag and I think the shoes work pretty well too! While these are marketed as prom accessories by the folks at New Look, I think they’re pretty banging for night out wear and also for any fancy occasion you might be hauling your fine ass to.

BagThanks again to the lovely folks at New Look for sending these goodies over, and I am very excited to sit in my room in my fancy dress for the next 30+ years BECAUSE I WILL NEVER HAVE A FANCY OCCASION TO GO TO EVER AGAIN.

What do you think of these New Look accessories?

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  1. Jessica Edmunds July 21, 2014 / 10:09 pm

    I love that bag with the gorgeous dress, so nice xxx

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